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    more weapons

    Try ORGM mod. It's a amazing weapons mod with TONS of weapons and it is extremely realistic. It has handguns, submachine guns, shotguns, assault rifles, rifles, snipers, revolvers and even one light machine gun. And they all have unique weapon models that looks very nice! Try it :)
  2. I think we should see a build 41 IWBUMS around february or mars, hopefully sooner
  3. josko_91

    ORGM Rechambered

    Yeah I know. I only left slug and buckshot canisters 250 because shotgun is so damn good, needs zero skill
  4. josko_91

    Having Kids

    I agree there should be children. Fuck the ratings but it will probably be modded, with the tools from the animation update, some modders will probably add a children mod after all, No more room in hell had zombie children, pretty hilarious^^
  5. josko_91

    hey guys haven't been here in a while Refresh me!

    Yep Build 41 will have new animations aswell as new water effects/graphics! Can't wait for Build 41 it will truly be like a brand New game. In my zomboid, I play alot of ORGM, its a amazing weapons mod, a must have! Then a map addon called Fort redstone. unfit and obese are great! You just go to a tree in a remote area without zombies, push the tree while time is sped up and you will get back to fitness level 5 quickly. You also level up strenght at the same time! About 25.000xp on strenght for 8 minutes and about 3000xp for fitness. Strenght gets alot more xp atm lol. I love doing this Actually, very thin trait is better than obese since its alot easier to get weight than loosing it.
  6. josko_91

    ORGM Rechambered

    Yeah the 1928 version of tommygun would be very nice to have! Drum mags holding 50 to 100 rounds. Can't wait for ORGM 3.10 Hope its ready soon. Also I think you should double the BB guns ammo from 250 to 500, because 250 is way too little. The same with all ammo canisters that isnt 500 already like .223, 5.56x45 etc. I did this on my copy of ORGM and it feels alot better. You get that AW yeah baby feeling when you find a rare ammo can with just the caliber you need with 500 rounds. 200/250 is too little
  7. josko_91

    Project Zomboid is In Need Of A Change Of Design

    I completely agree with the UI! It could something like resident evils, everything in one place. XP system rework would be very nice too, like nasko said, having points to spend by getting xp from killing zombies, doing quests/other stuff instead of grinding each skill For me the music isnt a problem, I mostly play without music and if I do, I replace it with resident evil 2 & 3 music ^^
  8. josko_91

    ORGM Rechambered

    Thanks for taking the time write all this info, hugely appreciate it <3 This mod makes pz 100000 times better, cant wait to see how it evolves after animation update is out, but I have had plans to make animation for every action for this mod once the anim tools get released, who knows maybe im awesome at animation rather than coding lul! Would be fun to add something huge like a Browning M2 .50 cal machinegun! I think that would be my first anim project, man that would be damn fun having one in the game and blasting away the zombies, ofcourse the zombies would need special death animation when hit by a .50 cal bullet probably a huge project
  9. josko_91

    ORGM Rechambered

    Hey when is the next version ready man?? Im so damn eager to play it! Cant wait Also do you plan to add more guns? If so, which ones?
  10. We might get a very early IWBUMS Build 41 that will be the Animation update along with the new water graphics around late december 2018 or early 2019, But I'm hoping for a late december release of IWBUMS Build 41
  11. josko_91

    Could anyone help/tell me how to make this?

    The only way I can think of is to make you into godmode when your health reaches 1 then remove godmode when you are fully healed, but I dont really know how to do that, someone good at coding will have to help you, I'm sure its just a few lines of code really
  12. josko_91

    Lua requests

    What about OnUnequipPrimary? Does that exist?
  13. josko_91

    Helicopters. A more reasonable suggestion than you'd think?

    Yeah map needs to be alot bigger for helicopters
  14. josko_91

    IWBUMS Beta: Version 40.35 Patch

    Can you fix the old panic bug with desentized trait? Crawler zombies still make you panic even if you have desentized trait.
  15. josko_91

    The Modders Wishlist

    I would like so the same item type can be used in reciepes when making item mods. For example, Axe, Axe, Result: Mega axe Edit: Seems like it works to make single items combinable into a new item! Awesome!!
  16. Didnt redbull exist in 1993? Lol
  17. I know there is a mod for this, but I thought it would be nice if the devs added energy drinks, official energy drinks I Always thought the lack of energy drinks was a little wierd and for so long! Cant believe they havnt added that yet
  18. josko_91

