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  1. In Westpoint it is most times okay, because the "little" distances. But in Muldraugh you will have to run a long time to meet each other if you start at opposite sides of the city. Problem is not the long way, but the horde of zombies, that will follow you. And directly after starting - without any or with weak weapon - it can be real hard to survive (and frustrating is you die often when trying). I had the same problems with a friend of mine. But we decided to start a "Coop"-Game with my laptop as local-server, so I just could set a single start-point at any place we wanted. Teleporting should be technically possible, but this could be easily used to cheat, so I think this will not be implemented. So the only way to join together on a public server could be a request to the server after finishing the new character, if there are other finished, new characters that did not start the game - and after this, allow the accepting players to join together. -> The Problem I see is, that the character-creation has to be expanded for "just" a handfull players that would use it. From the Role-Playing-Aspect it even would be nicer NOT to start directly together. Perhaps as neighbours, but not in the same house. (I imagine a "horde" of new characters starting in one house - and dont like it.) But in the end, I would like the "neighbourhood-start" as feature. Especially if the other ideas of different multiplayer-gametypes like laststand are implemented, a party-spawn would be a must have.
  2. Yes, server is pretty empty at the moment.
  3. Your mod would just give you the item and the game itself would safe it in your inventory.
  4. I think i could sit hours in front of this.... Kind of spectator-mode.
  5. I use actual IWBUS version (25c, i think), and it is working. Are you already on whitelist? I registered (like on the first page linked) over my steam-account and could play some hours later. (I also got an email after registration/acception.)
  6. Perhaps I just didn't recognise it in game, but I think actually there is no way to see if the fridge is working or not. Normally if you open your fridge, the little lamp inside will switch on and you see the light in the fridge. If there is no power any more, the lamp would not work any more and you would recognise it just by opening the door. My suggestion would be to just change the icon of the fridge if it is not working any more. There could be a light and a dark (or inverted) icon.
  7. Ich persönlich bin der Meinung, das Objekt sollte (egal ob ganz oder kaputt) auf der gleichen Stelle stehen bleiben. Ich suche ja z.B. meine Gießkanne, dabei ist mir erstmal egal ob leer oder voll. Also ich bin eher für Gießkanne (voll) Gießkanne (leer) Küchenmesser Küchenmesser (kaputt)
  8. So no restart today at 17:00 as announced?
  9. As far as i understood the topic, you don't have to change anything. Build 25v2 is now separated, in IWBUS there is actually 25v3. So new version should actually be downloaded and installed. I personally didn't change anything (Steam-Account uses IWBUS) and I can connect to server atm.
  10. also ich finde den Zustand dahinter gesetzt wesentlich angenehmer. Sonst "verschwindet" der Gegenstand immer von seiner normalen position auf einen anderen Platz in der Auflistung. Fand ich bei der Gießkanne immer stressig - wenn voll dann stand sie unter V - "volle Gießkanne" ansonsten unter G
  11. another easy way could be to use ONCREATE in the recipe: [RECIPES.TXT] recipe Wring Wet Bath Towel into Bowl { BathTowelWet, Bowl, Result:WaterBowl, Time:60.0, OnCreate:AddBathTowel, }[YOURMOD.LUA] function AddBathTowel() getPlayer():getInventory():AddItem("BathTowel");endDidn't test it, but should work. But one thing should also be told: In the "recipe-preview" is only the symbol of the main-result shown. The other "bonus-results" are not displayed in preview.
  12. If you press ESC during game, you will get in the menu-screen. On the right bottom, you can click on Players and see the player list. So you can check if the server is empty. Press Y to talk in global chat. You should definitvely get some answers...
  13. Topic can be closed. I just realiced that the local chat is included in global-chat-textbox from now on. So I can get it from there.
  14. Finds klasse dass überhaupt ein Server von dir gehostet wird. Jeder hat Anrecht auf sein RL (RealLife), also passt schon. Schönes Wochenende Varian.
  15. it is now in the server-folder: ProjectZomboid\media\lua\server\Farming\basicFarming.lua
  16. Yes, shouting strings. So there is no way to grab them?
  17. Yes, it is possible to destroy "not self builded" stairs with a sledghammer. You should start standing in the middle (second tile) of the stairs, then destroy the upper part. Climb down one part and repeat until the stairs are gone. (If you start destroying the lowest part of the stairs, your character will "jump/teleport" up to the middle part, but you might not destroy it from down the floor.)
  18. Is there any way to recognize the text shown on screen (character speaking)? I don't have any idea how to get the text. (It's not an object - what could it be? how to grab it?) If anyone has some ideas, i would be glad to know...
  19. Koregan

    Lua - File I/O

    thank you, guys, studied the whole codes, tried several times different code and finally got it to work. I will clean my code, and the finally post the working one here.
  20. little hint: [NEW STUFF] You now can't join a server with an empty user name. this can also be a problem because there is no feedback-message
  21. I would try another server. Normally it should start the beginning screen with the text "These are the end times" and then take a long while to load the actual map files, etc. If the beginning text doesnt appear, then (i think) the server is the problem (hanging' / no more slots / etc). If you have a 64-bit-system, then you can start the "ProjectZomboidServer.bat" and connect with your own local server using IP "" to test if connection/PZ is working. I also got mad, because every server in my list didnt work, but then after connecting to my local testserver i recogniced that pz is still working and "only" my serverlist / the servers on the list didn't work.
  22. If you pick up the server in your game, change the name of the server and your username, click "add", then you should have a second listed server with another character. Don't know exactly, but could work.
  23. Anschreiben in Steam geht bei mir irgendwie nicht. Hab mal ne Freundschaftsanfrage in Steam geschickt. Find ich über Steam aber eher blöd. Bei mir läuft PZ nur im CompatibilityMode, daher hab ich Steam nur selten offen. Da ist mir das Forum hier viel lieber. PNs müssten hier ja auch gehen.
  24. Koregan

    Lua - File I/O

    RoboMat, could you explain how to use your i/o to copy a file 1to1 ? I read out my "test\example.txt": 1234and wrote my "test2\example.txt". But "example2.txt" is: 3214my code was: function copyFile(_filename) local inputDir = "test\\"; local outputDir = "test2\\"; local file = FileIO.readFile(inputDir .. _filename, false); FileIO.writeFile(outputDir .. _filename, file.content, true, false)endCopyTheFiles = function() copyFile("example.txt")endEvents.EveryTenMinutes.Add(CopyTheFiles );Any suggestions how i can get a exact copy of the file? Or why the order changed and the new lines gone away?
  25. Koregan

    Lua - File I/O

    After trying with thousand errors, i now could create a file. So, it should also be possible to copy files. Thanks a lot for the hint.
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