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    123Imirish reacted to Etsamaru in Does PZ really even need cars?   
    I don't think cars keep you safe at all, if you think about it, all the zombies and other crashed cars would make it almost impossible to get around, imagine if you go the car running but all the cars all over made it impossible to get anywhere. Also you probably wouldn't know how to hotwire, that's not common knowledge for most people, and the likeliness of keys being in the ignition is small.
    Most cars you would find would be limited in gas, and in maneuverability, how would you get around anywhere with all the other cars parked on the streets? Real cars don't do too well off road, and most cars are going to be on the road. You could get stuck in mud, pop a tire, blow the engine, attract zombies hit a tree. 
    Cars would make the game MORE dangerous. Possibility of Zombies IN CARS. On Cars, Under Cars. Getting stuck.
    If you hit something while driving you can injure yourself, head injury's back injuries, anything. Hit a zombie would probably still jolt you, hitting a horde would definitely damage your car. Hitting another car? You could potentially kill yourself, or make yourself bleed very badly.
    Oh you want to drive through town? Where are you getting out of that car, because I'm sure you just lured the horde right towards you, on no you got blocked by cars. You could go off road but that might ruin your car and you might hit some trees, if you drive back you are dead. I guess you have to get out of your car now. Oh the zombies are close no time to get the stuff out of the trunk. 
    Cars are really only OP on empty and mostly empty roads, and without realisitc consequences. I imagine you would be running over metal, nails, broken glass, pipes, going off road could murder your tires, getting stuck in ditches, mud, really if done right cars could almost be a deathtrap waiting to happen.
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    123Imirish reacted to Sieben in Does PZ really even need cars?   
    These are really good reasons to add horses to PZ!
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    123Imirish reacted to ngoadam123 in Concept: Suicide   
    I think this is a good idea, it would make multiplayer more dramatic. Let's say your friend gets bit, he's says to you "I'm sorry.". Then he blows his brains out with a gun. That would be cool
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    123Imirish reacted to RobertJohnson in RELEASED Build 26   
    Hello kind fellows !
    Online Multiplayer! 3D Models for characters! (Some very old systems may need to turn them off) NEW COOKING SYSTEM ! FISHING, YAY ! Tons of new items (mainly food), here's some example :Pickles BellPepper Mustard Peach CakeBatter ... New icons for some items. New stab weapon : the hunting knife ! You can know choose to split a pot of soup (or stew.. Woops, spoiler) in 2 or 4 bowl. Added a hunger reduction selection in recipe, for example now Butter;15 mean you gonna use 15 hunger reduction of the butter (and not all the butter). Change on food poisoning : Poison food will now have a poison power (bleach is more deadly than poison ivy, etc.) By drinking bleach (...) you'll feel pain pretty fast, with a slight health lose, then after 1-2h, sickness. After the sickness, you'll start to lose health, a full bottle of bleach will kill you. But if you have some food poisoning from a recipe, you can try to eat a lot, stay well fed and you can make it ! (and then reclaim vengeance on the chef who did that !) Added context-menu command to chop down trees. Sledgehammer will lose condition when used to destroy things. [MP] Password will now be hashed in the data base. A ton of other stuff we've forgotten. We'll make a more comprehensive changelist from 23->26 soon. [bALANCE]
    Changed the weight of some item :Frying Pan from 2 to 1. Pot of soup from 6 to 4. Food benefit will now stay a bit longer (more realistic !). Lowered the chance of finding a Spiffo (sorry ). [bUGFIX]
    Fixed the cabbage icon. Some fix in the crafted item sprite (sometime they bug when reload). Fixed the help text in admin command (if you misstyped something, now the help text will be correct). [MP] You can now use character ' in your username. [MP] Fixed zombie corpse with no item on them. [MP] Fixed safety toggle sometimes not synced. [MP] Even if DisplayUserName is off, you can now see the safety skull. Disable stencil buffer in 3D model FBO.  Added checkGLError() calls to get more info about what fails when creating FBOs. It seems Intel GPUs often don't support the combined depth/stencil images.  