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  1. The server will run for as long as people play pz. we've been here since day 1. we'll be here till the end.
  2. Thankyou, much appreciated.
  3. Hello, I was wondering if we have a new tool or anywhere i can find out what the new variables mean? for ones such as EndRegen, StartYear and ZombiesRespawnPercent. These was adding in the last patch and they also don't show in the tool downloaded with the client used to generate this config. SandboxVars ={Zombies = 3,Distribution = 1,WaterShutModifier = -1,ElecShutModifier = -1,Alarm = 5,LockedHouses = 5,FoodRotSpeed = 3,FridgeFactor = 3,LootRespawn = 2,ZombiesRespawn = 2,ZombiesRespawnPercent = 1,TimeSinceApo = 3,Temperature = 2,Rain = 2,ErosionSpeed = 4,Farming = 5,PlantResilience = 2,PlantAbundance = 2,NatureAbundance = 2,FoodLoot = 1,WeaponLoot = 1,OtherLoot = 1,XpMultiplier = 5.0,StatsDecrease = 3,EndRegen = 3,DayLength = 3,StartYear = 7,StartMonth = 3,StartDay = 1,StartTime = 2, ZombieLore ={Speed = 2,Strength = 2,Toughness = 2,Transmission = 3,Mortality = 3,Reanimate = 3,Cognition = 3,Memory = 4,Decomp = 4,Sight = 1,Hearing = 2,Smell = 3,}} Also i'm still confused as to what we use for item/zombie respawning, if we take zombie respawning for example. Apparently i can set: ZombiesRespawn in servertest_SandboxVars.lua RespawnHours= in servertest_zombies.ini and... HoursForZombiesRespawn in servertest.ini So i'm very confused as to which config i should be setting the real value for lol. Thanks for your time.
  4. if i can help in anyway, feel free to add me to Steam. http://steamcommunity.com/id/ricster2k/ I run the Good Old Dayz Servers. Good luck!
  5. Yep, that is why i'm suggesting
  6. Yep i do agree and i would rather not have to create silly rules, but hosting for a year and half now, I've had many angry people messaging me over the duration, so i like to keep our server running fresh without wipes for as-long as possible, It seem to go down good with our players anyhow.
  7. Then nobody can enter and loot that store and people complain, Like the gunshop, It's forbidden to claim anything but residential houses on our server.
  8. I just spent 36 hour straight to come up with something, D: but it's not perfect. It will reset each store in the game and leave everything outside them intact upon restarts. Which will also fix a broken down gunshop, shop windows, mall stairs and sorts. I'm not sure if soft resets still work but they was always buggy and I've not heard anything about them working recently. I Hope the Devs add an item cleanup to the game at some point and player structures decay, So we no longer have to hard reset the world.
  9. Good recommendation for a player in single-player but i'm talking about a server i am running. Players will clear all the shelves and throw everything on the ground to make more loot spawn in. I am now working on something to fix this for my server, but i hope the Devs could add this to the game to fix it across all servers. As it is now it potentially ruins the experience for new characters when there is loot everywhere in the big warehouses/stores, even when the server is set to rare loot.
  10. Can we have the same cleanup script used for zombies applied to items on the ground also? I'm seeing way to many people looting stores, throwing everything on the ground and waiting for the loot to fill up again. -Thanks for your time.
  11. Just friendly advice, You'll need 4GB RAM for 20 players if you want the server to run longer than 24 hours, or you'll get major lag spikes/crashes and it must run on SSD or RAMdisk. Else you'll have a serious zombie lag, making it an unplayable server. If you have less than 20 players then you can tone these values down a bit. As for players, up to 64 players seems to work fine. Zeeks had quite a few on his server and he hasn't reported any problems. Perhaps he can give more input on that. And some final advice, for the sake of the people of this community, I suggest you do some tests before you sell your severs, renting a server that is not enough to run this game will leave them feeling ripped off. Anyway i wish you good luck!
  12. ricky

    RAM-Disk for PZ?

    Take a look at this. This is tests on my computer. I've been using a RAM disk for a while now. However if you have slow Memory you'll probably cause a slow down of the entire computer. Also if you overclock or do not have perfectly stable ram. You CAN corrupt your map files overtime. Black Squares. I recommend using ECC memory and/or any memory recovery settings in BIOS. So your memory doesn't develop errors after days of running. I cannot stress this enough because you do not want to corrupt your map. A RAMDISK of 3GB should be more than enough. And use these start-up perimeters: -Xms1G -Xmx4G. Using to much RAM for PZ can cause a slowdown of the entire system if you're using a RAMdisk also. I recommend Soft Perfect RAM Disk. It's free and you can set it up to make automatic backups on your HDD. So you do not lose files if you restart your computer. -Lastly: This is what works for me. it might not work for all. People my find different methods are better for them so don't just assume my method is perfect for you. I recommend this to Zeek a while back and he had lag. However i think he fixed it and continues to use it. I'm not sure.
  13. I can upload a map save with 168,000+ files if you're interested. Just let me know and i'll have a link. This is a 20 slot server. Started on Friday 27th Feb. It's the same every Friday i reset it. Within a day or 2. 100,000+ files.
  14. My map folder gets to 2-3GB with 168,000+ files. After 2 days of hosting. I can't keep a smooth server running for a week, and soft reset does not help. Zombies start to lag and then huge lag spikes happen. Coming from somebody that hosts allot of games and always testing methods and hardware to get the most performance out of them. Yes this game needs it's Map system scrapped and rewritten, to put it bluntly. Not even high-end server hardware can compensate for the performance losses that get introduced over time. When i speak to certain hosting company's about hosting this game they don't want to know. And i can see why.
  15. ricky

    Server question

    is it possible to have server sided mods? That players don't have to install? say if someone wanted to change spawning mechanics?
  16. ricky

    [Nitrado] soft reset

    copy and paste ProjectZomboidServer.bat and rename it to something like ProjectZomboidServer Soft Reset.bat Then edit it and add the command, I've forgot it but i think it's -Dsoftreset ".\jre64\bin\java.exe" -Dsoftreset -Xms2048m -Xmx2048m Something like that. But again i've forgot it, someone may have to confirm is what i said it correct. Also i've noticed soft reset not fixing house windows and clearing items from player created wooden crates, Zombies on the ground was also not disappearing in some cases.
  17. We do reset the map everyday. Sometimes twice a day, depending on how busy we are. Sorry but this is something only the game dev's can fix. We do our best to counteract this.
  18. Try use your LAN IP address: 192.168.... Let us know if it fixes the problem.
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