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  1. josko_91

    Zed Tumble

    Agreed lemmy! Take your time, it will be ready when its ready and I guess even you guys dont know when! Maybe at the end of summer we will see a IWBUMS build of it, if not then around halloween is my guess Rock on guys! Great work!
  2. josko_91

    Project Zomboid's biggest problem

    The problem is boredom. When you get bored yourself ( not the character ) then its pretty much gameover so for endgame as a player, there has to be more stuff you can do and look forward to.
  3. josko_91

    Mansion, KY

    Hi! Very nice map! I like it. Do you think you could add a room filled with guns and ammo like the gunshop? I think that would be awesome:P
  4. josko_91

    ORGM Rechambered

    Sweet! Looking forward to the next version and the changelog! Btw, are you planing to make new animations when the anim tools get released? Its something I have been thinking about for a long time, if there is a vanilla animation I dont like, I want to try and make a better one or so something specific to ORGM. For example, realistic reload animations, have magazine pouches visibly equiped on the character and seeing the character take one of the magazines to reload. Same with handgun holsters, when weapon is not equiped it is holstered being visible and if you dont have a holster, the character puts the gun behind his pants like in movies now, I dont know what animations they will add and if they will look good but there will certainly be weapon animations that can be made to look cooler and realistic! very excited to see how it all will turn out to be hopefully, creating brand new animations shouldnt be too hard
  5. josko_91

    ORGM Rechambered

    So how far are you with the next version of ORGM? I feel like you are waiting for build 41 to release it maybe its not a bad idea, I think iwbums 41 is soon^^ perhaps mars/april
  6. If you want to loose weight, just starve yourself until you get to the critical damage state, then eat so you get the very hungry moodle and sleep, your character will heal up and you can do the same thing again this is what I Always do, works great!
  7. You are right, probably may or june or even later ^^ But better they take time and not rush it, quality over quantity
  8. josko_91

    more weapons

    Try ORGM mod. It's a amazing weapons mod with TONS of weapons and it is extremely realistic. It has handguns, submachine guns, shotguns, assault rifles, rifles, snipers, revolvers and even one light machine gun. And they all have unique weapon models that looks very nice! Try it :)
  9. I think we should see a build 41 IWBUMS around february or mars, hopefully sooner
  10. josko_91

    ORGM Rechambered

    Yeah I know. I only left slug and buckshot canisters 250 because shotgun is so damn good, needs zero skill
  11. josko_91

    Having Kids

    I agree there should be children. Fuck the ratings but it will probably be modded, with the tools from the animation update, some modders will probably add a children mod after all, No more room in hell had zombie children, pretty hilarious^^
  12. josko_91

    hey guys haven't been here in a while Refresh me!

    Yep Build 41 will have new animations aswell as new water effects/graphics! Can't wait for Build 41 it will truly be like a brand New game. In my zomboid, I play alot of ORGM, its a amazing weapons mod, a must have! Then a map addon called Fort redstone. unfit and obese are great! You just go to a tree in a remote area without zombies, push the tree while time is sped up and you will get back to fitness level 5 quickly. You also level up strenght at the same time! About 25.000xp on strenght for 8 minutes and about 3000xp for fitness. Strenght gets alot more xp atm lol. I love doing this Actually, very thin trait is better than obese since its alot easier to get weight than loosing it.
  13. josko_91

    ORGM Rechambered

    Yeah the 1928 version of tommygun would be very nice to have! Drum mags holding 50 to 100 rounds. Can't wait for ORGM 3.10 Hope its ready soon. Also I think you should double the BB guns ammo from 250 to 500, because 250 is way too little. The same with all ammo canisters that isnt 500 already like .223, 5.56x45 etc. I did this on my copy of ORGM and it feels alot better. You get that AW yeah baby feeling when you find a rare ammo can with just the caliber you need with 500 rounds. 200/250 is too little
  14. josko_91

    Project Zomboid is In Need Of A Change Of Design

    I completely agree with the UI! It could something like resident evils, everything in one place. XP system rework would be very nice too, like nasko said, having points to spend by getting xp from killing zombies, doing quests/other stuff instead of grinding each skill For me the music isnt a problem, I mostly play without music and if I do, I replace it with resident evil 2 & 3 music ^^
  15. josko_91

    ORGM Rechambered

    Thanks for taking the time write all this info, hugely appreciate it <3 This mod makes pz 100000 times better, cant wait to see how it evolves after animation update is out, but I have had plans to make animation for every action for this mod once the anim tools get released, who knows maybe im awesome at animation rather than coding lul! Would be fun to add something huge like a Browning M2 .50 cal machinegun! I think that would be my first anim project, man that would be damn fun having one in the game and blasting away the zombies, ofcourse the zombies would need special death animation when hit by a .50 cal bullet probably a huge project