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  1. reloaded and deleted the saved games, I think it might of cleaned it up. still testing
  2. hosting a dedicated server at one of the rented sites that the support the game Example Bedford Falls when running around I'm noticing big slices of nothing but green space showing up. About a 100 yards long right threw buildings and streets I tried resetting server and uploading the files fresh, but no luck. made sure I copied all the lotpack, lotheater & chunk files into Muldraugh, KY like the instructions said The Game loads and can spawn in bedford Any idea whats causing smaller part of the newer maps to be missing ?
  3. Excellent most Excellent Now I'll stand my server up. Didnt want to bother because of hackers/cheaters always seem to move in and take over
  4. I love the feel of MP, my biggest complaint is it all seems to easy Never died Going be a great game for sure, just hope hackers dont take over like dayz
  5. Noticing a lack of zombies and items to loot after a couple of hours. World becomes barren and empty with nothing to do. any way to respawn random items and more important zombies over period of time ? must have more zombies muhaha Thanks guys games coming along nicely
  6. Thanks !!! Connall !!! Just started working on one and making notes
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