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    daorkboypl reacted to DresdenBBQ in Question about non workshop mods   
    steam workshop has a wonderful search bar for a reason, besides, steams already cluttered with stupid shit, i mean, look at garry's mod.
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    daorkboypl reacted to LeetgamerBoi in General Lore/Background Story/Setting   
    Radioactive fallout coating half of the midwest... That can happen. 
    Even if the zombie threat was anihilated, the consequenses of radiation would be HORRIFFIC.
    However radiation will kill a zombie.
    Hell, it'll fuck up corpses as much as it does living people.
    singing flesh, Radioactive particles piercing every cell, blasting through DNA strands and mucking them up, ect.
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    daorkboypl reacted to Batsphinx in General Lore/Background Story/Setting   
    Yeah, I'd love to hear your theories - and also as/when the more secret stuff is discovered
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    daorkboypl reacted to TheGentleman in General Lore/Background Story/Setting   
    The only thing I know from what I've seen is that the military must be low on nuclear weapons, as per all modern zombie lore the military MUST nuke ground zero so as to kill all the undead with radiation...
    Wait, has that worked before? Oh well! What's that worst that can happen?
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    daorkboypl got a reaction from EnigmaGrey in General Lore/Background Story/Setting   
    So post your PZ lore snippets caught while listening to the radio and watching the TV in-game
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    daorkboypl reacted to josef733 in Doors locked from the inside?   
    I find it to be rather dumb that doors are locked from the inside. But I actually like the idea of keys, but you should be able to open any door from the inside as I have never seen a door that could not be unlocked from the inside in my entire life.
    I hope this is just a bug and will be fixed in a patch.
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    daorkboypl reacted to aperture_tech in Project Zomboid is a shining example of early access done right   
    I gotta say, this game is really fantastic.
    I bought this game on a whim for $10.00 sometime in 2013. Now, I normally don't purchase early access games on a whim after what happened with Minecraft, mostly because of the risk involved. I am so happy I made this drunken purchase, because Zomboid, in its incomplete state, accomplishes far more than many games that are "complete". Not only that, but you guys also put out updates on a regular basis, while actually taking time to interact with the community. Even if you all stopped making updates, and just said "fuck it", the game would still be playable! Now, I would really hope you wouldn't do this, especially with all the work you put into it so far, but that still speaks volumes for the work done so far.
    I am incredibly impressed with this game, its moddability, its community, and its developers. I don't want to sound like a fanboy, but honestly, it is hard to not sound like one when an early access game is this good. Hell, you did more than just convince me that early access can work, you also restored my faith in the zombie survival genre.
    The industry could use more developers like The Indie Stone. Keep up the good work.
    If you are on the fence about this game and researching it, strongly consider buying it as opposed to some other early access game. Chances are, it will never even reach the point Project Zomboid is at, even if the devs of that game slap a 1.0 down as the version number.
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    daorkboypl got a reaction from Gatrie in Warm meals   
    So this idea came up today.
    It's simple. The warmer the food the tastier it gets. That means the happiness variable goes up and down with the temperature of the meal. Cause no one want to eat old, cold meat when the grease or sauce is a chunk of jelly fat.
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    daorkboypl got a reaction from LDWoodworth in Tunnel Vision?   
    There is the trait like that in-game. Don't remember the exact name, but it says it increases view cone.
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    daorkboypl got a reaction from josef733 in Warm meals   
    Ok, I do like that idea. It could depend on food type/meal and perhaps a trait. Warmer food it better for you overall.
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    daorkboypl got a reaction from Gustav in Warm meals   
    Ok, I do like that idea. It could depend on food type/meal and perhaps a trait. Warmer food it better for you overall.
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    daorkboypl got a reaction from Gustav in Warm meals   
    So this idea came up today.
    It's simple. The warmer the food the tastier it gets. That means the happiness variable goes up and down with the temperature of the meal. Cause no one want to eat old, cold meat when the grease or sauce is a chunk of jelly fat.
