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  1. FInally, yes. After a lot of messing about, I finally got it to work. Whenever someone logs onto out server now, we have a custom spawn point set to the North Farm. The command goes: /changeoption SpawnPoint="10986,9085,0" ( I don't remember the exact coordinates, but they were something like this) then did a /reloadoptions had a user die, and then spawn, and it worked! I used RoboMat's Co-Ordinate viewer to find the co-ordinates I needed. Notice how there is a zero at the end? The coordinate viewer gave me a X and a Y, but when I looked at the command, it said SpawnPoint=0,0,0 -- so I didn't know what the third number was -- took me a while to figure it out. Give it a try, let me know how it goes! EDIT: I suppose you could just edit the co-ordinates in the server settings. I was not server-host when I did this so I had to use the in-game admin commands Works when I do Base.Nails ----->> 'added to inventory' Does not work when I do "Base.Nails,Base.Nails,Base.Nails,etc..." ---->> 'item Base.Nails,Base.Nails,Base.Nails does not exist'
  2. Finally figured out setting the spawn point for a MP server. It's /changeoption SpawnPoint"#####,#####,0" then I had to /reloadoptions. After this, it worked. I was using the coordinate viewer mod to get the coordinates, and it shows you X and Y. Turns out the commans is looking for a third number. Added 0 and it worked!
  3. It's Canadian. It's cold in Winter. Originaly called Terra Nova. European immigrants, mostly English, Scots, Irish and French settled there. Well then, you got it pretty much. And our accents are slightly retarded as well. Lol. When we get drunk we sound like the Irish! And the rest of Canada cannot understand us because we talk too fast... Now I want to go to Ireland to compare my accent to the real thing. Haha
  4. That's the universe, attacking you out of spite. The universe is a jerk. THATS THE ANSWER!!! Like...Speckled poop? I don't get it...
  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA -- oh man, I really just did laugh out loud. Thanks for that, that was good.
  6. Negative. I can't figure out the coordinates. Also can't figure out how to give players more quantities of items, always adds just one. And why does it say that spawnitems is not an option when it clearly is? Don't get it, why it's not an option ? If you want to give players more item, do : Base.Nails,Base.Nails,Base.Nails,etc... Whe I try to set the items for players who spawn....or did I misunderstand that completely...?
  7. Irish eh....what do you know about Newfoundland? =)
  8. speckle77

    Spawn a Zombie

    checkout RoboMats Co-ordinate Viewer should give you the info you need HA! Gorgeous. Thanks a bunch!
  9. speckle77

    Spawn a Zombie

    As long as the co-ordinates are in the currently loaded cell, it will work fine.... Otherwise you will need to create a virtual zombie I just needed to know how to get co-ordinates for changing the spawn point on our server.
  10. speckle77

    Spawn a Zombie

    You just answered a question I had on another post regarding the co-ordinates. THANK YOU!!!
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