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  1. Basically, when you begin making a character.. the occupation gets stuck. You cannot change from axeman to veteran, axeman to burglar and so on. It's just fixed on axeman.
  2. I'll try to explain this as quickly, and in a non-pushy way. Best as I can. I'll use Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead as a prime example. In that game, whenever I found some misc. item.. I was interested: I could get a description of the thing by examining it; this was useful, there might be something hinting what it could be used for! I could look at pills, and get a detailed idea of what it does to my body. Maybe you could be looting a house in Project Zomboid, and you're a new player. You find a trashbag, and when you right click it, you get a description popup next to all the options, or something similar. "A common household item for storing garbage. Nowadays it's probably more useful for carrying stuff." Since you're new, you had no idea initially if this was even useful. Of course it's a given that it's a bag, but what if you find a misc. object, like a paperclip? "Often used in an office to hold several sheets of paper together. Could be useful for organizing notes. Easy to bend, and it's metal.. you could probably do some more things with it." This gives much-needed fluff, and an idea of how the game wants the item to be used. Sorry if this's been suggested before; no doubt it might be that way.
  3. Right click sweater, Rip Shirt. Obtain Ripped Cloth x2.Craft four Ripped Cloth (depends on balance, I'll let developers think about it) into one Makeshift Curtain. May require Needle and Thread. Again, up to developers.From Ripped Cloth you can make Ripped Sheets, which is currently in the game already.First idea above. It's for making curtains from clothes. Next one! Right click Trashbag, Tear Trashbag, obtain Ripped Trashbag.Right click window. Apply Ripped Trashbag as curtainThe reason for this suggestion is to add more of an alternative for looting houses at the very start. That may sound bad on paper, but think about it. If there were zombies around your house, and it's not safe to run out, covering your windows with things you improvised would be very cool. It adds useful recipes that I still do not think are overpowered. Discuss!
  4. I think you guys could handle it sort of like Left 4 Dead. Burying people could be something of your own initiative, but when a friend dies in the presence of other survivors (who liked, or hated that person) they could have comments around the body. But not much else. Maybe the others could get angry/frustrated, and need to be consoled overtime. Stuff that's been thought about before, I know.
  5. Interesting. I am keeping tabs on this.
  6. Then I think we can both agree on the idea being good. I just hope this is something the developers have thought about, or are thinking of.
  7. Hands groping around through a partially broken window, ready to scratch a certain careless someone? Either way, the laws of physics have been betrayed for the sake of gameplay, in the past. If something like that were implemented, I'm sure most people woundn't mind, eh? More importantly, some things could act similar to the original idea. Maybe improvised barricades cracking overtime? I'unno. The main suggestion was something letting a survivor know a window or door's being battered, besides audio.
  8. I still think it's something worth adding, later if not now. And the window itself wouldn't move, but the glass should start cracking and breaking if it's being smashed over and over. I think so, anyway.
  9. I actually think it is for a couple reasons. I'm thinking back to the deaf person example/scenario. In a deaf playthough, you could be currently stripping away a lot more than hearing zombies close by. A deaf person in a room can't hear stuff happening on other floors or outside, so they'll be surprised to find out that an army of zombies just barged in through their bedroom door without any forewarning. Wouldn't it just make it a little bit easier to manage, by adding this function? They can only see what's happening, instead of hearing everything around them outside. The element of surprise is still there, but it's a little more balanced and believable with this idea, I guess? They have to be awake, walking around, and paying even more attention than a person who can hear. It could be reflected in how they check on the house they're in, as well as constantly looking behind them while exploring. But that's just my brainstorming. Maybe I made it a little bit more tempting. Aside from that, there's the ability to check up on barricades. You really can never know how broken your primary front of planks are, until they're gone. Doors and windows could shake/shatter faster depending on how many zombies are hitting it. This way, you would know where you should focus your attention. Front door's shaking very little, back door's going crazy. Pounding is everywhere, presently, so you wouldn't really know where they're at otherwise unless you looked through windows! Which you may have barricaded, by now.. Bottom line is, it could make defense more manageable, possibly, when dealing with many zombies hitting things everywhere. Like in Last Stand. As for how it's rendered, it could instead just be the icon jittering a little. That is, the door on the tile? In a 2D way. THE BEST WAY I can have you visualize this, is by thinking of Starbound. Say you're breaking something, right, and it jitters more and more erratically until exploding into an item. Exactly how I picture this, except with different sounds and stuff. Instead of going crazy, it jerks in one direction every time it's hit, before being moved back into its original position. Maybe the jerks could gradually get stronger depending on how durable it is at the time it's whacked, simulating it giving in to force. A little simple animation, if I got this right in my head; all you're doing is moving the icon a certain amount out before regressing it back to the default position. With some more effort, the door could be animated bending out or denting whenever whacked. Sort of like a health bar degrading its appearance on top of things. I know this is a lot of information, but try to take it in chunks: to anyone who might have the patience to read this.