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    daorkboypl reacted to NCrawler in Yet Another Weapon Mod   
    This is my addition to the mods section of the site.  I created this mod for my son and I and we think it turned out pretty good.  All of the default firearms, ammunition and attachments have been removed from the loot spawns and the following items have been added:
    Ruger Mark III - .22 LR
    Beretta 92FS - 9x19mm Luger
    Beretta Px4 Storm - .40 S&W
    Colt 1911 - .45 ACP
    S&W 686 - .357 Magnum
    Ruger 10/22 - .22 LR
    Winchester 94 - .30-30 Win
    Colt AR15-A3 - .223 Rem
    Remington 700 SPS - .308 Win
    SKS-45 - 7.62x39mm M43
    Mossberg 500AT - .12 ga
    Sawed-off Mossberg 500AT - .12 ga
    HK MP5A3 - 9x19mm Luger
    All weapons/ammunition have custom sound effects.  All ammo boxing/unboxing recipes are implemented.  Certain weapons can only be found in police departments and/or gun stores.
    Melee weapons, misc. items and containers added:
    Metal Baseball Bat
    Tactical Axe
    Tactical Machete
    Combat Knife
    Entrenching Tool

    Rain Poncho
    Gunsmith Toolkit
    Gun Cleaning Kit
    Weapon Parts Kits
    Large First Aid Kit
    Medium Tool Bag
    Large Ammo Can
    Medium ALICE pack
    Large ALICE pack

    Changelog (current):
     vB30.009 - 02/18/2015
        --Removed custom profession spawn points
            --[Not working right]
        --Updated ALICE Attachment system
            --[Now uses context menus rather than recipes]
            --[Added ability to pack ETool and Combat Knife]
        --Added Rare, Normal and Plentiful loot spawn distributions
            --[Choose during install]
        --Changed ALICE component distributions
            --[Added to their own spawn table]
        --Fixed issue with E-Tool not equipping
            --[Now works exactly the same as a shovel]

    * Full changelog contained in Readme.txt *
    Download Link:
    Feedback is encouraged and welcomed but I will not be adding any overpowered military weapons to the mod unless the map is updated to include portions of Fort Knox.  Enjoy...
        --Add indicator for ALICE pack with attachments
        --Add Crossbow and Compound Bow + Ammunition to the mod
        --Add Tactical Hammer and write functions for it to be like normal sledge hammer
        --Add multi-tool
        --Coleman lanterns/portable stove with propane?
        --Whet Stone and Honing Oil to repair machete and tactical axe
        RoboMat - for answering some questions and some good ideas from his mods.
        Pravus - for the Rain Parka Mod.
        Krogothar - for some excellent feedback and suggestions.
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    daorkboypl reacted to josef733 in Warm meals   
    This is subjective since some people like cold food more than warm food. 
    A good example is Pizza, some people prefer it cold rather than hot, so happiness in relation to temperature is again subjective.
    Maybe this could be a trait thing where your character likes cold meals more (bonus to uncooked or food that cannot be heated up as well as food that cooled down)
    But your idea is alright.
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    daorkboypl reacted to Body Builder in Two New food Recipes: "Pasta" and "Milk + cereals"   
    Hi community of Pz! I have a suggestion about three food's recipes.
    First, i know that the staff and all developers of Pz are busy with many great and important game features, so my suggestion is secondary.
    You know that I am italian (eheh) and in the game i have noticed that there isn't a super delicious (very italian) food,"PASTA"!!!
    My idea is this:
    1) New food: Raw Pasta   (the problem is that there isn't a texture for the "Pasta")
        - Two kind of recipes with pasta (famous in all world, not only in Italy)
    2) New Recipe with the classic Milk and cereals
    Two important notes:
    - Pasta is highly energetic and calorie food!!!! (extremely)
    - Milk and cereals is really good, but not as pasta.
    Here the example:

    I hope that my idea is to your liking thank you for your attention and patience
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    daorkboypl got a reaction from BrandonPhobic_ in Yeah..Multiplayer is pretty much unplayable now that 30.12 is out.   