Set SandboxVars (Lua variable) from SandboxOptions after loading map_sand.bin. (Issue #000325) . There is a Lua function SandboxOptions.load() but it only loads some of the variables. Fixed fire issues. . When an IsoThumpable was destroyed by fire, it could still be interacted with. Print an error if there is no spawn-point table for the current map. Fixed female pants/skirt glitch when not wearing a top. Fixed RecipeManager bug calculating the age of created items. Fixed 3D animation glitch when weapon attack animation finishes. Fixed a big hitch when first seeing a large group of 3D zombies. . Borrow the OpenGL context from the RenderThread only one time when setting the zombie models. Fixed an old map-streaming bug. . It's possible to have a chunk scheduled to be saved/reused and loaded at the same time.  This can happen if you step over a chunk boundary and then back again quickly.  What was happening was the chunk woul... Make walking in GhostMode approx 1/2 slow as sprinting. . This is used in multiplayer.  Always moving at warp speed makes it hard for admins to walk along ledges etc. Reduced garbage creation and with 3D models.  Don't update model lights in the render thread. .  Change current animation after switching weapons while aiming. (Issue #000315) Fixed smash-a-window becoming open-a-window when initially in attack stance.  (Issue #000314) Added custom maps in multiplayer. . Since custom maps are handled through the modding system, mods are needed in multiplayer. In serverOptions.ini, "Mods" is a semicolon-separated list of mod id names.     Mods=BedfordFalls;AnotherMod;YetAn... Fixed IsoGridSquare.EnsureSurroundNotNull() not respecting the map bounds. Mods can load custom .pack and .tiles files. . In a mod's mod.info file: pack=NAME : means load media/texturepacks/NAME.pack tiledef=NAME NUMBER means load media/NAME.tiles There may be multiple pack= and tiledef= lines in each mod.info Walk next to a tent before sleeping in it. Fixes to ISBuildingObject. Added "Destroy Floors" command.  Only allowed at z > 0. . People wanted this to correct carpentry errors (and fight griefers who block stairs with floors). Fixed LastStand bugs. Fixed tents.  ISBuildingObject changes. . Tents use both front and back tiles and can face either direction. Increase the distance that Shift-clicking toggles curtains. Darkened localToBuilding lights a bit. Call GameClient.getCustomModData() when needed. Fixed RecalcAllWithNeighbours() not recalculating all the squares it needed to. . Stumbled upon this while doing the chop-down-tree action.  Added chop-down-tree timed action. . Fixed 'hours survived' getting reset in MP. Throw an exception when loading IsoWorldInventoryObjects when the item type is unknown (same as ItemContainer.load() does) Discard IsoWorldInventoryObjects that use obsolete item types. Fixed not being able to sprint N/S/W/E in GhostMode (Issue #000297) . If the amount of movement is > 1 in any direction then testCollideAdjacent() returns true. Fixed GhostMode not being set when admin joins a server.  Don't drawDebugChunkMap() unless Core.bDebug is set. (Issue #000296) ISDestroyStuffAction: sync the breakdoor sound with the sledgehammer swing animation.  Sync sound in MP too. Fixed ambient door/window lights "popping" when turning. Fixes to ISTakeWaterAction. Save the game after converting to a new world version. Redid the food-aging system. Don't print "timeout downloading zip" in console once the download has finished. Free 3D model slots before return-to-menu. . There seemed to be stale zombies and players in ModelManager.Contains. Display the weapon condition, cooking progress, and drainable-amount-remaining as progress bars. . Also moved the "Contains:" recipe line below the item name, and fixed images overlapping the Contains: label. Also fixed the InventoryPane co... Fixed AdjacentFreeTileFinder not handling diagonals (Issue #285). Fixed fridge/stove temperature being off by 1 day wrt electricity shutoff. Fixed teleporting through wall when using 'E' to climb a sheet rope on the other side of the wall. Add support for obsolete script items. . This is needed since savefiles cannot be loaded if there are unknown items. The type of item (Food, Weapon, etc) needs to be the same so the InventoryItem (or subclass) load() method reads the correc... Fixed some issues with destroying windows. . 1) A wall with a window couldn't be destroyed with the sledgehammer.  ISWorldObjectContextMenu now checks for a wall if there is a window. 2) Removing a window leaves the wall behind, but there i... Fixed adding sheetrope on the server. . The client calls canAddSheetRope() which calls getOrCreateGridSquare(), but the server doesn't. Fixed ISInventoryPage using invalid container with ItemPicker. . Also set IsoGameCharacter.inventory to "explored". Fixed local/global chat not using the desired key bindings. Fixed typo in SuburbsDistributions.lua (affected mechanic shop) Fix #2 for IsoCell.getOrCreateGridSquare on the server. Added GLBufferObject to hide whether the ARB or core version of glGenBuffers etc is used. . Some people get a "glGenBuffers unsupported" error with the 3D models, which is odd since that is part of the OpenGL 1.5 API. Allow spawnpoints at z > 0.  