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    123Imirish reacted to uberevan in Cosmos-a space-time odyssey   
    I'd appreciate it if you'd elaborate on your assertion.
    I'm simply responding with the same logic I read.
    Thank you Enigma for giving me something constructive that I can actually use.
    Edit: Are you referring to my comment on Anti-Matter and Dark Matter?  I did truthfully need to refresh my memory about them, but saying I don't understand anything at all about physics is a bit erroneous.
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    123Imirish reacted to Rathlord in Cosmos-a space-time odyssey   
    Not sure you understand a single facet of physics Uberevan.
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    123Imirish reacted to SpaceJunk in "unemployed" gives trait points to spend   
    I think it should give +10 extra happiness from ramen and soda.
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    123Imirish reacted to mikaelkerensky in Russia - Ukraine   
    Also, even as a U.S. citizen I also judge the u.s. I've stated before on this topic that i don't agree with at least half of american foreign policy since ww2. We've done a lot of terrible shit over the years. So I understand that, as a country, we're not in a position to morally judge others actions. But as a citizen that has, realistically, very little control over foreign policy, i feel thatas an individual I can morally judge the actions of political leaders.
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    123Imirish reacted to Cdr.Keen in Russia - Ukraine   
    as a member of humanity, i judge russia. i don't fear russia or it's citizens, but i judge them for their lack of interest on global peace and solidarity.
    it's not easy for me to explain my point of view - it's like what you all learned from your parents - don't take stuff you don't own, even not when it looks like nobody owns it. the fact, that you did not see you neighbour for a month, is no reason to step into his yard and take what you want.
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    123Imirish reacted to mikaelkerensky in Russia - Ukraine   
    There are no bad guys or good guys in this sort of conflict. It's a messy, unclear situation. Your average russian is a great guy. Hell, some of my ancestors were russian, so I even share their blood. But Putin scares the crap out of me. He's not doing what he does for the average russian. In the long run lots of regular people are going to suffer if this continues. I don't know anything about kosovo, I'll go look that up later. But the reason the west feels that the crimean referendum is illegitimate is because there were plenty of russian troops around to insure the vote went a certain way and there were no international observers there to make sure the election was free and fair.
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    123Imirish reacted to uberevan in Cosmos-a space-time odyssey   
    My only problem with that is that there is about as much proof for that as there is for God, which is to say not much at all.  So for now it boils down to what you prefer to believe, at least until we can learn more.
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    123Imirish reacted to CylonBookworm in Russia - Ukraine   
    Okay, A few things from these posts that need to be corrected...
    - I've seen the videos, the unedited stuff that the has been spread through Facebook and Tumblr and around the net, that never gets to the media, most of it taken by protesters with cell phones. The Berkut were MURDERING PEOPLE and shooting indiscriminately into the crowds of protesters and were calmly dropping molotov cocktails off of rooftops into the crowds below. The Berkut are NOT innocent, the Berkut are MURDERERS (not all of them, but most) and that is the reason the Berkut fled to Crimea, because the people were enraged over what they witnessed and wanted revenge for the people murdered in the square.
    -Of course there are pictures with them hugging the soldiers. So far the Russians haven't killed anybody and it's a very wary peace, but lots of men with guns around tends to stifle neighborhood crime, ya know. Plus this is a PR war right now. Russia claims no soldiers in Crimea, and they're bending over backwards to make sure their guys don't do anything that could be considered hostile. (besides, y'know, INVADING A SOVEREIGN NATION)
    Yes, Putin can at this moment be compared with Hitler. Let's see...
    He's invaded a sovereign nation under the guise of ensuring the security of Russian speaking peoples. Apparently Russian soldiers are going around pieces of paper (assumed to be lists of Tatars) marking the houses of the Crimean Tatars with Xs (which is what happened under Stalin when they were given 5 minutes to leave their houses and deported to Uzbekistan and other places). He's sent in between 7,000 and 30,000 Russian VDV, or Airborne, soldiers, having ordered them to remove all identifying patches/insignia/nametapes, and telling the world "They aren't Russians, they bought their top of the line Russian military vehicles at military surplus stores" He's installed a pro-russian puppet in Crimea whose first act was obviously to invite the Russians in. He positioned 150,000, that's 150 THOUSAND soldiers on the border with Ukraine, claiming they were perfectly normal and previously scheduled military exercises. -"Just believe that Russia has friendly intentions"? Like Chamberlain believed Germany had friendly intentions?
