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About Me

I used to make Minceraft Mods. My most favorite was Chert Craft, which more than doubled the vanilla ores and was very balanced with exploding ore and ore that grew on trees.


Now I make Project Zomboid mods. Though I am trying to stay with making items/recipes mods using the scripting and only trying to use lua for item spawning.



About me in real life...


I am single. I have no kids but I have two cats. I have a full-time job with developmentally disabled adults (highly behavioural adults who try to hurt themselves and their staff, and would survive a zombiepocolypse....).


I used to code in php years ago but have since not done it in a while.


Wanting to start a business soon but I'm too broke and poor to have the capital for it. So I figure I have until I'm 100 years old to start it. Only 69 more years.


I used to be in the Army, but have knee injuries. I still have them and can walk, just can't run. 


After I got out of the Army, I lived in a cave for a year.


My mods packages I've made for outdated versions of PZ (2.9.8b and higher):

2.9.8b ||

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