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  1. Oh, hahah I guess I didn't look around long enough. I was running house to house because one of my scratches was infected but never found a disinfectant so I jumped on here to cry about it lol.
  2. With a couple of friends, we were able to clear a nice portion of the town with guns, but it took awhile for us to plan it out. Guns aren't supposed to be OP or else the game wouldn't be challenging. They will add silencers and other weapons which will be more useful, but for now they're a strategic weapon. The devs did this on purpose or else we'd be blazing through the streets mowing down zombies. Guns are loud and attract zombies for a reason, they only solve your zed problems in specific circumstances.
  3. The revamped medical system has added a lot of new items that you have to now loot for and keep track of while surviving. It's sometimes frustrating to have to search for aspirin, tweezers, needles, thread, bandages, disinfectant, antibiotics, oh my! Just look at how much more STUFF there is: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/11292-iwbums-build-30/ First aid kits should generate in the world with variable quantities of these medical supplies (all-in-one medkits will be rare). First aid kits should be a specialized containers with slots for medical-related items. I know the devs don't have time to actually play around and find the snags in gameplay like micro-managing all of your medical supplies, but it's pretty obvious that the click-and-drag simulator that is the revamped medical system overshadows the more fun aspects of the game, no offense. Finding first aid kits won't be very common, so it will be a luxury among groups to have one for quick anatomical repairs. The reason medical kits are needed: When all of your med supplies are in you backpack, the game doesn't recognize that you have the items until you pull them out. Having your trusty medkit to take out in case of a lodged bullet will save you the hassle. It will essentially be a container in a container, but when pulled out, can automatically access any supplies within it necessary to dress your wounds. Still, those who don't have a medkit will find themselves dirtying up their duffle bag with their trembling blood-drenched fingers trying to find that damn needle! Bonus idea: Thinking more about specialized containers as I write this got me thinking that they could include tool kits as well. Once vehicles are added, they'll most likely have a whole slough of new items to fix up cars. At this point, you'll want a tool kit in the back of your truck in case your fuel pump starts leaking or your hatchet is getting loose. Though of course, a backpack could serve as this so I don't think it's as necessary. EDIT: Okay so scratch basically all of this since it's already a thing. So much for being a step ahead of the devs!
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