    -The EU can send observers into Crimea because the current legal government of Ukraine has requested them from as many people as it can get, so that the rest of the world can see that Russia has invaded Ukraine.
    -If you never hear about what's going on inside Russia, it's because you haven't looked. There are Russian websites that have English translations. There's the propaganda new service RT, there's the mainstream news coverage of the Russian people pissed off at Putin claiming he rigged the election and then Putin arresting many and cracking down hard on the protesters. etc.
    Some general facts about Putin.
    -16 years KGB, resigned at rank of LTC.
    -Director of the FSB (the new name for the KGB) for 1 year.
    -Went from FSB to Prime Minister of Russia
    -The president of Russia unexpectedly resigned shortly after, with Putin automatically going from Prime Minister to President, and then signing a law saying Yeltsin wouldn't be prosecuted for corruption. (aka he had dirt on Yeltsin and told him either drop out, or he'd force him out.)
    -President of Russia from 2000 to 2008
    -In his last days in office he worked to make the majority of the government report to the Prime Minister instead of the President.
    -Putin's close friend/puppet Medvedev is elected President, Putin downgrades one step to Prime Minister.
    -Prime Minister from 2008 to 2012.
    -Russia invades Georgia, wins the war in Georgia without the West lifting so much as a finger.
    -Putin's pal Medvedev suggests Putin run for president in 2012, Putin graciously accepts, Putin becomes president in 2012.
    If the above happened in the United States, with a cold war CIA director so obviously pulling the strings, we would already have had a second civil war.
    Throughout Putin's reign, Russian strategic bombers have been flying missions along the US coast, along Alaska, Along the UK coast, and generally everything they did back during the Cold War.
    He's a frakking madman.
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    123Imirish reacted to Aenye Deithven in Russia - Ukraine   
    Might sound cynical, but I wouldn't put it past our government to have had these photos prepared long before the events.
    I would say that the Iron Curtain has never been raised from my country, well, maybe ever so slightly, thanks to the internet. Even so, the government does have extremely strong information control - virtually anything can (and usually will) be covered up without a trace. On the other hand, some events are blown way out of proportion by the propaganda.
    To exemplify, after the tragic crash of the Polish presidential plane, a movement appeared, claiming that it was Russia who shot down / bombed / etc. the plane. Last month, a member of that political movement made an ...odd statement about how the crash site should be secured by the Polish military. That got virtually no media coverage in Poland, but we had a week-long news blitz on how bad our western neighbours are... Most people know it's rubbish, but if something is repeated constantly, eventually it will have some impact.
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    123Imirish reacted to LeoIvanov in Russia - Ukraine   
    Damn, look at those Russian invaders, they must be really evil to conquer and "rip off" Crimea from citizen's hands, probably also executing them and burying them into the ground if they ever speak about freedom of speech or democracy.
    EDIT : Putin has stated this many times before that he does not "condemn" homosexuals in any way : They can easily work there, they don't get any additional taxes for living in Russia, they can live the same life as any other individual. The only thing he disallows is a homosexual propaganda to kids in schools and gay marriage. 
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    123Imirish reacted to Aricane in Russia - Ukraine   
    If this is really true, it's insane how different the east/west perspectives on it is. In western media Crimea has been invaded by Russia. According to the press and several quoted western experts Crimera is lost to Russia and Ukraine will never get it back. Putin wants Crimera because he and all Russians believe that if people speak Russian, then it's Russian territory. Indeed some western politician compares Putins rethoric with Hitlers, when Hitler started condemning Jews as Putin condemns homosexuals.
    I think the west needs to accept, that they have no clue on how Russians see things, and just believe that Russia has friendly and peaceful intentions.
    Here's a sum-up of things that doesn't make sense
    The west acknowledges the new Ukranian government despite it is technically illegimate. The west holds constitutions very dear, yet apparently not. When the egyptian military couped the Muslim Brotherhood despite they were elected by the people, the west didn't condemn the coup. Putin denies having sent troops to Crimera. The soldiers country marks have been removed. Why is that? Why is the estimated 30.000 troops necessary to maintain peace in Crimera? Why does the EU think it can just send military observators into Crimera, as if EU is elevated beyond the conflict. Why does demonstrators attempting to breach police barricades near the government building in Donetsk wave Russian flags when they should be waving Ukranian flags? This makes the so-called brotherhood between Russia and Ukraine look a bit assumed. It does look a little orchestrated to me. I'm glad the US has such a "weak" president. Things could escalate very quickly and badly if the previous president was still in office.
