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  1. Sorry if this comes out as rude, but don't the controllers have a thumbstic? I know one aims shitty with it, but a (perfectly good at aiming) mouse is right there, he should use it!!
  2. Wow, nice one. A pretty morbid and pretty realistic human interaction (when in desperate times) if you ask me. When this game takes off it's going to really be something!
  3. Hear this man please. I think that he is here to complain that the game is too easy. Story time maybe?
  4. Well the only gun i have fired is the HK G3 in my military service and boy was it loud. It was in a wide open area, firing with 9 more people to my right, and i wore earplugs ffs (only 9-10 rounds each of us though and on semi). My right ear was ringing for some minutes after. I am not saying guns should or shouldn't affect hearing ingame. I am just offering my experience to you.
  5. Yeah, well imagine how much destruction a fire in a city like Louisville can cause if left alone!!! I think i would want a random fire destroying one fifth of the map to be able to happen (offcourse the user should be able to turn off that posibility in options... or not?). I feel conflicted on the matter.
  6. So... Does anyone else think that zombies should be able to just roll over crates? Someone would think that even a zombie could just lean forward, fall on and push a little to overcome a waist high obstacle.
  7. What about them involving heightmaps?
  8. Ah, i love this response. Reminds me of this for some reason.
  9. So, Buzzkil88, can you fish in Ohio river near Louisville all the way through to West Point? Would you catch anything? How is the water quality of the river at these parts? What would happen if you drank it without boiling it? Is it even safe to drink it after you boil it? I read that Ohio river is one of the most polluted rivers in the US (although it provides drinking water for 5 million people!)...
  10. What? Is mountainous, 3D terrain confirmed? That with the map extending from Louisville (i hope) to Fort Knox... Omg, is going to be so epic. How on earth are they going to design all that?
  11. Offcourse i want the "lobotomizer" from the WWZ book. For whoever doesn't remember it's the "Standard Infantry Entrenchment Tool" and it is a combination of a shovel and a double bladed battle axe. What would be the features of the lobotomizer you may ask. Well... 1. Totally badass name, offcourse i want to wield the lobotomizer around. 2. A must have reference to Max Brooks and his awesome books. 3. A really usefull tool with great probability to one-shot your enemy and to use around raising your fort (if the devs make a shovel a requirement to raze walls and other entrenchmenting processes
  12. Well according to Max Brooks 1/4 zombies can climb a ladder. But i don't see why zombies that can climb a ladder would be able to use a firearm or a doorknob. I too am for stupid zombies but maybe 1/4 is more coordinated than the others. Nothing extreme though.
  13. Welcome aboard Another idea i had is that by zooming out much more you can take advantage properly and fully any tall buildings you come across and maybe even make really tall buildings fighting grounds for rival gangs when playing online.
  14. Tsambo


    two (and a half?) word answer: supermarket carts I would love to see that too. More houses than not are made of wood, aren't they? It would be easy to f@ck them up damage them with a car, but with a really high chance to get injured if you are driving it and go head on.
  15. Well, then, if you need a fort from the beggining to survive, maybe you should approach it from another angle (i don't mean you personally). BUT, you have made your opinion clear and i respect it. I just hope for two things. First for many selectable "hardcore settings" (and i mean many) so you can easily "mod" your gaming experience without having to actually make a mod. And second for the game to actually be easilly modable. For example if in my mod i want to extend the making of wood planks with a handsaw and an axe from 10 minutes to a couple of hours, then i wouldn't be able to make
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