Fixed return-to-menu bug that spawned new players at z > 0. . IsoChunkMap.WorldZA wasn't getting initialized between sessions, so if the previous player was loaded at z > 0, the next new player would spawn at z ... Fixed IsoCell.getOrCreateGridSquare on the server. Fixed ServerList.txt file stream not being closed. Fixed mod.info file streams not being closed. MP time sync: server sends clock time to clients every 10 game minutes. Fixed missing 3D female hair. . SurvivorFactory.setHairNoColor uses F_Hair_Bob, F_Hair_Long, F_Hair_Long2, F_Hair_OverEye and F_Hair.  But there is no f_hair.txt so I used f_hair_kate.txt IsoObjectPicker scores IsoThumpable doors the same as regular doors. Prevent zombies thumping on crafted door frames. . Someone reported a door frame was destroyed before the door. Farming/campfire fixes. . 1) The LoadGridsquare event on the server is happening before the square's properties are updated, so the 'exterior' check fails. 2) After a server soft-reset, the farming clock is reset to zero, so last-time-water... Fixed lighting not being updated immediately when opening/closing doors. Allow doors to be built inside regular door frames, not just IsoThumpable door frames. Fixed destroying IsoThumpable container destroys contained items. . When destroyed with the sledgehammer context menu command, items were not destroyed. Fixed campfire sprite not getting set properly in MP. Fixed soft-reset bug with campfires. Fixed ISFarmingInfo bug on client. Fixed excessive memory usage during server soft-reset. Fixed campfire object not updating on load. Campfire rewrite. . Added ISCampfire object.  Got rid of campfire ID#.  Use nested modData tables instead of "campfire:N:...". Don't extinguish campfires instantly when rain starts.  Instead, reduce the fuel twice as fast as long as it is r... Synced removing build material from the ground. . Seems like there was a bug in the loop as well, since it removed items without decrementing 'm'. Update ISFarmingInfo on the client when plants change. Farming: plants that are not outside don't get watered when it rains, get less health from sunny days. . Some plants (carrots and radishes) suffer when there is too much water, so people grow then inside. Changes to Core.setDisplayMode() . 1) Fixed RenderThread.returnContext() not getting called if the display mode couldn't be set. 2) Only accept isFullscreenCapable() display modes when asking for fullscreen. 3) Set fullscreen + displaymod... Fixed running out of file handles on Linux (too many open files). . Looking at Resource Monitor I saw many open files: 1) All the .lotheader files 2) Many duplicate ambient stream .ogg files (windy day, windy night etc); more as time passed... Fixed see-through-walls on z > 0 along chunk boundaries. . It was possible to see through the west walls of the 3-story grey office building in Westpoint.  This was due to there being no squares on the other side of the wall. Fixed chunky lighting. . I set out to fix non-smooth lighting on exterior walls at z > 0.  Turns out this fixes chunky lighting inside rooms as well. Fixed quoting problem with projectzomboid.sh (Linux demo won't launch). Fixed IsoWindow properties.  Allow right-clicking on IsoThumpable walls that are s or e of the player. . When thumpable walls are "transparent" it wasn't possible to interact with them via the right-click menu.  No plaster, paint, etc was possible. Fixed rare exception in SpeedControlsHandler Fixed garbage creation in ModelCamera Fixed issues with windows on chunk boundaries. Issue #000237 Fixed a rare crash in SwipeStatePlayer. . The code I commented out already happens near line 331. Fixed 3D player not facing the direction of movement when walking a path. Fixed light sources not being removed when out of bounds. Fixed pistol clips disappearing on Normal/Hardcore reloading difficulty. Prevent item duplication in MP due to delaying grabbing items from the ground. Fixed 3D animations not being the same duration as the sprite animation. . If you chopped a tree with an axe with the 3D player model, you could hear that the chopping wasn't in sync with the animation. IsoSprite.update() does "def.Frame +=... Improved  blood splatter rendering / logic .  Server handles the -debuglog commandline option. Taking/spilling dirt removes blend_grassoverlay tiles and attached sprites (blend tiles). [TRANSLATION]
    Korean language is back ! Japanese language ! (thanks a lot Katzengarten !) : [spoil]
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    123Imirish got a reaction from parishkl in Does PZ really even need cars?   
