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  1. josko_91

    Regarding the latest Thursdoid, to TIS

    Yeah! Hire this man ^__^
  2. josko_91

    How to create new vehicle mods

    I have plans to create a M1A2 Abrams Tank. But I wonder, is it possible to make the turret of the tank to rotate around or will it just be static? Same goes with the M2 .50 Cal Machine gun, I'm guessing I would need to wait for the AnimTools to do all these things right? Being able to jump on the tank, get inside the tank, move the turret and the main cannon, have the character sit behind the M2 .50 Cal Machine gun and have it move around the tank like aiming a gun, obviously all that has to do with Animations, but Will the AnimTools support that? Giving "Cars" animations so a player can interract with it? Then I wonder, is it possible to create Special/Unique spawning points only for the M1A2 Abrams Tank? So one could make so the Tank only spawns in Military bases for example.
  3. josko_91

    Reloading skill could use a rework

    That is what I Always do lol. When I find a M249 and the bullets for it, I just load it, speed up time, unload, and load it again until lvl 10 reloading xD You also get xp for unloading in ORGM
  4. josko_91

    Multiple types of Medieval armor

    Yeah that would be awesome! With the AnimTools and animation update I can see all kinds of crazy clothes & costumes, Darth vader anyone? Or how about Terminator? Maybe that Ghostface mask from the Scream movie! Anything should be possible^^
  5. josko_91

    ORGM Rechambered

    Yeah makes sense. I dont mind it being a mod but my point is, ORGM makes zomboid so much better, realistic and fun. Being able to find tons of different guns, magazines, having to put bullets into magazines and tons of different ammo caliber for each gun, I just love it and it's realistic, something I think zomboid aims to be and having guns not use real names but " pistol, shotgun, rifle " that's just so boring! But I think the reason why is licence for real gun names right? So in the end as you said, it's much better to have it as mod. Everyone should have this mod imo, zomboid is not the same without it Now with the release of the AnimTools and IWBUMS 41 itself, I see amazing times ahead! So many things I wanna try animate for ORGM, like having visible gun holsters, knive holsters, showing your shotgun/assault rifle/sniper/smg on your back with a sling being visible like the backpack will be. Then animate various reload animations, pretty much all gun related animations since TIS probably wont include weapon animations right away and ORGM will require some extra weapon animations like holding a magazine and load each bullet, attaching and detaching various weapon accessories. Would love to create and animate an M134 Minigun and then giving it unique zombie death anims ^^ Modeling, texturing and animation probably goes hand in hand, so I would have to first create the Minigun model, then apply textures and then lastly work on animation for it. Gonna be tons of work but it will be fun as hell and damn worth it
  6. josko_91

    When Will We See Visible Backpacks?

    We will see visible backpacks in a couple of months, with IWBUMS build 41. Atleast I hope it is in a couple of months, but otherwise IWBUMS 41 should come at the very latest atleast november This is all just wild guessing ofcourse ^^
  7. josko_91

    ORGM Rechambered

    Damn! That is sexy! Keep up the good work ^^ Honestly I dont understand why they dont make you part of the team and let you work on Orgm officially and add it to the main game
  8. josko_91

    ORGM Rechambered

    Sweet! Great work! Looks amazing <3 Can't wait to play this mod with the Animation update but that will probably be months away lol.
  9. Aye! The thread still lives! All hail jack bower, the wonderful creator of this thread! New prediction: IWBUMS build 41 release date July/August or even September. Hopefully
  10. josko_91

    PZ Community New Outfit Thinktank

    Gas masks like Hunk from resident evil wears would be cool! Some black special ops clothing maybe. Long coats like in matrix! A t-shirt with the Indie Stone logo with different colors Gooo Indie Stone! also sunglases
  11. josko_91

    Zed Tumble

    Agreed lemmy! Take your time, it will be ready when its ready and I guess even you guys dont know when! Maybe at the end of summer we will see a IWBUMS build of it, if not then around halloween is my guess Rock on guys! Great work!
  12. josko_91

    Mansion, KY

    Hi! Very nice map! I like it. Do you think you could add a room filled with guns and ammo like the gunshop? I think that would be awesome:P
  13. josko_91

    ORGM Rechambered

    Sweet! Looking forward to the next version and the changelog! Btw, are you planing to make new animations when the anim tools get released? Its something I have been thinking about for a long time, if there is a vanilla animation I dont like, I want to try and make a better one or so something specific to ORGM. For example, realistic reload animations, have magazine pouches visibly equiped on the character and seeing the character take one of the magazines to reload. Same with handgun holsters, when weapon is not equiped it is holstered being visible and if you dont have a holster, the character puts the gun behind his pants like in movies now, I dont know what animations they will add and if they will look good but there will certainly be weapon animations that can be made to look cooler and realistic! very excited to see how it all will turn out to be hopefully, creating brand new animations shouldnt be too hard
  14. josko_91

    ORGM Rechambered

    So how far are you with the next version of ORGM? I feel like you are waiting for build 41 to release it maybe its not a bad idea, I think iwbums 41 is soon^^ perhaps mars/april
  15. You are right, probably may or june or even later ^^ But better they take time and not rush it, quality over quantity