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  1. Looks like a lot of valuable tweaks and bug fixes in this one! Looking forward to trying it out . Nice work!
  2. I wasn't sure how to titled this one. I was attempting to stomp a zombie that had just crawled through a window. I stomped while the zombie attempted to swipe. After I was pushed back, my character tried to return to the spot of the stomp without any inputs from me. Clip of the incident: https://www.twitch.tv/vae___victis/clip/BovineLazyArtichokePartyTime
  3. That's definitely when I notice it most; can't say it's the only time it occurs with confidence. I can go look at some vods to see if anything stands out. Just going from memory, there are a couple things I've noticed when this occurs: I'm predominately using short blades, I've already interacted with the zombie (stabbed/pushed), and it's most noticeable when backpedaling or kiting. EDIT: Happens with as few as 4-5 zombies. Hard to see what might trigger the change in grabbing behavior; i.e, whether it's the zombie being stabbed or forced backwards into another zombie via push/hit/stab. Whatever the cause is, it seems like the event switches that particular zombie's behavior/visual and they will continue to attempt "long grabs" when possible.
  4. Zombies are able to grab or engage a player from what appears to be a further than normal range. I haven't noticed any obvious triggers for the behavior. However, I'm encountering this issue on a fairly regular basis when killing zombies vigorously (70-100 zombies / in-game day). I've included a clip below that might help understand the visual. If you can get past my lamentations, watch the zombie with the teal leggings. Around the 16 second mark, it engages the character with what looks like a tile of distance between the two. https://www.twitch.tv/vae___victis/clip/SpookyInquisitiveHamsterOptimizePrime If I can provide any other information that would help, please let me know.
  5. Hey, Stefano. Is this what you're talking about? EDIT: Hard to tell in this image, but the zombie underneath the cursor is currently grappled with me and I'm in the start of the shoving motion.
  6. Sorry survivors. I'll need to bring the server down temporarily and setup an automated restart schedule. I'll repost when it's back up.
  7. I just restarted it. I'm not sure yet. I think it's going to require regular restarts - maybe not refresh the world data, but just to kill the java app and remove any possible memory leaks.
  8. I've run this server for over 24hrs now so I'm feeling good about the uptime. Now I'd like to open it up to whomever and see how it handles. (EDIT) - I did restart the server as of 2 hours ago. Here's the IP: PS - Don't spawn camp. See you in there.
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