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  1. Hey, I wonder what this white bottle tastes like...
  2. Steam Username: PotatosBrony~ [ http://steamcommunity.com/id/PotatosBrony ] In-Game Name: Sami "Muffin" Greyhound RP Experiences: I have played on ROBLOX [ Funny, right? ] for around 2-3 years on a game called 'After The Flash' which is a post apocalyptic game. I've also played on online other Post Apocalyptic RPs on such as WattPad, or other websites which have been removed for a long time. I've also Roleplayed on other Project Zomboid RPs but quickly got bored of them [ Inactiveness of other players ] or/and they were removed after a while. Character Background: Sami was born in Paris, France on February 8th, 1990. [ If we're RPing as 2014. ] She'd lived in Muldraugh with her roommate called "Emily" which she was close friends with at Grade School, and University which she was taking Engineering. Sami grew up only having a mother, but it turned out alright in the long-run. Her father died when she was three years old, and she'd currently didn't know what was going on, but she'd quickly learned out. Sami's Mother was born in Paris herself, but the Father was an American Citizen, but they didn't leave France until 1994, when they'd moved too Muldraugh, which she grew up until she'd reached an age enough to go to University. Sami also didn't have any friends, so she'd was also quite a loner since she'd didn't a lot of friends to play around with. Why you want to join the server: I want to join this server because, it seems that it won't be closing for awhile, and it'd seems like it has some interesting potential, hopefully I am correct. How can I contact you: You may contact me via. IndieStone, or Steam. Notes: I am currently in School so I won't be on 24/7. Sorry.
  3. The server wasn't a problem to join at all! But usually I get problems when I attempt to join again, but it wasn't a pain to join the server the first time.
  4. Apparently the server wouldn't like to launch for me anymore! How lovely.
  5. you have to go to the zompocalypse website to get a ticket now I will not be posting here as often anymore ok, im waiting for the authentication Move to our website, to your get ticket. http://zompocalypse.boards.net/
  6. Remember! No longer post your Tickets here! Move to our other website! http://zompocalypse.boards.net/thread/20/zompocalypse-server-recruitment-100-slots
  7. I don't trust this link-... But KITTEN-...
  8. I'm on the same Boat. I'm sick of finding nothing on these Public Servers.
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