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  1. Thanks! Glad you like it.
  2. Hello everyone! I tought it would be fun to make a craftable Potato Cannon for the game... why, you ask? Because why not?! You'll finally be able to give a deadly use to potatoes! Features Deadly Long-range tuber crop launcher. (aka. Potato Cannon) Crafting recipe. [ PVC Pipe, Empty Pop Bottle/Water Bottle, Ductape, Nails/Screws, Lighter (Full), Saw and Hammer/Screwdriver]New Item: PVC Pipe ( Required for crafting recipe ) Download: v1.0 - Download Known Bugs ??? Feedback needed. Changelog v1.0 (Release) -Fixed Weapon Audio. -Updated Icons. -Balanced Sound radius and damage. -Fixed Crafting recipe. v0.5 -Added Sounds. -Added Spawning points for PVC Pipe. -Removed Battery from crafting recipe. v0.1 -Added Items. -Added Icons. -Added Recipe.
  3. Hey guys , I found a pretty annoying bug with the installation of mods, sometimes you would install the mod properly and it would even show on the in-game menu tab, however the mod wouldn't work at all. With the newest steam build mod loader all the mods are required to have a mod.info file this one needs to consist of 5 basic elements, these are listed in here: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/2011-how-to-use-the-modloader/ "name, id, poster, description and url" . For some reason some of the mod developers do not add the id element, this brings(at least for me) an annoying problem: The game tries to find the id for the mod and fails in doing so, therefore it adds the address of where the mod is located (C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Zomboid\mods\MODNAME) then the game lists the game in the "loaded.txt file in the mods folder with this "default" id. The game then recognizes the mod and lists it as loaded, but when you load a world and the mod doesn't work at all. I came with a solution for this(it's really simple you should have figured it out by now): Simply edit the mod.info file and add the id element to it, use the name of the mod, preferably. It should look something like this: "id=NameOfTheMod" To do this i used Notepad++, but i'm sure it works without it, simply right click the mod.info file, click Edit from the drop-down list and add the id element. Well i hope this is help full to some one , good luck and continue the zombie slaughter!
  4. Where do i get the steam build? D: I'm confused with the new forums please help.
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