    ORGM Rechambered

    I actually had no idea about the reload any magazine hotkey feature until much later, I used to load each magazine individually lol such pain. I guess the general rifle, pistol and shotgun hotkeys are fine, you dont really have that many guns on you anyway and that it chooses the gun that has ammo in it or is strongest is great I suppose when you redo all the weapon attachment you will include more like maybe a silencer or ammo slings, extended mags like you said you have planned, cant wait^_^
  19. josko_91

    ORGM Rechambered

    What would be really nice to have is, being able to set specific weapons a hotkey, like if you have a M16, put 1 as the hotkey, and if you have a Beretta 92FS, but 2 as a hotkey. Atm there is only hotkey for Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns in general. Would love to have this implemented, I suppose it would need alot of coding though :/ I really like the Reload Any Magazine hotkey! It's so useful! hehe
  20. I'm suggesting a change to Police officer and Veteran profession: Veteran +7 Aim and +7 Reloading skill For the cost of -6 pointsDesensitized trait removed and made available to everybody, same with Marksman.Desensitized costs -8, and marksman -4.Police officer +3 Aim and +2 Reloading but comes with +2 points.You also get 1 springting and 1 fitness because it makes sense, police officers usually runs after their suspects right? Just look at cops if you have seen it And a police officer wouldn't have as much shooting experience as a veteran so that makes sense too!And this way, all the professions can use Desensitized or Marksman. Same thing should be done for Axeman too IMO.It sucks that some traits are exclusives, because if they are, like for the veteran, then why bother taking police officer for instance when you know veteran will always be much better. Also I want to FEEL like a Veteran when choosing the Veteran Profession, at lously 2 Aiming it really sucks and isn't fun at all. If someone wants to start low and level up his aiming and reloading, he can pick the police profession, or if someone prefeers to have high aiming and reloading skills at the start, you would pay extra points for that (-6), compared to police officer(+2) and then if you wanted desensitized, it would cost another -8 points! I hope the PZ Devs would consider this, would awesome to hear what they think about this!
  21. josko_91

    ORGM Rechambered

    Also what happend to the Ammo sling from vanilla zomboid? You know the ammo sling that would let you reload faster, it would be nice to have that in ORGM, it could also let you reload magazines faster! Thanks, but I think Im gonna wait for the next version of ORGM <3 When do you think you will release the next version?
  22. josko_91

    ORGM Rechambered

    Awesome stuff man! I really appreciate you taking the time talking about the mod, showing pictures and all that stuff! Can't wait to try out the next version! Best mod ever, they should make this official, that's how good it is! I had no idea that filibuster rhymes were working on new models, fuckin awesome! So hyped! This mod really give new life to zomboid, this is what I've been waiting for so long! I hope we get another LMG, maybe a M60 would be cool since it uses the 7.62x51 caliber, If I remember correctly, not many guns in ORGM atm uses that caliber so the M60 would be a nice addition, then just RIP the weapon sound from Left4Dead I suppose, I always liked that M60 firing sound ^^ I have no idea how he makes these models, I suppose it's pretty hard? But I think the animation update might screw the models, let's hope that WON'T be the case, don't want all of filibuster rhymes hard work being for nothing, but if anything they might need small " updates " to work with the new animation I guess, But we will see soon enough
  23. josko_91

    ORGM Rechambered

    Awesome! Are you working on the next version or are you waiting for the animation update? I suppose all the guns have to be reanimated when the animation update hits, right? Im gonna try learn the tools anf try make nice models and animations for ORGM <3
  24. josko_91

    Code for reload weapon

    I also have no idea how to make weapon models BUT when the animation update gets released they will give us tools for making our own weapon animations, thats what Im waiting for. Its easiest to look at other mods to learn, otherwise it will be next to impossible, as I said before, its best that you use the reload code from other mods and credit them, how to make your own I cant say, I suck at coding But making new weapons without a nice model for it is kind of pointless really
  25. Is it possible to remove existing profession and traits just like you can disable items in the game? Im basicly creating a Resident evil 3: Mercenaries mod where you choose to play one of the 3 mercenaries, Mikhail, Carlos and Nicolai and just like in Resident evil 3, they start with different items from the resident evil universe. When the animation tools are available I will be hard at work creating their player models but my coding sucks donkey ass so I will have no idea how implement that lol. Also the resident evil 3 music is planned too!