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  1. FawkesGaming

    Modern house

    Looks great! Perhaps a few more windows, and some more pillars for structural support.
  2. I killed a couple with a frying pan. But what I meant was, initially it seemed like they weren't even affected; not staggering, not moving, occasionally glitching out but never reacting to the plank. It worked with a frying pan though, when I eventually got back in.
  3. And now to go through it all again xD . The zeds weren't reacting when I hit them with any weapon, and eventually I got overrun having to go and sort out my brother =(
  4. I'm trying to connect, and I keep getting an error message about some .zip called "I'll wait here forever". Is this a known problem?
  5. FawkesGaming

    The Fishing System

    Now I have 2 fishing rods, loads of tackle, some worms and loads of fishing nets/lines and paperclips, all from the hardware store in Bedford. But nowhere nearby to fish Dx Still, it is nice to know that paperclips do have a use. Is this why when opening a box of nails I can also open a box of paperclips? Edit; I will make a topic about it, but I'm on my phone right now.
  6. FawkesGaming

    Use of the Internet

    Imo, this would ruin the metagame. If you have internet access, what stops you from reaching the outside world beyond the government blockade? I would instead have it so that you have library computers, which have a limited databank. You only get the multiplier for lvl 1+2, and the modifier you get is random. Level 3 cooking, and you get a cooking modifier? Tough luck. They should also be one time use.
  7. I'll be logging in hopefully shortly, had to update to v26 through the IWBUMS branch. And download Bedford Falls Dx
  8. Reading through all the comments on this thread, perhaps I should rethink my decision about not joining public servers, haha.
  9. Electricity and Water instantly off? Will you be spawning food into the map then? That said, the server looks very interesting, and I will have to check it out when I update.
  10. FawkesGaming

    Chess Tournament Signup

    Hmm, I'm personally fine with that; so long as I get to beat Twiggy ^^
  11. FawkesGaming

    Where should I go?

    I think that you can fall through sometimes. I've never got to that point though, since I play a nomad with only a single safehouse where my extra weapons and misc stuff are kept.
  12. FawkesGaming

    Where should I go?

    Never use the trackpad! That is what killed me my first ever playthrough, when my finger slipped and allowed a zed access to my back.