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    123Imirish reacted to Kirrus in Russia - Ukraine   
    Fair enough! Welcome to the forums! Be sure to vote for Waffles.
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    123Imirish reacted to Kirrus in Russia - Ukraine   
    Simple way to not get banned: Be Lovely.
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    123Imirish reacted to LeoIvanov in Russia - Ukraine   
    Well, as far as I understood - Jew is both a religion and race in some sort of meaning. Favoring Judaism as the religion (And as far as I can guess - we know who Judas is in Christian/Catholic religion) it's not difficult to imagine that people would hate the religion that is opposite of theirs (again - I haven't checked my facts, don't call me out on it). What I'm getting at is this isn't even a religion, and being homosexual has been considered a mental disease for many decades for as long as christian population was a majority. It's fair to assume that homosexuals are just a "scapegoat" for Russians to throw their hate on, but there's more story behind it.
    I, for example, was always taught that it's strictly forbidden to have X on X intercourse/relationship, that it isn't right etc and it was mirrored in my head as something extraordinary/bad (I was "programmed" to think of homosexual relationships in a similar way as I was taught to think about pedophilia).
    I just don't want to imagine how people in other countries will start to react when suddenly majority of Europe, Russia and some other big countries will start accepting pedophilia as "normal". Will there be a big fuss about it? Sure. Is it a food for thought? Yes. You GOTTA understand that it's just not easy for Russians to go and "accept" homosexual relationships, as easy as it may sound. There are many hypocrites that hate gays, yet they won't mind if two girls kiss each other, and the other way around. I fell into that category for a good while until recent years. Now I just don't really care what homosexuals do, as long as they don't scream it directly into my face or remind me of it 5 times a minute. A special kind of theirs exist that are way too feminine and self-absorbed. Those piss me off to the brink, not the ones who media might make you think.
    There just ain't enough independent people (those that follow no religion/haven't decided yet) to widely accept homosexuals as a norm, and as much as government would attempt to help, It would probably take decades before they are widely accepted. We are not the same as Europe or America, and like other countries, we have something that you WON'T like. But it's most likely not going to change.
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    123Imirish reacted to Aenye Deithven in Russia - Ukraine   
    With all due respect, I remember the exact same phrase being applied to the Jews in the Soviet times...
    IMHO, it's neither the country nor the culture - some people just need to have an "enemy" looming on the horizon all the time, regardless of who that enemy actually is. The easiest choice is somebody whose values and ideals are somehow opposed (or just different) to our own. It's the same in every country I visited - the only thing that changes is the actual "enemy". Well, "changes" might be too big a word for a chocie of homosexuals, jews, immigrants and muslims. Different and not fully understood = easy to hate.
    So, why is Russia being called out to the spotlight ? First of all, the anti-homosexual acts have been quite high-profile and the media loves such stories. Second, lately we have been the talk of the world - not very happy talk to say the least. "So", the media think "let's add some more fuel to that fire !". The same thing basically happened with the US and the Snowden media blitz - the only thing the media care about is their ratings.
    As for the "no bias" thread - it's good to remember that there is no such thing. Everyone has some agenda whether they realise it or not - the guy may well believe that he is being unbiased, but that is simply not the way our brains work. Whether it's a brainwashing ateempt or a person acting in good will (which we will never know, by the way), the outcome may be exactly the same. Just to keep in mind. ;-]
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    123Imirish reacted to Kirrus in IWBUMS: The I Will BackUp My Save branch.   
    Congratulations Indie Stone forum member. You have been promoted to official tester of Project Zomboid. 
    As such, you will now have access, if you should so desire, to much more frequent, but likely or potentially much more broken versions of the game, if indeed this is of interest to you.
    So say hello to the 'iwillbackupmysave' branch of PZ. This will be updated with builds as soon as we feel we can safely make them public, to aid us in finding remaining issues before it is rolled out to eveyone.
    Anyone who wants to share details on how to get on this branch, please respect our wishes and forward people to this post and insist it is read in full before any downloading commences.
    Before participating, please read the following bullet-points and scream I AGREE at the top of your voice at the screen:
    I accept by playing the game on this branch, at some point I am almost certainly going to hit crippling bugs, and potentially lose progress or worlds. I will therefore back up any saves I deem important (located in C:/Users/<Username>/Zomboid on windows systems, HD:/Users/<Username>/Zomboid on Mac, and /home/<Username>/Zomboid/ on linux. I will not get angry or complain of any bugs, or balance, or changes, or remark that 'this build is more buggy than the last one!' or similar - That is the entire reason it's on this branch. If I have problems with the final build as released to the main branch, then of course a bad review is perfectly valid if the game has not lived up to my expectations. However, I accept that negative reviews with justification based on the stability, or otherwise non-final status of IWBUMS builds will be justifiably flagged. If I encounter problems, I will either wait until the final build, or discuss my thoughts and concerns civilly on the forums so the final build has the opportunity to address my concerns. I will title my streams and/or videos accordingly, stating that the shown build is a work in progress and part of the IWBUMS beta branch. I know what the console log is, and on the event of a crash I know to post the text therein on this forum, and not just say 'it crashed!' Right. We good?
    Right click Project Zomboid in your Steam library and select "Properties". Navigate to the Steam Beta tab and select the "iwillbackupmysave" beta branch from the dropdown.

