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    123Imirish reacted to cloudstrise in Operation Fix Late Game By Killing You Before You Get There   
    Wait.... surviving a month before your character sets himself on fire isn't an acomplishment currently...? Dear god, what will this update hold for me.
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    123Imirish reacted to migulao in RELEASED: Build 29.4   
    Log walls?
    Scavenging skills?
    Improvised weapons from branches and rocks?
    Question: Will log walls require nails?
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    123Imirish reacted to Ideacake in PZ Assorted Addition Ideas!   
    So far, the game is pretty cool. I can't wait for further updates, and I have some ideas for updates that in my opinion would really improve the game. I update this post a lot instead of making new threads, so this is where you'll find all of my ideas. And there are many of them. If added, these in my opinion would go beyond expectations of the finished product.
    -WARNING!- This list is QUITE extensive. Anyone who desires to see this, I hope you like reading.

    Overpasses, clogged roads full of abandoned and burned out cars to loot, and many buildings such as skyscrapers to explore. A massive amount of zombies would probably inhabit this area, but higher value loot could be found. This area would be very useful to loot, but basing here wouldn't always be the best of ideas, because this area may have more zombies in a single street than an entire 4 blocks in the suburbs.

    -FORMER Military presence: 
    Especially in the Downtown area and later in the game, such as a month or so after the inicial reports, there should be a former military presence that was overwhelmed. Evidence such as broken tanks and fatigue-clad zombies would look really cool. Ammo caches and barb wire barricades would be there as well, and higher-tier weapons could be found on soldier's bodies or in demolished tanks and humvees. As time passes on, more tanks and soldiers could be found, some alive, some not so lucky. Would add 2 new types of NPCs, one survivor and one zombie. The soldier zombie, which would behave like any other, just harder to kill due to wearing body armor. The soldier, which would be a standard recruitable survivor would be well armed and wear body armor. A valuable addition to the team, probably more agreeable to your decisions than normal survivors due to discipline training, though just like anyone else they would have perks and disadvantages.
    I outline former because military aid is in the no section. I mean by this that the military lost already. There may be surviving soldiers, but there will be no support by the entire thing. These areas would appear after the mass retreat effort. (see below)
    One more thing. This is a sensitive topic, because Military aid is on the NO list. 

    Doomed Safe Zones:
    I think you should be able to find small/medium safe zones earlier in the game. Places where you can trade, talk to NPCs, and other stuff. Armed guards would be on top of the wall
    (assuming there is one) and if you pulled a weapon inside a safe zone, you would be killed or warned to put it away. Now, I can guess what some people would say about this. "But then, we could just chill there forever and the game would be boring!"
    That is why I propose an event, that would happen 3-8 months into the safe zone's existance. Neverending waves of zombies would spawn around the camp and overrun it, killing everyone or forcing them out. Once everyone is gone or dead, the waves would end. This way, there is incentive to seek those places before they are gone, and leave quickly afterwards, or risk being mauled by the dozens of zombies inevitably headed there.

    -Military-Grade/better weaponry: 
    Nothing too ridiculous, such as a rocket launcher. Items such as fully automatic assault rifles and higher tier pistols and shotguns would be good, and could be found in the Downtown or anywhere else that had a military perimeter set up.
    A few examples with names are:

    Assault Rifle: Just what it sounds like. Fully automatic, medium accuracy gun. Incredibly rare, only found in military barricades/tanks, or, even more rarely, on a dead soldier.

    Hunting Rifle: Semi-auto bolt action rifle. Scopes could be used on it (See attachments)
    Rare, but about as common as a shotgun. Requires .40 caliber bullets, loaded without a magazine. Found in gunsafes and wardrobes.

    Tactical Shotgun: Full auto low accuracy weapon with a good spread. Slightly less rare than an assault rifle. Found in the same places as an assault rifle.

    Sniper Rifles: Semi-auto mag fed sniper rifle. Comes with a scope. Found in, you guessed it, same places as the assault rifle, with a single difference. Never found in tanks, but sometimes found on second-to-higher floors of buildings near military stuff, usually on a body or on the floor near an open window/window.