    I understand where you are coming from but you have to understand the following points,
    The roads will be to littered with road to make them something you use an loot runs, a lot of roads will be impassable in cars,
    Petrol, when other items are implemented, will have a variety of uses, but unless you have a petrol siphon. Also most cars would be running low on petrol, many would have been kept running as their owners fled.
    GTA, although a great game, does not have realistic cars, you can be dropped from Mt. Chiliad and If you land on 4 wheels you are A ok. In real life If you are driving along and you hit a cow, Have you seen what happens in Halloween 2 (2009)? It ain't pretty. What if you crash into a clutter of cars? Death, car is trashed, OR you could get trapped inside the car and get swarmed by Zed.                 
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    123Imirish reacted to philthy mcnasty in readable streetsigns   
    Not sure if this has been proposed before or not, if it has, then mods delete
    Readable street signs would help make navigation more realistic and eaiser.
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    123Imirish reacted to Jela331 in "Rebuild" announcement   
    I've tested out Rebuild for my first time. Founds tons of glitches and bugs, so I fixed them. Apparently barricade doesn't block the window.
    Here are some screenshots I promised:
    Keep in mind, I'm still going to update the buildings over time and add more detail and blending to the map.
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    123Imirish reacted to RobertJohnson in [MOD SUPPORT 32.17+] The Walking Dead Prison v3.3 (TV Show)   
    Ringo ! Listen to me ! I'm your fath... Nah, sorry, but I want this in the mega map !
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    123Imirish reacted to DoctahWong in Newtown (WIP)   
    *Pops out of ground*
    Now those are some names i could use too... because GREAT ARTISTS STEAL!
    *Steals all the names*
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    123Imirish reacted to Typha in The Garden State   
    That's stupid, why should I dedicate my time to a large map like this without first knowing if people will actually want it. Or when I'm finished, someone already making a map similar to mine. If you would like to see more maps that are based off video games and fantasy worlds, then fine delete my empty thread. But if you understand that creating a representational map like the one in PZ that resembles the real world takes ALOT of time and planning, then please be kind enough to let my tread stay so i can gradually implement images of the map.
    The modding community seems to be very scairce in PZ and if this is how you treat new developments, no wonder why there are so few projects being started.
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    123Imirish reacted to Typha in The Garden State   
    Disclaimer: This is only a place holder until enough of the map is plotted out to show the public
    New Jersey
    This project will eventually encompass the western counties of New Jersey, bordering the Delaware river. The beginning stages of this project are my hometown of Bordentown and the edges of Trenton. As an overview, these are the counties I plan on implementing and the according towns. Though I would love to make the entire state, realistically I don't think it's possible for a one woman crew to do.
    Burlington County
    - Bordentown Township
    - Hamilton Township
    - Mt. Holly
    Mercer County
    - Trenton
    Camden County
    - Camden
    - Cherry Hill
    Let me know what people think of this and if i should just continue making other parts of New Jersey, or go over the river and map out Philadelphia. The input is greatly welcomed
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    123Imirish reacted to ApolloDiaspora in Does PZ really even need cars?   
    I'm all for cars, particularly when the map gets larger.Build a few walls, plop a car alongside, rig up a tent, Bam. Reasonably well protected safehouse.