    No password is required.

    GIF Instruction for Steam:

    For Build 41, it does not matter if you subscribe to the "build41" beta or "iwillbackupmysave". The two are identical.

    GIF Instructions for GOG Galaxy:

    The Linux users of GOG will be able to access beta branches through the offline installers in the Downloads section for PZ in your library.

    The IWBUMS branch allows us to have much wider and faster feedback on general updates, while allowing us to concentrate on wider more in-depth, focused and crucially less time-pressured/demanding testing with the testing team. Hurrah!
          Extra reading
    Still here? Awesome! So, if you run into a bug, the best thing to do is to either report it on our bug forum. If you've a spare 10 minutes, give this a read. It explains how to report problems in a way that can let us help you easily. (Seriously, please read it. Please. Pretty please. With Pink sugar icing on top.)
    If you can, always post your console.txt file. On Windows, you can find this in C:\Users\Username\Zomboid (Where Username is your windows username). On Mac and Linux it'll be in your /home/username/Zomboid/ folder.
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    123Imirish reacted to Rathlord in Cosmos-a space-time odyssey   
    You do realize I said I've been on both sides of it in the very post you quoted? Who says I've been a theist forever?
    You do realize I said the exact same thing just up this page? Why don't I get to be a sensible person on the interwebs D=
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    123Imirish reacted to Connall in Cosmos-a space-time odyssey   
    There's no such thing as an unbiased perspective.
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    123Imirish reacted to Pixel Bombs in Cosmos-a space-time odyssey   
    There is no point. A lot of you seem too think being an atheist is synonyms with being anti-theist. It isn't, if you want to be annoyed by something be annoyed by them, don't group regular atheists into the shit pot.
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    123Imirish reacted to Nickenstein79 in Cosmos-a space-time odyssey   
    That certainly does happen. As happens with every contentious issue (politics/religion/class/race/sex). Religious people have their beliefs/opinions contested in the same way everyone else does on the internet. Look at any random cat video on YouTube, you'll find a hundred comments saying "Dogs are better!". (Dogs totally are better, btw.)
    Errrrm... Merry Easter, folks! ;D
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    123Imirish reacted to EnigmaGrey in Cosmos-a space-time odyssey   
    Eh, after being at the brunt end of people who really, really wanted to convert me to one following or another, I'll just leave it at those people exist in all groups.
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    123Imirish reacted to EnigmaGrey in Cosmos-a space-time odyssey   
    Science certainly beats religion on non-religious, scientific matters. So. =/
    Now I'll have to agonize over whether I need to warn myself for the above post or not. Perhpas I will not need to if I explain that science and religion deal with separate frameworks of knowledge.
    Ironic that the OP seemed to suggest there was a theological undertone to the show, and now it's overly atheist, though.
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    123Imirish reacted to Nickenstein79 in Cosmos-a space-time odyssey   
    As an atheist, I'm always infuriated when people tell me I'm part of a 'group'.
    I know atheists who are racist/selfish/sexist/dishonest/horrible. I know atheists who are Lovely/generous/honest/giving.
    I know theists who are racist/selfish/sexist/dishonest/horrible. I know theists who are Lovely/generous/honest/giving.
    There is no "old atheist line". There is no atheist dogma. There are no atheist tenants to follow.
    The discrete commonality between atheists, is their lack of a belief in gods.
    There is currently a movement who call themselves 'Atheism+', who are attempting to gain a 'popularity platform' by aligning their own personal (sociopolitical) grievances with their atheism, as if the two things where a single issue. These people make me sick to my stomach, tbh. Self serving idiots.
    (I'm not a fan of people conflating separate issues. Read my previous posts above on the subject of relativity for evidence of that.)
    Being an atheist is not a direct modal equivalent of being in a club/tribe/religion (no matter how many times I'm told otherwise). In exactly the same way that 'not collecting stamps' isn't a hobby.
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    123Imirish reacted to EnigmaGrey in Russia - Ukraine   
    Getting a little generic, don't you think?