    -Proper Grenades:
    I am dedicating an entire section on this because A. it would be super cool and B. They would be super useful.
    Now, molotovs are already implemented (albeit hard to obtain and even harder to use) but I am talking about grenades like frags and gas grenades. Both of these would be incredibly rare (Gas grenades less so) and single use. Grenades would be incredibly loud but the shrapnel could wipe out a good amount of zombies if they were fairly close together. They would only be found at military barricades, on dead soldiers, and in tanks. These explosives would usually be found in 2s or 3s, but occasionally you may find a box of them (Like a box of bullets but heavier and contains 6 grenades. You could box them just like normal bullets too)
    Gas grenades would not explode, just release a visible grayish cloud that would hover around for 10 or so seconds. Those inside the cloud would be rendered almost completely blind and slowed without a gas mask (see more clothing) and would cough, attracting zombies. The coughing would not happen to zombies but they would be blinded and slowed as well. They would be found rarely in police stations and police car trunks and occasionally in military areas.

    Rarely, attachments could be found in military barricades and such. Some would be only compatable with military weapons.

    Scope: When used, Cuts down your peripheral vision to straight ahead of you and increases your line of sight (ignoring shortsightedness and such) and allowing you to move the screen pretty far away. Normally the gun you would have this attached to (eg. Hunting Rifle) would be accurate enough to hit whatever you have targeted.

    Forward Grip: Best used for shotguns. Cuts down your recoil by a lot and increases accuracy.

    Bipod: Usable at windows, low walls and while proning (a possible addition?) Would increase your accuracy impeccably. You can hit a zombie a mile or 2 away.

    Suppressor: Different sizes of suppressors would fit different guns. It would soften the noise of your gun going off at the cost of some accuracy and damage.

    Dual Mags*: *These must be crafted, not found* 
    Once you have fully loaded 2 magazines, grab some duct tape and right click your mag. As long as there are 2 fully loaded in your inventory, you can craft this. Once you do, it would make a dual mag with a sprite that looks like 2 mags taped together at the bottom. Using this would double (or triple, depending on reloading skill) your reloading speed. Only craftable at reloading difficulty medium.

    -Working vehicles: 
    Such as an old beater sedan or a pickup truck, maybe even a humvee. Would require maintenance and fuel, excluding bicycles. Advantages would be better protection when traveling and the ability to run zombies down, as well as faster travel, and cargo space like the trunk of a car or the back of a pickup. Disadvantages would include being loud, and the fact that the noise you just made attacted a massive horde that surrounded your car, so big that you can't move. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to see if the car horn worked, you think as the horde breaks your driver side window and drags you out of the car, moaning and tearing you apart. Another thing would be switching seats inside the car. Driver get his brains blown out on the highway? Open the door, push him out and take over as driver. (Assuming you haven't crashed yet) I also think upgrading your vehicle should be an option:

    -Upgrading Vehicles: 
    Add a Welding tool, and I think you should be able to add some things to your car, such as plates on the sides and covers for windows, and maybe barb wire to the top or something. These would require a carpentry level of 3 to do.

    PS: Tanks are overpowered. I would not suggest adding them as a working vehicle, more like a large container to be found in the city around barricades and other places the military tried to hold out.

    PPS: I know these are a planned feature, but I am just reinforcing it and giving ideas for other vehicles.

    PPPS: Hordes and hitting zombies and survivors in large quantities should slow you down, and massive clumps of zombies could stop your car altogether.

    -Helicopter crashes. 
    That annoying helicopter that passes over your head not even thinking of rescuing you. The one that those zombies followed, leading them directly to your house. There should be a small chance that a helicopter may go down, causing fires and a loud explosion attacted zombies. The good side is if this is a military chopper, it could carry some very nice new weapons. There could be three types of helicopters, Medvac helos carrying medical supplies, Military helos that could hold some very valuable loot, and news/civilian helicopters possibly filled with food and other goodies.

    -A Metro System:
    I am sure someone else has already posted something like this, but I would love to see another layer added to the game. In the first bit, trains screeming across the tracks unable to stop due to the fact the driver died with his head leaning on the throttle. Smashed up trains that hit eachother farther down the tracks and later on when the electricity runs out stopped trains empty or full of the dead. The metro system would havefer a "safer" way around only found in the downtown area. Only one problem I see, are they even subways in Kentucky?

    -More distractors: 
    Throwing a glass bottle or a rock would make a little noise and would be pointed away from you. A nice little getaway help when the horde down the road can't see you yet and you want them outta the way.

    -NPC survivor groups: 
    Other, interactable groups with their own base and leader. Some would be bandits and kill you on sight for you stuff, others would be friendly groups of people eager to help any way they can.

