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  1. That is not very realistic, as most adults know what they are allergic to. That is not very realistic, as most adults know what they are allergic to. I more so thought that the allergy would be randomized until you checked your character's status.
  2. 0neHitCombo


    Are there many servers that use THG map?
  3. If this suggestion has already been made.. then forgive me! I figure with the addition of allergies (allergic to peanuts, or certain fruit.. or vegetables idk) it'll add a sort of.. constraint as to what the player can consume or not. I mean, what bigger slap in the face than to be on the brink of starvation and only have peanut butter to eat. In addition to allergies, what about pharmacies that carry EpiPens, and infections, you know, when you smashed that window and decided to jump through it without making sure it was clear of glass. I mean there are a thousand ways to take it and its just a suggestion.. It'd also be awesome if the player didn't have a choice of whether they were allergic to specific things. Anyway.. everyone else has already thrown their suggestion in the bucket so I might as well... =]
  4. 0neHitCombo

    Chatting About NPCs

    What if he drives his boy (with his pickup)?
  5. 0neHitCombo

    Why do zombies bang on doors/windows?

    What if it's the zombies reflection that catches it's attention.. I mean it looks like food.. let me lunge at it head first, *bonk* Well that didn't work but the food's still there.. *bonk* ... Repeat until window smashes.
  6. Is the server still up? Not letting me connect for some reason..
  7. Yo, look for me out there.. Hope to bash some skulls in with you gaize!
  8. 0neHitCombo


    Teamspeak enabled?
  9. Wouldn't it be easier to just give out the ip to a select few?