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  1. Haha yes! Wow really good job with the remodel there mate, Looks pretty legit too. Was it difficult at all? who knows maybe were start seeing more of these mods
  2. Re Railing thread? I can think of at least a couple times I've called a sickey in. The first was waaay back in 05 for the release of Star Wars Galaxies Rage of the wookiees. Both me and my best friend ran with the "we don't feel well" and got a couple days off school, he managed two, i got three I can remember a couple years later my guild in wow, about 5 or 6 of them all called a week off work for Burning Crusade i joined them for the first day but wasn't that dedicated to the cause tbh. the latest one I did was for SW: The Old Republic, I remember getting the week long Beta invite, instantly called my work i had to have a minor op on my ankle, best week ever... I guess it changes as you get older, or totally depends on the game, I haven't skipped anything big for one in awhile, Still i occasionally take a day off uni for a bit of escapism, Everyone needs it
  3. Mate this looks amazing, i was just thinking ingame "damn i need to get cooking all the food is giving me boredom and unhappiness" *Boom* i see this pop up. Massive thank you to yourself and the others who have contributed to this, I'm gonna give it a DL now and send somefeed back a bit later Cheers!
  4. Hey Ringo A massive thank you to yourself and everyone who is helping make this mod come to life really appreciate all the hard work you guys are putting in! Me and a couple buddies are waiting on this, getting more excited with each update we see, Do you know if it will be at all possible to play the map in sandbox when its released? Thanks again and keep up the great work!
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