    Really doubt Leo meant that he was unbiased in every way conceivable; he meant that that reporter seems unbaised to him, partially because he's based in another country.

    If you feel the guy is biased, by all means point it out. Just stating that people can be biased, and biased people can be brainwashed to the point that they personally feel they have no bias is . . . quite the mind fuck.
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    123Imirish got a reaction from Cl0nec0mmand0 in RELEASED Build 26   
    Hunting knives     
    *Lets out a fangirl screech 
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    123Imirish reacted to RobertJohnson in Fishing skill book?   
    Yup, fishing book are planned !
    For combat, not yet, I'm not sure you can find "how to use an axe for combat" in books... (or if you do, TELL ME NAOW, I NEED THE BOOK !)
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    123Imirish reacted to CaptainBinky in Cosmos-a space-time odyssey   
    That's not just true for deism/theism/atheism, it's true for pretty much any claim anybody can make. There's no such thing as 100% certainty for anything (except possibly pure mathematics) - with any claim, natural or supernatural, you can only deal with probabilities. X is more likely than Y. Z is so overwhelmingly more likely that we can treat it as fact. But any such truth claims have an often unspoken caveat of, "with our current understanding". There is truth to Newtonian physics but as Einstein showed, it's not the full story and while the laws remain accurate on human and cosmic scales, they fall down at the atomic scale. But that doesn't stop the laws being true/accurate for planets, solar systems, and basketballs.
    Even extremely out-spoken atheists (or anti-theists) and Darwinians such as Richard Dawkins, if you actually read or listen to what they claim, do not speak of certainties. Dawkins, for example, speaks of evolution as true in the same sense as the theory of gravity is true. There is overwhelming evidence to support it that we may treat both as true facts... but that doesn't mean future knowledge couldn't change the way we look at things in the same way that Quantum theory and Relativity changed the way we looked at Newtonian laws.
    Aaaah Pascal's Wager A philosophy which would work perfectly were there no such thing as multiple religions. In other words, since you're dealing with a whole array of beliefs which are all contradictory, belief in religion A does not protect you if it turns out religion B is the true one.
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    123Imirish got a reaction from mikaelkerensky in Russia - Ukraine   
    Yeah the pro Russian Ukrainian `president`who didn't listen to what his people wanted and decided to do the total opposite, sparking chaos on both sides, eventually the pro European civilians calmed down when the president was forced to resign  by his own government for acting to much like a dictator. Then Russia forces started walking over the Crimea border. They escalated it and now eastern Ukraine is turning into a war zone. And I sincerely think this is the start of another cold war, or WWIII. The Russian media may have said dig deeper look who caused it, but they didn't tell you to dig deep enough. Plus that anchor on Russia Today was fired and threatened to be placed in Ukraine `to see the truth` because she said going into Ukraine wasn't a good idea. I love how Russia is so open.... with it's corruption. I with our government was like it. But when Russians get to see when their government does corrupt things 40% of them back Putin up.
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    123Imirish reacted to deprav in Cosmos-a space-time odyssey   
    Woops, yeah past-tense my bad.

