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  1. Looks great! Perhaps a few more windows, and some more pillars for structural support.
  2. I killed a couple with a frying pan. But what I meant was, initially it seemed like they weren't even affected; not staggering, not moving, occasionally glitching out but never reacting to the plank. It worked with a frying pan though, when I eventually got back in.
  3. And now to go through it all again xD . The zeds weren't reacting when I hit them with any weapon, and eventually I got overrun having to go and sort out my brother =(
  4. I'm trying to connect, and I keep getting an error message about some .zip called "I'll wait here forever". Is this a known problem?
  5. Now I have 2 fishing rods, loads of tackle, some worms and loads of fishing nets/lines and paperclips, all from the hardware store in Bedford. But nowhere nearby to fish Dx Still, it is nice to know that paperclips do have a use. Is this why when opening a box of nails I can also open a box of paperclips? Edit; I will make a topic about it, but I'm on my phone right now.
  6. I'll be logging in hopefully shortly, had to update to v26 through the IWBUMS branch. And download Bedford Falls Dx
  7. Reading through all the comments on this thread, perhaps I should rethink my decision about not joining public servers, haha.
  8. Electricity and Water instantly off? Will you be spawning food into the map then? That said, the server looks very interesting, and I will have to check it out when I update.
  9. Hmm, I'm personally fine with that; so long as I get to beat Twiggy ^^
  10. I think that you can fall through sometimes. I've never got to that point though, since I play a nomad with only a single safehouse where my extra weapons and misc stuff are kept.
  11. Never use the trackpad! That is what killed me my first ever playthrough, when my finger slipped and allowed a zed access to my back.
  12. It depends on whether the pickaxe is wooden, stone, iron, gold or diamond Joking aside, if I remember correctly from GCSE, dont you need electrolysis to separate the ore from the rock?
  13. I do love to sniff eat glue. Apart from that little joke, I don't see much point in adding this as of right now. It seems more immersion that anything else... also, eating the glue and glitter you find on those things? Nuh uh.
  14. I call princess Celestia! That image could have been so much worse...
  15. I think Indie Stone said that infected animals is a no.
  16. Hmmm, a potential problem, I'll admit. Perhaps good actions would be anything beneficial to anyone else... as for your point about murder, in some opinions killing is always murder, whether it is justified or not. Taking someone's life would still have some impact. And, I envision this as some kind of game mechanic as opposed to one of 'realism'- yes, NPCs have no way of knowing, but it gives the player a sense of reward for committing good deeds. Perhaps it could be explained by the way your character composes themselves; someone untrustworthy might act shiftily, not able to hold eye contact etc. It's all up for discussion after all!
  17. So I've been watching Arumba, Mathas and NorthernLion playthroughs of Crusader Kings II, which is an amazing game and one I intend on obtaining once I'm at university. However, one thing that struck me as a good feature was the way AI is handled in the game. From what I can gather, you have personal relationships with other characters, and these relationships are based on positive and negative traits you pick up. These traits can be picked up randomly, and I think a system like this in PZ would be really good. How I see this working; certain actions you can perform will give you positive, negative and neutral traits (similar to the Fallout karma system). Performin heroic acts would give you a chance of obtaining a positive trait related to the action, whereas murder would provide a chance of getting a negative trait. Now, these traits would only provide opinion buffs and debuffs, so no traits like strength or anything like that would be obtained. A few examples of how this works in Crusader Kings II; your character's religion affects how your vassals treat you. The same religion gets a bonus to opinion, whilst other religions get an infidel penalty which negatively affects their opinion of you. Of course, I'd never propose bringing religions into the game, but my idea would have the same basis as above. So, performing heroic acts would make you seem more trustworthy, providing a buff to initial trust, whereas murdering NPCs would make you appear more shity, less trustworthy. If that makes sense xD This was just a quick posting of my ideas, hopefully they made sense. I'll format them later, after I've eaten this delicious pizza.
  18. TheFawkesGaming. I finally got a break n.n
  19. I can imagine it now; Joe Kerr, having been dealt the damning bite, lights a cigarette and begins to play a harrowing tune, as hordes of shambling undead close in...
  20. This was confirmed no by the devs. I think you should start reading the stickies in this subforum before posting new ideas. That said, welcome to the community! And it is great you are so enthusiastic about the game!
  21. I've not personally taken a look at the code, but as some fridges still appear to refridgerate after the power has turned off, I would hazard a guess that they somehow haven't been told by the code to turn off.
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