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  1. loudboomaker

    Random Trait Suggestions

    I really want to see a sneaking trait that isn't linked to hunter. I don't use guns but when i run stealth characters I have to take it.
  2. loudboomaker

    D&D 4e Characters and Races

    My friend played a were-tiger/vampire in 5e. I was just sitting there thinking, WHY? I like to keep it simple so I usually go with a bard or thief, usually halfling or human. Also in 5e the special classes and races are OP.
  3. loudboomaker

    'Last Resort' Mondoid Concern: "Copy/Pasting" Saves

    I'm all for letting players do pretty much as they like, as long as it isn't cheating on multiplayer.
  4. loudboomaker

    The Situation-Roleplay

    Well my thoughts were to start a zombie circus! No one would try to raid a circus where the attractions are also flesh eating former friends! (apparently I was way off track in the order of posting and missed a few posts!)
  5. loudboomaker

    Depth - Choose Your Own Adventure!

    A then G Mob rule is the best!
  6. loudboomaker

    Depth - Choose Your Own Adventure!

    The question is whether the fact that the character is controlled by a hive mind council that votes on her every action will affect her survival negatively or positively. Grab the stuff for sure Also guys don't forget to vote for starting traits.
  7. loudboomaker

    Depth - Choose Your Own Adventure!

    1) E 2) E Knowing the goings on seems useful. Especially the lesser known info, after all Knowledge is key in this sort of game.
  8. loudboomaker

    Actual spiffoland

    That reminds me, I once went to a MacDonalds as a kid and there were a bunch of their mascots their in suits. We don't even need the amusement park for a spiffo suit. JOIN THE CAUSE, SPIFFO SUITS OR DEATH!
  9. loudboomaker

    Actual spiffoland

    There should be a small family owned amusement park called spiffoland. Maybe franchised to the fast food place. Also spiffo mascot suits. That is all.
  10. loudboomaker

    The Situation-Roleplay

    *pounding down stairs* "Guys did you see th- are we being robbed?!"
  11. loudboomaker

    The Situation-Roleplay

    "movement outside guys!"
  12. loudboomaker

    Homemade metal weapons/tools

    Not sure if this is a thing, I'm playing a metalworker and just thought that i should be able to take my metal bar and my knife and weld them together for a spear. maybe make a slower saw out of sheet metal, and a metal tube.
  13. loudboomaker


    His pineapples were rolling with a mamma dog attack helicopter. Then suddenly, a wild squirrel army and a squirrel commander demanded nuts. He only waited five squirrel seconds before he politely obliged. Before they ripped his pineapples away
  14. loudboomaker

    If it's any consolation to any out there...

    7 days to die?
  15. loudboomaker

    metalworking aesthetics

    Seeing some of the pictures from the metalworking stuff it seems like the fences and things you build are professionally made? Even a trained smith wouldn't have the tools or skills to make a black cast iron fence/gate. Those kinds of tools are used in factories. The metalworking fences and things should look more improvised. the bars in the fence wouldn't be very straight and they couldn't be as nice looking as they are. Far too pretty. Devs are too good at the art in this game.