    I think there's a massive canyon between the perspective of things. In our age of technology it would astound me if such a canyon can even exists. Then again. I've sometimes wondered why I never really hear much about what is going on in Russia. I often hear about events and trends from EU and USA, even the Middle East, Afrika and some parts of Asia.
    Russia I know nothing about. It's a huge country, many people. Yet it is as if nothing ever really happens there.
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    123Imirish reacted to Phuket in RELEASED Build 26   
    Great to see the next steps already coming forward!   Is there any word yet on if the map will be updated during this build? For example adding Bedford falls and linking it with roads. That would be amazing! 
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    123Imirish reacted to RobertJohnson in RELEASED Build 26   
    Better ask Mash
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    123Imirish reacted to TheCenturion in Cosmos-a space-time odyssey   
    The way I see it, everything is a result of numbers and mathematics. Forcing reacting upon forces. Everything has a logical reason; we simply don't have the knowledge or science to yet understand it, and perhaps never will. 
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    123Imirish got a reaction from Cl0nec0mmand0 in RELEASED Build 26   
    Hunting knives     
    *Lets out a fangirl screech 
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    123Imirish reacted to EnigmaGrey in Cosmos-a space-time odyssey   
    Why, the old universe collapsed in on itself, of course. Then the big bang happened.

    Pretty sure I stole that from someone famous, but I'm willing to accept whatever accolades come with such an answer.
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    123Imirish reacted to Hrolgar in Cosmos-a space-time odyssey   
    Cosmos is amazing, Neil Tyson is doing a great job. I am not even missing Carl Sagen while watching.
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    123Imirish got a reaction from syfy in Cosmos-a space-time odyssey   
    who said I didn't consider theories and also how did I insult anyone. If people are insulted by me having no belief in a god then they have a mental problem
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    123Imirish reacted to Xydonus in Cosmos-a space-time odyssey   
    Don't see how its hostile. Its his opinion, and he's entitled to it. If people are offended at a non-directed opinion (as in he's not directing it at anyone in particular) then the offenders need to relax and chill a little. Nor does he need to flesh out his view.
    If someone thinks [insert random film] is complete and utter rubbish, so be it, let them. More time is spent on review sites from people arguing against the reviewer because the reviewer thought the film was complete shite, against those who liked the film.
    It's a vicious circle.
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    123Imirish reacted to Invader Jim in New corpse moving could be abused   
    Thanks for posting the video. I had not seen it before. It makes me want to spell ALIVE INSIDE with corpses in the street in front of my safe house.
    In all seriousness, I will probably do a lot of corpse piling when they add this feature. Looking forward to being able to clean up my neighborhood a bit.
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    123Imirish reacted to CaptainBinky in New corpse moving could be abused   
    By all means abuse the system. It'll work wonders until we start making you ill from having a whole load of rotting corpses in your safe house
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    123Imirish reacted to Vantus in Does PZ really even need cars?   
    Touché! Lysergic!
    But in real life, cars in traffic have drivers and they tend to move. Paying for gas is fine because you know when you leave the pumps the fuel is replaced by the magic gas lorry. And a potential for an occasional wreck in real life doesn't hold a candle to the mayhem an apocalyptic event would likely produce! 
    But I do like your analogy.
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    123Imirish reacted to EnigmaGrey in RELEASED Build 26   
    When they're ready.
    Informally known as "Soon."
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    123Imirish reacted to Kajin in RELEASED Build 26   
    A hunting knife sounds like the kind of knife I'd keep on standby for skinning and cleaning a tasty tasty animal rather than risk getting it covered in infected zed matter.
    Also, will we need any kind of utensils for cooking? Seems like it would be rather difficult to add part of a chicken to the soup if I've got nothing to cut the chicken up.
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    123Imirish reacted to DoctahWong in RELEASED Build 26   
    That means Cookies are in it!, right?!... right?
    Anywho, a hunting knife sounds splendid!, now i can finally make my character more of a hunter!, except without animals!
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