  10. Just an idea! Sometimes I'm confused in the immediate moment I hear a thump, but this thread's mainly here because I recently noticed the "deaf" trait being discussed. It should be really subtle, so that you have to pay extra attention to notice it. I think a deaf person would be more observant, but that's kind of irrelevant. This is just about doors and windows budging slightly when hit by zombies. Heck, windows could even begin to crack as they lose their durability. Discuss?
  11. Having a bit of difficulty navigating to this file. Where's it at, exactly?
  12. You can just walk away. It'll break the action. Not applicable to every situation, good sir! What if you're taking ammunition out of your bag, from a pile? Walking will not stop you, you take out everything.
  13. It's pretty simple. Just have an option in the menu pop up as you're grabbing multiple units of the same thing. Something like a "stop picking up" switch, that goes away when you've picked up all the items of that type, i.e a pile of 9mm bullets.
  14. I'll agree to disagree with some of your points. I just feel like they lack purpose, or are not as applicable. It's common sense that shooting can be difficult, but at a close distance with a human-sized target? Unless you're convulsing like mad, it's just pointing and pulling the trigger. Add some distance, and it becomes a lot more difficult. That's where skill comes in; anyone can pick up a gun and shoot something big in front of them.. but can they do that again, when they're forty yards away? The thing about zombies, is that once they've bunched up in front of you, and all you have is a gun, you had better leg it. No matter how many times you pull the trigger, someone inexperienced and nerved up like insane is not going to headshot them all. I'm not disputing that, but to say that shooting is super hard unconditionally is bogus. I've fired weapons before. I'm not great, but I'm confident I can hit something without standing still and taking forever to aim at anything within ten feet of me. The thing about zombie apocalypses though, is that standing in front of them and shooting them is a bad idea. You want to have some distance, and that's what separates common people from marksmen, in my opinion. I also like to think that someone who's in their mid twenties would have fired a gun before in their life, at some point.. or at least be given the option of a trait that helps it slightly. The human body may be large but you seem to forget that zombies can only be killed with a shot to the head. Therefore their size is irrelevant. Unless their head is as large as their abdomen then it does you little good how large their abdomen is. xD I didn't forget. If you shoot at a zombie, you should either A, hit them in the head, B, hit them in the torso, and finally C, miss. A should depend on skill and angle/circumstances. B could depend on circumstance as well, but be what happens when you should hit them, yet cannot get a headshot due to lack of practice or skill.. well, maybe. It's better than missing in my opinion, and is applicable to humans and animals nicely. C could be less likely than it is now, but not unheard of. It should depend on distance and skill. If your target's close, I don't want that to be an automatic headshot. I want it to be a successful hit to the body, instead of just outright missing, which is kind of silly in hindsight. You're rewarded for practicing this skill on enemies, with more critical hits and not missing at greater distances as your pay-off at higher levels. But at low levels, your attacks won't hit at great distances! When they're close however, you will hit your target, provided the angles are right. It just won't be a critical hit everytime. So you would have to use more ammunition to get a kill, whereas a skilled gunman will make short work of that zed. This system would make novices struggle to get kills, however still get use out of the weapon, and eventually get good. I absolutely think that a skilled gunman could handle some zombies with a gun, but it should take effort to get that, to make use of this ranged weapon. Right now, a novice will struggle to hit a zombie, let alone kill them. Imagine using this system to shoot at humans, you'll just miss most of the time when they're in front of you, at the beginning.. whereas in real life, shooting someone point blank is fatal, regardless where you hit them. Makes guns more threatening to other people, like they are in real life. Whereas against zombies, at low levels, it's not too good, compared to melee, but you're rewarded for it later on. But this could all depend on the firearm in question. For instance, an assault rifle? A novice might struggle to hit as much if they just hold the trigger, or even do bursts.
