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  1. Doesn't seem to be active... for a long time now tbh.
  2. I was playing on a server with fast zombies ... and for some reason my character got sick. So being in pain, sick ... I had to change my location because food was an issue as well. So there was this guy who said to follow him ! I did so until we were surrounded by entire West Point of zombies ... I had to throw my backpack away to keep moving. Basically there was nowhere to run but inside the house, so my poor character crawled on the 2nd floor. And had his last orange juice in the bathroom. I could have jumped from window... But uh there were zombies below waiting for me to jump seemingly. Scary stuff.
  3. Heh didn't RP for like ... really long while. Name - Declan "Dek " Lane Age - 25 Gender - Male Role - Support Background - Before the epidemic, Declan was a freelance photographer and journalist working for local newspapers. Excellent at his work, wealthy and passionate with the ladies. Able to charm and bluff his way out of any issue, life couldn't be any better, until the outbreak occurred. At first Declan managed to gather his close friends in a group, but things didn't go well, with group being attacked by the undead, best friends being bitten and dying one after another. Luckily he survived, and even found a good house to hide, with just enough food and tools for survival. The events made him emotionally weak, depressed, the feel that he is useless in this world, made him drown in self doubt, not to mention, unable to cook without burning something, or barricade without getting himself hurt ... nothing went well, surviving alone was extremely hard. The rescue team wasn't coming, the supplies were running low, until one day, he suddenly woke up with a woman pointing gun at him. End seemed closer than ever, but once again luckily the lady had no intentions to hurt him. After the unusual meeting and short friendly chit chat, woman mentioned the Militia group and suggested Dec to follow her. Without much thought and almost immediately he said "YES!". They gathered everything useful from the house and continued their path together...
  4. Eon667


    I'd love to join some SERIOUS RP ! Save damsels in distress and so on! http://steamcommunity.com/id/eon667/
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