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  1. I would suggest changing the feedback-message when you get kicked by a checksum-error on multiplayer. At the moment, it is very difficult to run mods on multiplayer. If a user has non matching files, the admins can only tell them to delete all and install new, because there is a little bit less feedback. So I think it would be very nice, just to get the name of the non matching lua-files as more detailled feedback. Could for example look like this: ---------------------------------------- Another aspect in the checksum-test is in my opinion the serverfiles being compared. Why do the serverfiles have to be the same on the client-computers? I think they are not used by the clients, but are loaded and compared. Also by this cause, it is not possible to use serverside mods on the server without the clients have the same files installed. Mods can be used by admins, but any own clientcommands can not be used, because the server has no fitting modfiles on it. So I would also suggest changing the checksum-system of the only serverside used lua-files. This would be a great advantage for all serveradmins which want to use mods.
  2. Looks very good. - I would like to play it. But i would prefere a windows version and the possibility to play it with controllers. This game would be awesome to play with some friends on a party...
  3. I would like to know more about you plan to give information to the server. And how you want to implement it. As a mod, every user would have to install the mod to be able to join the game. But without a mod, how insert the information. Or do you want to implement it in the java-files? Serverrestart could be also made with a simple batchfile, but t think you will not be free to get/give information from/in the game this way. It would be nice to get some more information. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- But anyways, i think every technical server-admin is interested in tools like this.
  4. As blindcoder already said, after "Mods=" has to be the ID of the mod. The mod-name can have spaces in the text, which could cause error. That's why probably the devs have included a ID, so you can give a free name and are not restricted in your name-choise.
  5. As admin you can use /noclip to prevent colliding with objects like walls. With this option, you can also walk above the water. But i think the code-parts for this are in the java-files, so it will be much harder to find a way to do this on your own. I also cannot imagine you "walking" over the water, even if you have a boat in your inventory...
  6. I think there is no way in game at the moment to remove zombies. This could be done by a mod, but i think it has to be serverside, else the zombies would reappear if you reload the mapfile. (I tried to remove corpses on the ground with a clientside admin-mod. The bodies disappeared, but when the map was reloaded by walking around the block, all appeared back again. This will probably be the same with alive zombies.)
  7. Okay, in the meanwhile i continued trying to get the error away. Now after including another check 'if player:getCurrentSquare() then ...' i could handle the error. getCurrentSquare is nil, while the coordinates still exist and cansee is true. I will close this topic in some days, if i do not get this errors back.
  8. Sounds like a nice idea for a mod. Perhaps the fishing-nets could be used. So while fishing, you can enjoy a cold beer.
  9. Isn't there a marijuana mod? I did'nt test his mod jet (so i dont know how / if he had inserted his own sprites), but i think his code would be worth looking at it.
  10. Koregan

    Full Lua API

    I use aborange searcher to search for examples in all the lua-files of the game. This way, i found lot of examples how to use some ingame-functions. Also there are some interesting mods, where i learned about new functions.
  11. I am programming for our server a custom-charactername-displaying-mod. So i use 'player=getOnlinePlayers():get(i)' to get the players which could eventually be seen by the users character, and i use 'ownplayer:CanSee(player)' to check if they can be seen, or if they are hidden by some walls for example. As i noticed while testing it on our running RP-server, there are not all connected players listed in the 'getOnlinePlayers()'-table. I think that just the players in a certain distance are in this table. I dont know if this is how it is supposed to be, but this is not the problem why i started this topic. But I found a huge problem (at first only) with admin-characters on my local server: If the admin-character is visible, then he can be seen by users with 'ownplayer:CanSee(player)' (ownplayer is user, player is admin in this cause). With 'player:getCurrentSquare():getX()' / ~Y / ~Z his koordinates are correctly refreshed. But as soon as he turns to invisible, ':CanSee(player)' stays true and also the Koordinates do not change again (until the admin is visible again). Even when the admin relogs to the server, the last position-coordinated where he was seen visible appear back. In my mod this results in the admins name still being displayed above the admins last visible position. Always when the player can see this square, and the admin is online, the name is displayed on screen above the square. While testing the mod as admin on our RP-server, the same problems appeared with some players i was spying (myself being invisible). I lost them first and walked around to find them again, then on a streets corner the names of the players appeared on the screen. The coordinates were frozen (did not change) until i was near enough to them again. Then the names were displayed on the right position again. Has anyone some ideas how i could fix this problem? Or is it a bug in general? (The non changing player-positions of invisible persons and 'cansee' staying true?) I already thought about checking the time the player-ccordinates didn't change and not display the names after a while. But if a player stands on the same place a longer time (f.ex. while reading a book, the user being afk, etc.) then the names would also be not displayed any more, even the character really stands on this position. This is one of the points where i hate programming. It is nearly finished, but there are some tiny but annoying bugs, why i don't want to release it yet. (If some more code is needed, i will post some parts of it. But because of the complex structure and own variables just copying some lines without commenting them doesn't help a lot, because it is a general problem and not because of mistakes in the script.) It would be nice to get some help here... [Edit: Could any moderator rename the title in: 'Cansee(player)' / Frozen koordinates in 'getOnlinePlayers()'(I wanted to press backspace but also hit enter while typing the title. Sorry)
  12. i am also interested. I tried to change the variables in game, but there were no changes. (When i set own values directly while lua-files were loaded, the changed variables were accepted. But later in game there were no changes working.)