    Exactly what I'm expierencing. i bet it's the new netcode
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    daorkboypl got a reaction from Austin in Fletchery Mod   
    Really nice mod. Kudos
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    daorkboypl got a reaction from Petra in Leftover Abandoned Foods Mod   
    It's a shame you stopped modding. Liked the idea.
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    daorkboypl reacted to Batsphinx in Just wanted to say…   
    Back when my line of work was a lot more journalist-y I’d do a lot of interviews with Executive Producers, Senior Marketing Vice Presidents and all other manner of other glorified mouth-pieces for the big publishers. Whenever they brought out the old “of course, we’re doing this for the community – they’re who matter!” line I’d start to roll my eyes. I wouldn’t stop rolling them until I’d asked my killer ‘DLC plans?’ question.
    I don’t want to be like that guy – the guy who talks about the value of a game’s community without once visiting it, and praises it as a part of some bullshit boardroom checklist.
    Without Project Zomboid’s community (without you - the person reading this – whether you’re a lurker or a regular) times could’ve been so much darker. We owe you a ‘thank you’ so massive it’s almost impossible to deliver. Your testing, your enthusiasm, your friendship, your shared passion for the game… it means more than I can convey in a simple forum post.
    I’m not going to whitewash the bad stuff. Two years ago TIS self-inflicted some wounds from which it took an age to recover and gave ruffians ample room to play, and I know that the fabled ‘winter of no content’ was tough on us all. (I don’t think we ever answered the question of what constitutes a ‘white knight’ and what constitutes a ‘troll’, but we certainly seemed to get closer to the answer than most…)
    So, before the Steam Early Access launch potentially stirs things up, I wanted to say thank you. To our moderators, to our regulars, to our lurkers, to our critics, to our fans, to those who dip in and out… everyone. Thanks for giving a shit about our zombie game.
    Speaking on behalf of all of the Indie Stone, all of our contributors and anyone else who’ve found themselves strapped onto this rollercoaster for the past couple of years – it wouldn’t have been the same without you, and it’s entirely possible that it couldn’t have happened at all.
    We’re really appreciative, and we’ll always do our best to do right by you – however we can.
    You started this. You incubated the PZ infection.  You'll forever have our thanks.
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    daorkboypl reacted to migulao in RELEASED: Build 29.4   
    Log walls?
    Scavenging skills?
    Improvised weapons from branches and rocks?
    Question: Will log walls require nails?
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    daorkboypl reacted to lemmy101 in Operation Fix Late Game By Killing You Before You Get There   
    Hey all, just a quick post to let you all know we're currently in a midst of a huge shakeup to the game balance. This is primarily to fix the problems in the late game where people get a bit bored. Essentially the problem with the late game is it shouldn't really exist as it does now and it pretty much emerged by accident due to stuff like farming, carpentry and more crucially the pressure on us to make the game more accessible to new players so as not to make a bad and damaging first impression. The genesis of this game was one where it was constantly trying to kill you, and every day used to be a blessing, and it feels like we've lost this to an extent. Now seasoned players reach a point where death comes from reckless shotgun rampages and the like. If the player invites death to try and have a bit of excitement after being bored, then its hard to call this game 'a story about how you died'
    Highlights of this balance effort include:
    Beginner mode - Yes we're going there. Sandbox has options to make the game easier, but this relies on people going there and most would just drop into survival and then find the game too hard. This pressured us too much to make the game easier to avoid the game crashing into negative review hell, and this isn't fair on the experienced players. A new beginner mode (which the game will try and nudge first time players into) will be easier than the game currently is now, but will otherwise be similar to the current game. But will have NO survival time reported on death (though will still on the character panel). This is an awesome thing for everyone who is experienced in the game because it means we are finally free to really make survival as brutal as it should be from day one to day whatever you survive to... every day should be a struggle, especially if you're on your own Zombies assemble! - We're going to be working at bringing back the hordes of the days of yore. Like the proper hordes we used to have. This is all dependent on how much multiplayer traffic can handle but we're working at making more dynamic and numerous hordes. Difficulty scales up over time instead of down. Through various balance