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    123Imirish reacted to VaiN in Please make it so zed bodies disappear after time.   
    I have to very strongly vote against automatically removing the corpses. With no corpses it takes a lot away from the game as it would leave it too clean. The high amount of bodies is a display of progress and your survival skills. It's also one of my favorite features.
    I would absolutely love a way to (re)move the corpses that is lore-friendly too though, so they aren't stinking up my stronghold.
    It's still beta so I'm sure there will be optimizations and performance increases as they work on it.
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    123Imirish reacted to Ontogenesis in Cosmos-a space-time odyssey   
    Never seen it, but inteligent design is just silly.
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    123Imirish reacted to Daec in Etsa's Super Suggestion Thread!   
    i'm not, but im willing to tell you when i start to be one...
    i'm just pointing out that said rules are there for a reason, not because they are carved in stone but because they make sense....as soon as you are able to recognize common logic...
    OP just named the thread the worst way and then splattered out 38 points of wich half are already discussed and suggested.
    And of course you are completly right, fuck me for not beeing a native english speaking person, and sometimes mixing up the words. BIG FUCKING TENNIS!

    Warned. I just told you two posts up to not continue, and you did. This isn't a joke- you're harassing a guy who didn't even break any rules. Next time it's a ban.
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    123Imirish reacted to silents429 in Etsa's Super Suggestion Thread!   
    I think he meant the commonly suggested items. Because a lot of those seemed familiar to me >_>

    Didn't have to jump at him and call him an asshole though. By far the rudest thing I have ever seen beyond myself.
    Reading again I noticed you are aware some are mentioned.

    Fair enough.
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    123Imirish reacted to RedKrypton in The Walking Dead (TV Series) Worst Characters [Spoilers]   
    I just watched all episodes of TWD, because Zomboid got me kinda hyped. But there are some Characters, who I'd like to beat, because they are irrational, stupid or overall are hateable, exclude evil and or maniacs.
    The rules are simple. You measure your most hated Characters from 1 to 3, 1 is your most hated. You have to write a short description for every one of them. Beware, contains spoilers.
    3. Rick in the third season:
    Rick used to be a way better character. He was reasonable in season 1 and 2, after Lori died, he goes all Psycho.
    Everyone in the group has at least lost one person, which we saw dying in the series, exept Hershel's family.
    But nobody, got nearly as fucked up as Rick and he makes one bad decision after another.
    The biggest in my opinion, was to throw out the other survivor group.
    2. Carl in season 3
    This little brat, gets number 2, because after Lori dies the writers must have thought we need an heir to "Fucks things up Lori".
    Before season 3 he was merly a little pest and after his mother dies, he goes all " I am a big boy". But that isn't the reason I hate him. In the last episode of season 3, he shoots a teenager, who surrendered right in his face. And then he fucking lies to his father. Then comes the final moment for me, in which I would immidiatly slap this 12 year old wannabe. Hershel tells Rick about the incident, and the brat just talks back: "It had to be done." Rick doesn't even slap him afterwards.
    1. Lori in all seasons
    Everybody who ever watched TWD can tell you she is the most hated character. She is even manages to crash a car on an empty road!

