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  1. i would say a Hawk if u could find 1 already trained and such or even any meat eating bird i guess xD
  2. i find it was the kitchen knife for me its like one hit = kill for me just stab it there there dead and there dead.. basball bat is my fave if i can just have nails to slame into the bat using the bat its self to wack the nails in. lol XD
  3. i feel this should happen also with wisky
  4. I think zombies should be able to knock you over fairly easily, but I don't like the idea of just falling over for no reason. If a player falls it should be their own mistake, whether it's driving over a curb or running into a tree, but not just because you're panicked. i agree but being Panicked gives u less control over the bike. (i know this can happenj since it did when i was being chased when i was younger and looking back to see where they where i rammed into the back of a parked car going flying. lol xD
  5. i would rather have a car to get around in, and yes have them all over the street since the game right now seems naked. only thing tha scares u is the zombies.but i wish it had more fire all around cars working or not, crashed or still parked in the drive way. make it more like a horror survial type game (fire fox is not able to spell check when making these post and making threads so sry. =( ) theres to mant disadvantages with a bike. u can get pulled off, u would get tired from going as fast as u can from the zombies./ n u cant run zombies over and watching them go flying as u plau threw t
  6. i fully agree with this 1 and add more detail into making ur playing like easly liked or a A/hole to everyone. far more detail and have starting points so u can have more control in the perks u have. (more arounded perks then what u get already.
  7. i like this idea alot but i like to see a way to control how much u have or dont have a relationship with someone or know how much u may or may not be able to trust them.. (like set some type of relationship meter amd trust. so depending on who u mine might be a happy thing or not soo much. like u know someone in ur fave is very untrust worthly and shoot u in the back if u meet them (ex wife/ wife xD) vs if u find ur dad and ur like best friends... and if u find someone u have the optino to kill them if they ask u to because there "turning"
  8. Well I read that too actually but it didn't occur to me they meant you could make family members. I just assumed that was an example and not all of the little tid bits like brother sister etc. wouldn't come into play unless it was NPC's with family. i like the idea about having more control of having more control over what fam u might have since the guy wont always have the same wife and fam, that get boring and i play as the police offcier the most..
  9. 1 i wish there was more ablity to pick if u start out with any weapons loaded already in the game 1b. have a way to add a few starting items (like up to 3 or something or have control more so on what items spawn in ur starting house... (since for all i know u are liveing there for some time b4 the out brake...) 2 give ablity into where to spawn. 3 give more ablity to control the zombie spawn rate. (like when u 1st start off could be less then half of zombies spawn but longer u are alive more spawn to a controled setting like normal or insane in some areas. 4 bring back the ablity to slid
  10. i just bought the game and unlike all the vidoes i watched i cant find a med box ANYWHERE i like to bring them back in amp supplie since we all know everyhouse has some type of meds for pain and or sleeping and other things.. also have a higher spawn rate in bed side tables and closts (i die to offtten b/c i have no way to treat me sickness from the rain.. get chaced out of house or spawn so far away where i had to walk 2 nights to find a traler(sp) park xD) ((ps i might have alot of spelling errors. i cant fix them since for some risen nothings showing up in making this thread,,))
  11. i would love a live map. what i mean by this is it lists where everything is (since maps do this irl) and u also have the ablity to see where u are on the map slo have way to add points of intrest like safe houses and such
  12. off sub but where do i place this mod. i just bought the game yesterday and i dont know where to place anything sry =_= is there anyway to add a starting gun in ur invo along with some supplise. latly the game been spawning me to close to goups of zombies so when i get out im dead.. (i play as the cop so having a starting eagle fully loaded with 4 clips be nice with a shotty or autogun.. i love to surive but i love playing as the tank also.. pow pow pow pow xD side note is there anyway to ad 100% no noise type of weapons? i mean like bows and arrows or even a dart gun
  13. my 6 play threws i never once found any of them items but the crowbar O_O''' i been dieing very fast with no way to get meds. >_>
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