  13. It is not impossible. I already did some work on a mod like this. perhaps it will be tested on zeeks roleplay server soon.
  14. I think this would be too much work to make an editor that changes an existing character. But it would be easy to make your character as a new character and then give him some more xp and inventory. Would be a good way for you to learn about mods, scripts and lua-files. I think here are enough mod-experienced users that will help you if you need some hints.
  15. Problem Solved: I talked with Blindcoder via PN and got it to work. His TinyAVR-Mod uses a function that gets a connection to a url. I could use it with the complete url (http://mywebspace.xxx/myfile.php?Variable=Test) and it works. So thanks to Blindcoder and all the other Helpers here.
  16. i looked at your link, enigma, but i have to say that i dont understand it. I don't know anything about all these classes. (I'm not a programmer, just try to learn and often succeed.) I am happy that i can understand parts of the lua scripts and use them for the mod i'm working on. It would be nice if someone has a code-example how to do a http-request or some other code-parts, that could try to use to give variable to a index.php with a [get]-function.
  17. My intent is to hand information to a online-sql-database. It is working so far with openUrl(http://myonlinespace.com/index.php?Variable), but the problem is the browser always getting on top. So thanks so far for the hint about the http request. I tried to get more information by googling but i dont know if i need aditional files/programs (LuaSocket?). Or is http.request() working on current IWBUMS without additional files? Can i hand over [get]-Variables with http-requests? (If nobody answers, i will probably spend my whole weekend in searching informations that are hard to understand for me. So i would be thankful for some more help.) [Edit: added some more text to mke it better to understand]
  18. I am searching for a way to open a website in background or hidden. openUrl(url) opens my browser directly, so i am searching another way. Perhaps it is possible to load the website in a panel? i would be glad if someone can give me a hint...
  19. Also ich bin mit beidem zufrieden. (Zahlenschloss klingt halt nicht so kompliziert.) Vielleicht wären ein paar andere Meinungen nicht schlecht...
  20. Chinese translation is posted here: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/2103-official-translation-files/?p=164402 But you can check the translation and discuss it in the chinese-translation-topic if you have other / better translations or just want to discuss the translation.
  21. Ich hab gerade die Übersetzung der build 31 gelesen: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/2103-official-translation-files/page-14#entry164383 Irgendwie finde ich Kombinationsschloss komisch. Brauch ich da nen Schlüssel und ne Geheimzahl in Kombination, oder handelt es sich schlicht um ein einfaches Zahlenschloss? Sofern nur Zahlen, dann würde ich persönlich "Zahlenschloss" bevorzugen. Ist ein einfacherer Begriff.
  22. No ETA. Nice job! (I imagine... you, building a loginscreen for MP with buttons for downloading the needed mods... )
  23. see this topic: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/13014-tiny-automated-version-checker-tiny-avc-010/?p=164246 i didn't test it - but the author knows what he is doing...
  24. When i logged in to your server first time i got scared by the fast zombies. On the other servers i played, the zombies were lagging as hell, always dis- and re-appearing. On your server, it is the first time i get a real nice ping (<40) all the time. So i hope we will have much fun there.
  25. It would be the best, if the admins implement it. As a "private" mod it wouldn't be possible to use on multiplayer.
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