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  1. You guys do need to sleep sometime! Thanks for all your hard work. It is definitely appreciated.
  2. Added log files - literally just loaded in, a few seconds, crash. Had to compress one of the debug logs as it was 10.2MB. Chat log was mostly empty, so omitted. 28-10-19_15-10-36_DebugLog.txt.zip 28-10-19_15-11-43_DebugLog.txt 28-10-19_15-11-04_ZombieSpawn.txt console.txt.zip
  3. Same behavior experienced, also on Mac (Mojave), both with converted and new games.
  4. v40.43 Steam. Character with metalworking level 10 I'm assuming that this is a bug, and that the resources should be consumed by this recipe. Double fence gates require 8 metal pipes, 4 wire, welding rods, 2 scrap metal, 2 hinges, and of course welding mask and propane torch. The only resources being consumed by building the gates are the hinges. Created four double-gates using no propane, no metal pipes, no wire, etc., the gates are created, placed, and usable, with all resources SAVE the 2 hinges each time having been consumed. I mean, it's nice to be so efficient, but likely not intended
  5. ^^ This is the point I'd make to the devs. Clearly, ingenuity could create a way to temporarily power gas pumps. Gas tanks are also finite, as is gas can storage, as is generator storage capacity. So it doesn't seem like an overpowered option. It's more delaying the inevitable; or allowing lights for a longer time with careful conservation of gas/petrol. In MP think of the coordination required to even bring a generator to a gas/petrol station. They're heavy - so the movement would be slow. Gas cans are heavy. It would require a team to do it, simply to protect those carrying the resources. It seems like the precise kind of teamwork/behavior that displays the best of MP mechanics. The devs for the game are awesome - so this is no criticism there, but this particular thing may be something they want to reconsider. Pumps/siphons are a no-brainer as well, but would actually be easier to use than the generator/gas can scenario.
  6. All three are possible. The first may be contingent upon the last, although you can make it work even on a server that isn't yours, I think. I'll have to test this. Using your single player save to host multiplayer is simple, but zed spawns will reset. You copy your survival or sandbox save game folder complete into your Multiplayer folder, renaming it whatever your server is called (servertest by default). You can also copy it again into the same folder changing the name to 'IPADDRESS_Character_Name' For example, if you run the server on the same computer on which you're playing, you can connect to the server using the localhost IP address, and say your character is named John Smith, the folder would be called: Then you connect using the character name as the username, and all your construction, traits, and skills will be intact. I've tested this one. I think to use your character in a server you don't control you could do the same thing, but you should check with the people running the server. I don't know how it would handle construction, but perhaps traits, skills, and inventory would carry over. Like I said, this is one I haven't tested. For mods - I believe that the server and all clients would have to have them installed for them to work properly ... dependent upon the mod, of course.
  7. Sounds like he's logged in as an admin, which is invisible by default. Have him log in as a regular user.
  8. You did say this: Which is the point I disagree with. "You absolutely cannot shoot a real handgun as fast as you can click a mouse." That was really my point. The part about the accuracy was basically saying "yeah, you can fire off a bunch of shots in a short amount of time with a real handgun, but it won't be effective." I wasn't claiming that you were asserting that it would be accurate, just that the simple physical act of firing quickly in real life is most often useless. My brother-in-law was a competitive shooter, and I have seen things that blow my mind in terms of speed and accuracy, but not even close to being as fast as mouse clicks, which require a fraction of the effort than does pulling a trigger.
  9. With a 9MM? I know you can pull the trigger quickly, but depending on the gun the recoil would make most of the shot miss wildly. A mouse has zero recoil. You absolutely cannot shoot a real handgun as fast as you can click a mouse.
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