    I'd LOVE to see some form of small obtainable or player crafted vehicle (i.e: handcart, motor-trike or car with steel wheels) that would run on the train tracks in game. For efficient, long distance travel, nothing beats the low friction of steel on steel. Of course, moving a train off the tracks is significantly harder than moving a wrecked car out of the road, but you can't have everything
    Having some form of vehicle that requires care and maintenance, that opens up  a range of possibilities for the player... We really need this. Scrounging for tools, supplies and skill books to repair that banged up army truck and turn it into an ad-hoc tank... Think of the gameplay possibilities
    Oh, plus we could hoon around in multiplayer as if it's Mad Max. Get a large truck working, armour it up, and you've got a mobile base that needs escorting by players on quadbikes
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    123Imirish reacted to Bioradical in Preppers   
    Honestly, this would make for a great single player novelty. Interact with the guy owning the house, try to get permission to join him and such, or kill and loot... or fire a round and watch his house be demolished by an incoming horde. IDK, there is some potential to that.
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    123Imirish reacted to Xydonus in any questions about ireland   
    The whole 'Don't tip unless there's a tipping jar' is not really true. Having eaten out in Dublin many times over the course of the years, I can say that tipping is still something that is prevalent in society. Whenever I eat amongst a group the first thing we do after getting the bill is to chip in for the tip.
    If you don't tip however you won't get accosted, something that might be the case in America for example. I was also surprised to hear that tipping taxi drivers is a common thing in America, which I can't get my head around...
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    123Imirish reacted to Spaniard in any questions about ireland   
    I love the US but what I hate about is how, like many other countries, it values money and power over human quality of life. Tipping is a means for restaurants, chains, to pay their employees less and not provide them with minimum wage. It's gross, in my opinion, and I wish I didn't have to do it here. We're not okay with giving universal health care but we're fine with paying people's salaries at dinner, it's madness.
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    123Imirish got a reaction from FreeJayFly in any questions about ireland   
    Places to visit..... Glendalough... hike on the Wicklow way... the ring of Kerry.... The Aran islands is a must..... the cliffs of moher..... the giants causeway.. The BURREN, if you don't visit the burren, just....  Connemara.....kilmainham gaol (jail)... The Brazen Head pub (the oldest in the country. Around a thousand years old..)  ... Dublinia and christchurch cathedral...     Spend as much time as possible hiking in Wicklow and The ring of Kerry. Traversing Kerry is historically and geographicly beautiful. Much of the fun things o do can be little odd things at the side of the road, I remember one time whilst in Kerry at the side of the road a woman had her great great grandparents farmhouse from the famine in perfect condition and had animals on the farm and it was 3 euro in.I learned a lot more than I did in history class. 
    The Blarney Stone (Irish: Cloch na Blarnan) is a block of carboniferous limestone[1] built into the battlements of Blarney Castle, about 8 kilometres (5 mi) from Cork, Ireland. According to legend, kissing the stone endows the kisser with the gift of thegab (great skill at flattery). The stone was set into a tower of the castle in 1446 The word blarney has come to mean "clever, flattering, or coaxing talk"
    Ireland is a multi cultural society and 75% of people support ame sex marriage. A referendum will be held on this early 2015.
    IMPORTANT! Things to know about Irish people and ireland.
    when an Irish person says "what's the craic" (pronounced “crack.”) or "that was great craic" they are not talking about drugs.Craic is a Gaelic word, with no exact English translation. The closest you get is “fun.”  
    Never turn down a cup of tea, it is a federal offence, well should be. If a person offers you tea it's rude to not accept. Tea is to us as coffee is to Americans.
    ​Irish people curse to emphasise things they say, cursing is also a national pastime 
    Everyone outside the suburb limits of Dublin is a culchie (an Irish version of redneck.) (they are all farmers, you can't understand them when they speak, they think they are better than people from the city, they will attack on sight and as of 1967 the Irish government has given orders for them to be shot on sight, only problem is the only people with guns in Ireland are farmers. OH no Catch 22 alert. Everything said there was a total fact
    Never say that you are Irish if you have family that emigrated to __ from Ireland. The locals will hate you and in their minds will think of all the american stereotypes ever. Even If they know you are Canadian. To us there is no difference.
