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  1. Lol same thing happened to me. I was fighting one simple zombie in the middle of the woods, and apparently swung my bat into myself which exploded me instanty? Very frustrating bug.
  2. Even though it sounds silly that the "Caps Lock" would be the issue here, it actually makes sense. (It's all code guys.)
  3. I waited within Seconds. You should see Progress in your Command Prompt (Or whatever it's called) after about 10-30 seconds of Loading. You should see other texts than "Delay Packet" the whole Loading time.
  4. You son of a.... You reset the server!!!!! (Just kidden)
  5. My "Delay Packet..." issue is Fixed. All I did was try to connect the next day, and I connected. I'm not sure what's causing this issue, nor do I know what the solution is. For now, the only fix is giving it time... (I think)
  6. The problem is there's so many possible solutions, I'm sure there's one still being missed. Hang in there though, I'm sure someone will make your dreams of multiplayer come true. I had something magical happen... I just tried to join a server, and left the computer (for about 5 minutes) while it "Loaded"... I came back to a character dead on the floor. Maybe it works?
  7. I try connecting to a Public Server with the exact name : King and I still get Delay Issue. So the name is not a fix
  8. KingSouth

    Loading time?

    My Exact issue. Thanks for the input to help other people clarify that they aren't alone
  9. KingSouth

    Loading time?

    It's almost always firewalls. Check them again - check your routers as well. Make sure that the server you're trying to connect to has it's ports open and if needed, port forwarded on the router. Can't be my firewall. I've given Project Zomboid permissions to pass through my Firewall, I'm just going to try turning off my firewall completely for testing. Thanks Suggestions
  10. KingSouth

    Loading time?

    I'm currently having this issue.
  11. I feel like nobody would be able to "Setup" a camp if it were less than Three days. I could be an idiot and just not realize that your Creations won't be deleted
  12. KingSouth


    Applied for the Clan. Appreciated
  13. In-Game Name: KingSouth Age: 16 (Yes I'm mature) Timezone: CST How active can you be: 3:00p.m. - 9:00p.m. (Average 6 hours) Why you want to join: I love to role play, and joining an Organized Military Clan is exactly what i'm looking for. I can be a huge asset in-game based on my past experiences in similar scenarios of zombie games (DayZ, Arma3, Project Zomboid, etc.) Contact (Steam): KingSouth
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