    Also don't worry 123Imirish you didn't offend my beliefs ^^ I only got confused by Ontogenesis first post : "Never seen it, but inteligent design is just silly.".
    Got me thinking that after a few episodes of Cosmos, explaining the laws of physics and evolution of species & Life, the show would start making claims about those laws being the fruits of an intelligent design, like a trap telling you "look at all that science I've got" and then *BAM* "there eat some of my religion". That would have disappointed me a lot... But I've just been misguided !
    Tho, I'm not atheist and I do think we got to have faith in something greater than us, something that makes us humble and keeps us from wandering off our "nature" (adaptability inside the eco-system which we emerged from). The mind blowing huge universe, the unlikely order of things coming out of chaos, the randomness of Life and the fact every living things will struggle to live without the need to know why etc... I mean, considering the very nature of life, our own existence is at the same time an obvious thing AND a "miracle" of luck. That's what "god" is for me, it's not an intelligent designer or a fatherly spirit ; it's a state, a concrete observable thing.
    For me, science doesn't disprove "god", it only reinforce my amazement toward that huge thing we're a (meaningless) part of. We need spirituality as much as we need science or else we'll just end up loosing ourselves in an absurd anti-natural society, living for a meaningless ressource we made up and which has no concrete value to life, we'd become a mad species. Oh wait...
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    123Imirish reacted to CaptainBinky in Cosmos-a space-time odyssey   
    There's a biiiiiiiiiig distinction between deism and theism. The former, even hard-line staunch atheists cannot reasonably claim is untrue since it's unlikely we'd ever be able to prove things one way or the other. It is, after all, a theory discussing what happened before the existence of space and time and a creator who leaves no mark on the cosmos. Theism, however, deals with a combination of history and the nature of physical laws - an entity which interacts with the universe should leave a trace, like moving your hand through water produces ripples. If no ripples are produced, no interaction has taken place. But given that we're dealing with an omnipotent eternal entity by nature unlike everything we've seen in the Universe, who's to say what is, or isn't possible? Nobody can, on either side of the argument.
    All skeptics do, is say that there is no rational reason to believe something on bad or no evidence. They don't claim that such things are impossible (or at least they shouldn't if they're being honest).
    On that note, we should bear in mind another distinction - the use of the term "theory" in science, and in common language. I can posit a theory that invisible unicorns exist - but that's a very different usage of the word theory as the "theory" of gravity. In science, theories have predictive power and can be tested.
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    123Imirish reacted to CaptainBinky in Cosmos-a space-time odyssey   
    Er, no. Definitely not
    (Also, past tense - he's dead)
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    123Imirish reacted to CaptainBinky in Cosmos-a space-time odyssey   
    I've not watched it yet, but I have a hard time believing it could possibly live up to Carl Sagan standards. I also, in general (and no offense meant to our American friends) tend to dislike US documentaries (and for that matter, UK documentaries which aren't either fully or in part made by the BBC) since they tend to work along the lines of, "here is a fact. Now let's restate that fact 50 times in order to fill up this hour time-slot".
    I am reminded of this utterly dreadful US documentary about Quantum Mechanics (I forget the name) which spent faaaar too long showing footage of multiple basketballs bouncing around while the narrator banged on ad nauseum about "the very big... and the very small" /shudder
    If you want to watch a really good lecture about the Universe and all that entails, I recommend very highly Lawrence Krauss' "A Universe from Nothing" (and the book of the same name)

    <3 Lawrence Krauss
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    123Imirish reacted to Cdr.Keen in Cosmos-a space-time odyssey   
    yes, as i wrote. maybe my answer was quoted out of context because it was the answer to uberevan.
    the question we're hunting isn't how time works on this planet - we already know that. the question is more like - why there are elements? and then we go deeper - why there are electrons? why there are forces? it's mind-blowing how deep we can go - but all we know is based on our limited knowledge.
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    123Imirish reacted to harakka in Cosmos-a space-time odyssey   
    Unless you want to get uselessly philosophical about it, things happen at intervals and have velocities without humans being around.
    I would highly recommend not getting into cosmological speculations without knowledge of relevant physics.
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    123Imirish reacted to Cdr.Keen in Russia - Ukraine   
    Gisy sums it up very good - we're similar in many points.
    I like the part where he's talking about the lack of Knowledge of all. He blames all inclusive himself.
    Too bad, i'm sure the elections will also be faked in many ways - but let us see what will happen.
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    123Imirish reacted to lordixi in Russia - Ukraine   
    When you gift people with their homes, it's not ok. It's slavery.
    As our media reports about last weekends: two dead. One from Kiev-side (special military group Alfa), and one from civil people - fisherman which wear military like uniform (it's popular in winter fishing in Russia to wear military like uniform for example). Some injured.
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