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  1. The turn tail mod (drop equipped bag hotkey) been covered here, unsure if that's operational with current build. Not sure how I feel about the melee bag option, too many straps to get zombie limbs caught up in or fabric for them to latch onto, could backfire very easily and you could lose all your supplies to a mass of outstretched decomposing fingers.
  2. Very much looking forward to this release. I know your shady dev tricks to make the fix list look longer but you had a few duplicated sections there.
  3. Philosophical Zombies? seriously though, it would be great if the zombies followed the thunder clap, another horde mechanic potential. And as someone mentioned above diluted player sounds like gunfire.
  4. I'd be really interested to hear what the Devs take on this is. Is it a hoax or have some very busy (and capable) Japanese guys been working very hard at delveloping their own strand of PZ from the code? Ramifications would be interesting to consider, expecially if this is a developer rather than a fanboy in Japan. If they were to release this as a paid product, I hope TIS would have some recourse (I hope it never comes to that, for many reasons) as that's a huge market to miss out on.
  5. I too cannot wait for the day when NPC are implemented and this crazy homing zombie ability is removed from the game. I think we all (devs included, I think / hope) want a true experience where we can have those remote locations where only a few zombies exist, only venturing into the city and potentially tackling a horde, for a new axe or rare supplies. That is until a meandering horde / NPC driven/led happens to tear through our re-enforced fortress. I appreciate your point that the current system, while we understand the logic of its existence is very frustrating. One way to look at it, may be that in the interim we need to change our play style to a more nomadic lifestyle, never settling in one place too long (and hopefully avoid homing pigeon zombie hordes) Unfortunately it is this way for now, I think the development to this game shows that it is not the end result they are looking for. Let’s wait and see what happens when the NPCs come into play. Not much else to do in this early stage of the game's development.
  6. In the download section on the forum Tony... http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/801-forum-test-release-project-zomboid-version-29916/ You'll be missing fire, zoom and the new combat system though.
  7. @killwill your character automatically drinks from bowls- mugs- bottles etc, as long as they are in your main inventory. There is no requirement to click it to consume it as with food items. If you click the status (drop down arrow) beside said item it will show you the remaining water. Edit: yeah for explosions! Great progress! Still haven't found any petrol cans to make a molotov as yet.
  8. This is the most stable and enjoyable version I have played since way back on the old smaller map. Really enjoying the new features and wayching the general development of this game.
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