  15. A hidden point I didn't make very well. I concur.
  16. I'm leaning for thunderstorms making the lights flicker. As in lightning flashes, thunder rumbles, and lights blinking in and out before stabilizing.
  17. This-this, this-this-this, THIS, THIS! THIS!
  18. Blood in the game is amazing. People must not think the blood in the human body is miniscule. You ever kill a squirrel? You know how much blood comes out of one? Enough let me just say that.Upon killing a human or "the walking dead" the victim or zed would lose a lot of blood depending on type of injury and how it was caused. For it to be less blood in PZ,we would lose some of the realistic and atmosphere this blood and bodies create us. If you want a game that has less blood play 7 Days To Die or something like that. Project Zomboid is known for it's realistic approach to situations and i hope the Devs plan to keep it like that. I guess I thought this way because it all lies in the fact that everything looks blunt when you start bashing them. Their head doesn't explode, and you don't tear their stomach out. It's not like you're butchering them when you fight. You don't stomp on someone's head, and blood squirt out seven feet from their body like a fountain. Stuff like that is not realistic, and that's what it's like everytime you hit any zombie with anything. Even a frying pan. In real life, if you broke somebody's head open, outside, on the pavement.. sure, there's be a lot of blood. But not that much. Sure, a big, wide pool.. but not something like what I see. It's not perfect in my eyes, but the suggestion is gentle at best.
  19. Easy-peasy! Just drag their body like you do zombies, and remove them. Blood a bother? Bleach it up. Sweep the garbage off the floor, similar to removing tall grass from the ground. The severity of it could also depend on how much time has passed, too. And the car that is rolled onto your lawn or that carpet stain on the carpet. (The horror!) It's inevitable that some things won't be able to be moved. But a car in your lawn? Might make more sense if it was in the back, and rusted over a bit. Old. I'unno, something. The world's too perfect and pretty, in my opinion. I don't feel like there's anything wrong, other than the zombies stumbling around. The disease is fueled on by violence. They have to bite someone to infect, and they feast on the living. My suggestion is that we give some scenery sure, but have it be generated in a way similar to erosion. Again with the worn down buildings, missing floor tiles, and possibly (rarely) blinking lights. Dirty windows, garbage, dead bodies, things that are broken and twisted, gruesome scenes. Of course you can fix these if you want to inhabit the place, but only to an extent that makes sense and is feasible. The towns should look different depending on how many months has passed since the start.
  20. Easy-peasy! Just drag their body like you do zombies, and remove them. Blood a bother? Bleach it up. Sweep the garbage off the floor, similar to removing tall grass from the ground. The severity of it could also depend on how much time has passed, too.
  21. You are all silly. I am happy I have this trash-bin to protect me.
  22. Again, like I said, you can add everything but the cars. Cars aren't the main suggestion, just wreckage, wear, and corpses. right. so what would be littered in the streets? like plastic bags and such or could you find things like survivors gun surrounded by a horde or canned food outside of a market? The odd, half-eaten corpse laying on the ground.. or a deformed body being munched on by a couple undead. Plastic bags, dried blood.. shattered glass, bodies piled up against the walls, possibly. Shopping carts in parking lots. Y'know a lot of those trash-cans? Turn those over on their side, with their contents spilled out on the sidewalk. Crows pecking on the bodies the zombies aren't messing with currently, on and on. All sorts of things could be added. Something that tells the player that this isn't a normal town; it's been ravaged by the disease, and that can be told not only from worn out, broken down buildings.. but other signals illustrating the bleakness of the situation. Throughout the streets and interiors. You could walk into a house and find some guy who hung himself. Office building with dead people seated in chairs, head thrown back with a torn out throat, or on the desk.. head bashed in. Files could be scattered all over the floor with papers and spilled coffee on them. Disturbing, violent scenes should be everywhere. The possibilities are endless.
  23. I am for it both the sticky and the idea! Three's a crowd.
  24. Get me out of here, already.

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