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  1. I read it bro! I was trawling the comments to see if anyone mentioned it but I couldn't find any I will catch your fabled two-headed shark fear not!
  2. Spiffo is bad luck anyway, whenever I find a Spiffo something bad happens to me, so now when i find one in a cupboard or drawer I leave it to rot. Please don't ban me.
  3. "iwillbackupmysave" is the latest branch. 25b is the previous one, retained in all its former glory for people to have save compatibility, if they so wish. and 25a is the build before that. when this IWBUMS branch gets shelved it will become 25c. I think that's right...
  4. When I saw this thread I thought it was addressing the infinite food by halves bug
  5. You die when the creatures from your Pokemon cards come to life and hunt you down for losing them. Jolteon electrocutes you while mewtwo does some psychic shit and your brain explodes. Also Salamence feeds you bleach.
  6. Thankyou! It was the wrong build, I just got my head around what 25a and b actually means! The other day I tried the IWBUMS branch and it wouldn't load, so i figured 25a or b was the way to go. but just now I've retried IWBUMS and lo and behold 3D models and all! Cheers man, appreciate it
  7. Ok well how can i get on the right build? (and no it isn't actually in 3d, i meticulously checked Also this is why I thought there was a magical backwards reversion (quoted from OP in the v3 thread): Temporary reset to 2D sprites for player if graphic card does not support FBOs. Just until we can get the remaining compat issues fixed. This will be removed as soon as we get 100% compatibility. As stated before having 2D + 3D for player characters will hold us back terribly in future.
  8. I feel like the piles of rotten food inside the fridge speak volumes about its powered (or not) state.
  9. Hey im on Mac OSX and I think its just that my graphics card doesn't support 3d so its reverting back to 2d? Wah *sadface for me* But I don't see the 3d options in the menu...do they remove the menu options too if your card can't handle it...? Will I ever be able to handle it? I'm ready for the truth/3D Console.txt as follows:
  10. Yes! You are totally right! Its gross and misogynistic and you know, in general, i'm not a fan of just shameless sexualisation. But in Evangelion's case I think it brings a nice levity to the otherwise dense subject matter.
  11. Every time I see a belt I think of hanging myself with it. But yeah, the only real way to go down is bleach iin your belly, a Spiffo in one hand and a sawn off shotgun in the other screaming yippee ki-yay.
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