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    123Imirish reacted to Kirrus in Russia - Ukraine   
    Talking about being homosexual.
    It's worth noting, hate crime towards lesbian and gay people is increasing in russia, as are reported attacks.
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    123Imirish reacted to mikaelkerensky in Russia - Ukraine   
    Putin is unquestionably dangerous, but in such a regime what can the average russian do to change things?
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    123Imirish reacted to mikaelkerensky in Russia - Ukraine   
    I still maintain that from what i know of history (a great deal for an amateur) we're gearing up for world war 3. Between rising extremism, multiple flashpoints of violence and economic depressions we are rapidly approaching a crossroads that can lead to such a war. At some time in the near future we're going to reach a tipping point where it is inevitable. And just like the last two common people worldwide have no control over these events, despite democracy being a more worldwide phenomena. We're sitting on a powder keg with multiple flames converging on it.
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    123Imirish reacted to mikaelkerensky in Russia - Ukraine   
    Imt not defending my government, in fact i agree that the u.s. has been far too aggressive since w.w. 2. But if things continue this way we're going to cold war mark 2.
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    123Imirish reacted to lonchez in Police Station and coffee shop by lonchez   
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    123Imirish reacted to Buzzkil88 in Actually Been There.   
    OMG. O.o heightmaps, cliffs, rivers, trees with canopies!   There must be a tunnel! I can just imagine being trapped inside a tunnel full of zombies!  EPIC. 
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    123Imirish reacted to lemmy101 in Actually Been There.   
    Heightmaps as good as confirmed, but they could be a year or two away. Or they could be six months away. Maybe even three months away. They are certainly not around the corner though, but we really want the wilderness to be more interesting, including proper big trees with canopies, little cliffs, rivers that have proper beds, hills and whatnot. 
    There are no immediate or medium term plans to add 3D terrain, but it's the kinda thing that may serve a fun side project when main tasks get my head in a knot.
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    123Imirish reacted to Tsambo in Actually Been There.   
    Yeah, well imagine how much destruction a fire in a city like Louisville can cause if left alone!!! I think i would want a random fire destroying one fifth of the map to be able to happen (offcourse the user should be able to turn off that posibility in options... or not?). I feel conflicted on the matter.
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    123Imirish reacted to Buzzkil88 in Actually Been There.   
    Pretty cool seeing Muldraugh and West Point in the game. I have actually been there, almost stayed at the SunStar Hotel even  (except its really called the Golden Manor) but we ended up staying in Shepherdsville which is just east of West Point. We stopped at Dodge's Chicken and bought gas and cigarettes, not sure the name of the place in the game, but its the gas station near the laundry mat on Dixie Hwy. I was working inside an underground tunnel at Fort Knox that they used to test munitions and explosives.
    and trust me when I tell you, the helicopters in the game are spot on...  They are constantly flying blackhawks over there. annoying as hell. They have an entire mock village built in the woods where they fly in and shoot the place up with door gunners then repel out onto the roof tops. They told us at the gate "don't look, don't stop, don't take pictures"  lol.   At the edge of the mock town there was a little shack that had a dirt bike propped up against it with a Taliban dummy sitting in a chair holding a rope attached to a goat haha   so when you add the base in the game, don't forget the goat. (I really don't expect the map to extend that far into the base) The whole road (Mt Eden Rd.) is littered with old tanks, trucks, etc that the army has used for target practice. (you can see it on google earth or google maps)
    The only thing that zomboid has wrong is the flat groung... its quite mountainous instead. Very cool nostalgia playing a map where you have actually been. Such an awesome game. well done!
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    123Imirish got a reaction from Aardman55 in Police Station and coffee shop by lonchez   
    thats amazing!
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    123Imirish reacted to Vantus in Does anyone even use sandbag or barbed wire fences?   
    I believe it was always intended that barbed wire has a chance to scratch the player when they vault it.
    It's just not been implemented yet.
    I always threaten to use barbed wire but at 1 "roll" per tile it makes it very difficult to use it in mass and I end up hording it like an invaluable treasure.
    I'll use it one day!... My precious barbed wire....
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    123Imirish reacted to Seiko Yamada in Player / NPC - Family or lover ties   
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    123Imirish reacted to MadAtlas in Player / NPC - Family or lover ties   
    Well, this spiraled out of control quickly.
    My idea was that in character creation, you could have the option to include a family member into the game that would give you some points, but become some sort of burden that would slowly build up. The family member could be living in a different town and make your character anxious, or spawn in the house with you. This is not supposed to be a sort of advantage, as it can work against you if grabbed for points and ignored. You can ignore the section completely, but some of the roleplay enthusiasts may enjoy having to look for a missing cousin or protecting a sibling.
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    123Imirish reacted to Strider in Player / NPC - Family or lover ties   
    As per this forum thread: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/7089-does-pz-really-even-need-cars/page-3
    Basic Premise
    It struck me it'd be good to have family ties that exist at the start of the game. These would drive players/NPC's to go out into town / other towns to find their family. I think these could be fantastic variables for NPC's and player characters who chose not to ignore them.
    These could be family, lovers, or, being Kentucky, maybe both?
    I think it'd be a good variable to make either the player explore or an NPC (who may be integral to the group) leave the group in hope of finding them.
    A player spawns in a house in Mul. The family ties section shows he has two relations in Mul. (Mother and cousin) and one in WP (brother).
    For every day the player lives without knowing if the mother or brother is dead causes a small debuff like a plus towards sadness. Locating the alive family member will give a massive boost to morale. Finding them dead will give a massive temporary minus to morale/happiness (which could lead to other things) but given time they should recover unless other stimuli tips them over the edge.
    If the player ignores the cousin. They might feel sad but this might go away due to the relative closeness of that family member. After all, you're going to naturally care more intensely for the closest members of your family.
    Wrapping up my thoughts
    This is just an idea. Don't panic, I don't own/fund/mind control the devs so this doesn't mean it *will* be implimented into the game. I'm just making the suggestion.
    Additionally, it's not final. I just think it'd be an addition to what I understand the dev's already have in mind for NPC's. Perhaps not family but certainly relationships, if I was paying attention (and I believe I was)
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    123Imirish reacted to Suffokate in Movable Furniture   
    Movable furniture was actually implemented in a previous build and was taken out for being a little rough/glitchy if I recall correctly. It should be re-implemented in the future. Nonetheless, great idea and I fully support it. 
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    123Imirish reacted to Asrayl in Movable Furniture   
    I think we ought to be able to re-arrange the furniture in houses, as well as the furniture we build. Perhaps we could make furniture heavy objects (That is, impractical or almost impossible to move while carrying -anything- else, so as to dissuade people from hauling a couch up the stairs of their fort.) so we can set them down in other places? 
    An idea occurs to me to treat them like carpentry crafting recipes in that they're the ingredient to place themselves. Obviously, no skill associated with doing so, but the whole rotate/set functionality... 
    How hard would this be to do?
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    123Imirish reacted to nasKo in Mondoid Reposts   
    Mondoid, 24th of March, 2014
    Yes, we’re trying to juggle between getting packed for Rezzed this Friday (though we’re arriving on the Thursday to meet a whole bunch of awesome people prior to the show itself), trying to think of something to say on our panel with the DayZ folks on the Sunday, and getting the IWBUMS branch of the game to a state it can be released proper.

