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  1. if i told you to build a house the best you could with some wood and hammers then showed you how to do it better would the house you made before you knew how to do it better magically upgrade? i think not.
  2. condings


    was this map created with the WorldEd? or is there better tools? and how do you draw roads in WorldEd or do you have to draw them all on the png/bmp? because i can never get the roads to link up how i want when im in WorldEd and i hate having to go back to the png to and more roads can anyone help me?
  3. condings

    Custom map

    im using the 3 pcs i have in my house i installed the mod for each client in /pcname/zomboid/mods folder but i still get the luas are different? when im on my pc theres zombies and loot but when my brother hosts the server theres no loot or zombies and i get the luas are different still. sorry for been noob
  4. condings

    Custom map

    i got my map working on multiplayer but when other people connect they get Lua do not match the servers? and do people have to download my map?
  5. condings

    Custom map

    thanks for the help man but i put the Mymod1 into steamapps/common/zomboid/mods and it didnt show up in game?
  6. condings

    Custom map

    Is it possible to have my custom map i made as the map people play on instead of the default west point and muldraugh?
  7. OK so you cant sleep on MP, but if there was a minecraft style sleep system where every player needs to be in bed before you can sleep i think this would be a good addition. I know that this wouldnt really work on a big server but for small groups like me and my friends this would be helpful when we need to loot and travel far. let me know your take on this
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