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  1. More like a dead gun nut, I always get a kick from finding those corpses that have nothing on them but GUNZ. Might even be the guy who threatened Bob and Kate in the early versions of story mode.
  2. I think the Z are now, in the testing of 30.8, the best they have ever been. However, I also think the new exertion system is... not cool. It makes the game less fun, as I couldn't even run a tenth of what I normally do, with multiple points in the physical skills. Runs from the west farm to either Muldraugh or West Point have become almost impossible. Running, slaying, building and other physical activities just aren't as fun.
  3. Hi! From 0.1.5d on, I thought it'd be fun to sit. Now, with multiplayer out for some time, and after watching the April 28 2014 Mondoid at the time... the screenshots of the hunting lodge and cinema stuck with me and left me sitting, waiting, wishing, for that one thing. I'm thinking of a simple sitting animation and a static sitting model for on chairs and couches. Snapping the player back up on their feet will definitely suffice when a movement command is issued, and 10 players sitting on the same chair is no problem whatsoever. As you've noticed, I've been sitting on this for quite a while and it's the sole thing that will realismwise complete this game for me, and also make multiplayer (role playing!) the most enjoyable it can be. Yet, I will not expect or ask for anything, as you have been too generous already. For a second though, think about how integrated the concept of sitting is in human life. Now... sit back and close this tab.
  4. The safety system looks awesome. Can't wait. Random spawn points should deplete the loot more evenly I suppose, but the worlds get looted out pretty fast. Z that carry all kinds of stuff could help perhaps...
  5. Merrin


    I believe we made it to the other town... only to starve. Thanks for the ride Gruber and DooM!
  6. Merrin

    Quick start

    For those of you who still don't get it but want to play PZ multiplayer badly - here's how I did it. Kirrus added this: There are bugs. Lots and lots of bugs. Read the full release release details here: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/5577-multiplayer-open-test-details-inside/ This is merely for joining already existing servers. - open steam - Right-click PZ and click properties - Select Beta tab - Select onlinetest - Close Project Zomboid [onlinetest] will be the name of PZ in steam now. - Various servers are being posted on the forums, choose a public server and copy that (ip) address - Start up PZ - Select Join Server - Add server - Fill in IP, Port, Username and Password. IP will be offered on the forums, and a specific port can also be provided, but my default port 16261 works for most public servers right now. Username and password can be random, fill in whatever you like. - Save - Join Server In short, if I had seen this guide, I would've played it sooner. I hope this helps. To return to single player, go back to the beta tab under properties and opt out of beta.
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    You were roleplaying with me Add me on steam I am Ghosk. Hey, okay! will do Just had a bluescreen though, win32k.sys with Page_fault_in_nonpaged_area, when just out of PZ but still in steam and this forum. Will try again shortly though, can't help myself
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    Just played your server for half an hour, but I can't find food anywhere, and what's left is rotten. Had great fun roleplaying though!
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