    As such this Mondoid will be another quick and dirty affair. A few quick points:

    IWBUMS 3D Model Branch
    We’ve finally got the first version of the 3D models out, currently residing on the I Will Backup My Save branch (IWBUMS), and can be found here. The feedback has been very encouraging about the 3D models, with much less controversy than the drawn sprites to pre-rendered model transition so long ago and no notable FPS issues or compatibility issues (except a few exceptional cases which we’re confident we’ll resolve).
    As the name of the branch suggests, if you’d like to try this out, then please back up your saves, or otherwise accept the consequences. We’re getting close but there are a few remaining issues to iron out. As we said before it’s a must that we get this out officially before we head off to Rezzed, so that pretty much confirms a release before Thursday. AN ETA? With my reputation??

    Other Stuff
    Make sure you pack your phone charger this time.

    Oh, train tickets. Damn it I knew there was something…

    Sorry, got sidetracked there. We can’t wait to see all you amazing folks who are headed down to Rezzed. Sorry for the rather silly and mind-bogglingly small Mondoid this week, but as you can probably tell we’re up to our ears in things to do, and since there is a pretty new version of Zomboid available, we don’t feel too guilty about it.

    Lots of love,

    Indie Stone
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    123Imirish reacted to tomtentp in Fire   
    I think it's quite possible for them to catch on fire, but it's the short time that it takes in PZ that seems unrealistic. Also it would be very nice to have som type of graphical indication of what is about to occur (like smoke), which would give you a heads up before everything just runs ablaze.
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    123Imirish got a reaction from Coolfish2 in More container.   
    It would be cool if you had an ammo bely and that meant that you could reload without without taking out any ammo
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    123Imirish got a reaction from Sieben in Does PZ really even need cars?   
    as a European, we have actually been eating horse meat unknowingly the last couple years when we thought we were eating mince 
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