    We have all the crappy american pop music and shitty TLC and MTV programmes, thanks for infecting us America. But we also have crappy British pop music! 
    The only cure for a cold is flat (non fizzy) 7up. THE ONLY CURE.
    Insults can mean we like you. It is all we know.
    We are not all religious and there is only one real conservative religious campaign and they supported civil unions, so yeah..... 
    Our president was an avid smoker of weed in his youth.
    Our president is who we want to lead our  country, the Taoiseach (prime minister) is the one we all hate who has power.
    Our most dangerous wild animal is a fox and deer, no joke.
    You listen to FM104 to smile. You turn it off when the pop music starts.
    We have one `skyscraper`it is 17 stories.
    Nobody can speak Irish.
    We pretend to be smart.
    We invented the tyre
    Our ancestors, the celts, invented Halloween.
    we invented whiskey
    We invented the study of seismic waves.
    we designed the submarine
    invented the tattoo machine 
    invented to word boycott
    portable defibrillator
    Radio therapy and dozens other things 
    The Chinese government loves us
    DON'T TIP PEOPLE IN RESTAURANTS. unless there is a tip jar
    Here people say  “I’ll be there in five minutes”... Try five hours.
    Many people in Dublin have Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, French and Scottish ancestry. Because the Celts came to Ireland from Scotland  and the Vikings (who founded Dublin) came from Scandinavia (Norway, Denmark, Sweden) And the Normans came from France, who surprisingly were also decended from Scandinavians.  
    The origional 
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    123Imirish reacted to CrazyEyes in Preppers   
    Wouldn't it just figure to invest tons of money on every survival precaution convievable only to be at ground zero when the infection breaks out.  Oh, the stinging backhand of irony.
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    123Imirish reacted to Seiko Yamada in Preppers   
    Or simply they got infected during the infection outbreak, like were on the street when it happened (i dont really know if it was answered anywhere HOW did all that stuff started), so they really didnt have much time to use their house.
    Also about generators, well yea, they still run using finite resource, but once that become not obtainable solar power would be the way, only being limited by weather, which shouldnt be a problem as for some reason its so hot and sunny in this games vision of Kentucky, even pavement catches fire.
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    123Imirish reacted to Cdr.Keen in Cosmos-a space-time odyssey   
    thats evolution
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    123Imirish reacted to CrazyEyes in Preppers   
    We'll have generators and stuff eventually, so it won't be the only source of power, but since solar is silent and runs on the sun and not a finite supply of fuel it would still be a pretty desirable location.
    Although it does beg the question of what happened to the person living there.  If they were so prepared for the apocalypse they'd have a much better chance at survival than everyone else and they'd certainly have no reason to leave.
    If you ask me it'd be nice to see a house like this in SP or MP, but it should already be mostly picked clean by the bandits that must have come straight to the best-stocked house in the city, killed the owner and taken everything they could carry.  Remember that the start of the game does not coincide with the start of the zombie outbreak - especially in MP - so it's reasonable to expect that some looting of high-value targets has already taken place.
    You'd still have a good setup with the solar power, farmland, and maybe a well on the property, so there's a reason to want to live in the house, but there aren't so many resources there that it becomes everyone's first and only destination.
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    123Imirish reacted to Seiko Yamada in Preppers   
    That would be actually pretty cool, imagine the continous battle to aquire control over one of the last sources of energy that would happen in MP.
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    123Imirish got a reaction from Kitt Frostpaws in Please make it so zed bodies disappear after time.   
    He ignores everyone that has a different opinion. He is an... Sorry, don't want to be unlovely. We don't like unlovely here.
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    123Imirish got a reaction from syfy in Please make it so zed bodies disappear after time.   
    He ignores everyone that has a different opinion. He is an... Sorry, don't want to be unlovely. We don't like unlovely here.
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    123Imirish reacted to Batsphinx in Yet Another Weapon Mod   
    This looks ACE, can't wait to give it a whirl.
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    123Imirish got a reaction from Rikashey in Please make it so zed bodies disappear after time.   
    He ignores everyone that has a different opinion. He is an... Sorry, don't want to be unlovely. We don't like unlovely here.
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