changes, instead of the difficulty falling off as you get more supplies and clear out an area for a safehouse, the game will become more and more difficult as time goes on. Living a month or two will now be a bloody huge deal. The late game once you have a base and farming and the like will no longer get dull, because our aim is to make every night you rest your head on a pillow alive and not undead a blessing the player is thankful for and a triumph they will be proud of. Things like food, refrigeration, zombies, migration, and a whole host of other things will be severely rebalanced. Instead of having a fridge full of about three months of food, you're more likely to be looking for something to fill your belly. Likewise changes to stuff like endurance will make the effects of fatigue much more long term instead of a momentary blip. Gameplay systems, primarily stuff like carpentry, will be available to players more quickly. Hammers, saws and the like much more in abundance. But for example in case of carpentry, only barricading and the like will be available at low level. No building walls, doors etc at level 0 and so on. This means barricading will be a huge part of the game from near the start, where carpentry and base building itself will remain a mid-late game accomplishment. This same methodology will be brough to other gameplay systems to preserve the late game but provide earlier use of them. There's plenty of other stuff, and this will be an ongoing effort going forward. Our plan is to perfectly balance the game to provide challenge to experienced players from beginning to end, and to squeeze the survival times to make long survival a real proud achievement, and the beginner mode means we can provide a bit more hand holding to first time players so they can figure out the mechanics without being chewed to death within the first minute of gameplay.
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    daorkboypl reacted to Viceroy in RELEASED: Build 29.4   
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    daorkboypl reacted to Kajin in [n] Personal Hygiene (going to the bathroom, etc.) -- but why is this a definite no?   
    The only sort of Hygiene I'd want to see in the game is clothes washing to prevent spread of disease from filth and blood that would otherwise accumulate on the clothing in question. MAYBE also the occasional shower for a "Squeaky Clean" happiness buffing moodle.
    Anything else beyond that is just too much, though.
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    daorkboypl reacted to cookies1 in List Of Ideas   
    Amputation and amputees at least have been suggested a few times before. The thing with amputation is that it would be really hard to do it. You'd have to make completely new models, removable parts on all of those models (which would require an entirely new way of handling models in the first place), new animations for characters (such as when a player only has one leg, when a player has no legs, how a player with one or two arms would carry a weapon, and so on), a solution for what a player would do when faced with an amputation (would a player with no legs be forced to just stay still?) as well as how it would even be done in the first place since amputation is very deadly if not done right. Actually, you would most certainly die unless you had the right tools for it (just bandage won't stop the bleeding, and it'd get infected very quickly) and some form of knowledge/experience about how/where to cut without messing up really badly.
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    daorkboypl reacted to turbotutone in Erosion - Nature takes over   
    The idea
    To slowly have the map detoriate over time, nature grows wild and the urban areas slowly decay.
    What will the mod do?
    Currently the planning is for Erosion to add the following effects to the game:
    Plantlife:Nature will slowly start to take over, popping up on natural tiles. Currently plants have 6 stages (low grass to tree), only the most fertile spots will reach the maximum. Random special objects with a very low chance of spawning (imagine a dead campfire and the likes). Streets:Big cracks in the road that gradually become more intense. Patches of cracked road where grass and stuff grows through. More litter and garbage appearing over time. Random special objects with a very low chance of spawning (a pile of zombie corpses for example). Houses (exterior):Cracks that can appear on over time. Vines that slowly takover a part of a wall. Windows have a chance to be broken over time (idea by RobertJohnson) Doors have a tiny chance to pop open at some point. Random stuff like smudges and what not.  
    Textures by Thutzor
    Thutzor will be doing the extensive list of additional artwork for the mod. Thank you Thutzor!
    build 27 version:
    pz build 27 click here
    Post 25 march 2014 steam update:
    pz build 26B click here
    Pre 25 march 2014 steam update:
    pz build 26A click here
    Download Erosion Alpha 0.1
    Modding Erosion
    Screenshots Archive
    Outdated screenshots from the very first functional version:
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