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    Multiple layers of clothing is an awesome idea and sweater shouldn't be the best against everything.
  2. PM115


    I think it should as snow melts when in contact with hot sources and humans are hot sources.
  3. PM115


    Snowfall In build 30 snow was added, but it just appears, it doesn't come from snowfall. Also while rain should still pour down sometimes when there's snow, it should more often snow instead. It would also be cool to have zombies slow down in winter. So now i should sum it up. Snowfall: Snow appears after snowfall instead of overnight, it can still happen overnight though but it must snow then. Snow falls more often then rain in winter times: Snow is more likely to fall then rain. Snow will also make you wet. Thanks King jjwpenguin Zombies slows down in winter and especially in snow: Zom
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