    -NPC AI improvements and more speech: 
    Such as differing personalities, and more communication. A few samples and scenarios are:
    After running a long distance, one guy says: "*huff* Guys, I really need a rest.*puff*"
    After a zombie attack, one man says: "*huff* ♥♥♥♥er... almost got me! *puff*"
    Moodle examples: Sick-"I really don't feel so good, guys. Very Sick: "Uhhhgh... *throws up*" (smell attracts zombies)
    Bored: "Guys, not to be needy, but there is nothing to do. Could you spare a book or somthin'?"
    Angry at leader or group member: "♥♥♥♥, why do you have to be such a ♥♥♥♥♥ sometimes? Jesus!"

    -Military Events: 
    PLEASE note these are NOT military aid. Both of these would probably be bad, actually.

    BOMBING RUNS: Occasionally, messages should be broadcast on the radio (Which would then be useful) which would tell you when the government would do these. Bombing Runs would be events where certain infested parts of the city would be targeted for a last-ditch effort to clear them, a plane loaded with explosives to drop. A block or so would be severely damaged and set on fire from the explosion. This can help or hinder. The noise would attract zombies away or toward you. It would kill almost every zombie in that area, but hopefully you aren't there when it happens. This event would happen a maximum of 3 times and about a month or more in to the apocalypse.
    Everybody who doesn't care how this might work code wise, skip this.
    After the time period set for safety is up, the game should scan for mass quantities of zombies. Hordes and such or just a large concentration, perhaps. Once the game finds the desired location, the message should appear and the event commence. This would tie in with the unlucky/lucky perks and Sadist Movie Director. Unlucky means the game would try to target somewhere closer to you, if not on top of you. SMD would also influence this. If SMD threw a whole load of bad atcha, this would be one of those bads. If SMD is handing you good stuff, it would try to push the killzone away. Radio messages should also say WHERE the event is taking place. This means adding road markers, such as Pleasant St. The radio would declare the road about a day before this event would take place, or whenever the area is selected by the game.

    MILITARY CLEAR-OUT: This corresponds with Former Military Presence. This is a message which would appear about 3 weeks after the city is quarantined. Basically, it is a mass retreat effort. Chaos would ensue as surviving soldiers and other personal desperately attempt to leave the city, killing everything in their way. If you are near a major roadway or the city centre, you may see a military convoy or lone humvee laying on the gas trying to get the hell out of the city, guns blazing. They would stop for nothing, and run you down if you get in the way. It would require a new AI, though, one that made it so they were hostile towards you but wouldn't chase you. Zombies would also be their priority, not attacking you unless you are right in the way or alone. If you are in the way, though, chances are they won't shoot you, instead swerving around you or just plain running you over. The noise from the trucks and guns may attract zombies, but on the bright side, they may clear out your street. They might crash, too, offering some nice loot. And, speaking of car crashes...

    -Car Fragmentation Physics:
    Okay, before I say anything, I KNOW this is ambitious for a 2D/3D game, okay? I just think it would be cool.
    Example Scenario:
    You are driving as fast as you can, trying to get away from that bandit in the pickup truck chasing you. He shoots at you, getting ever closer, when suddenly.....
    You smash head on into the traffic light, crumpling the front of your sedan and sending pieces everywhere. Your windshield shatters and your airbag goes off. The car catches fire and the bandit stops, getting out and pulling you out of the car's shattered driver-side window. You fade in and out of unconciousness, and pass out just as he pulls the trigger to the gun pressed to your skull.

    The point of that little story is it mentions a few key things I'd like to talk about.

    1: The Chase. Bandits could have AI that allows them to own their own car or steal take one, and chase you down and run you off the road in order to kill you. You could do the same, chasing survivors in your car to kill them and loot them.

    2: The Shootout. A small weapon, such as the pistol or an SMG, could be fired out the window by passengers. You could aim it towards behind you, or in front, or the side you are on. ex: Shooting out the right passenger door would not allow you to fire left.

    3: Environmental Damage. Running over shrubs, hitting thin trees or driving through fences would knock them over or otherwise damage or dent them. More heavy or metal objects, such as the traffic light pole mentioned in the scenario, would dent and tilt over when hit hard enough. Other things such as brick walls would dent but not break.

    4: Pieces. Crashing or otherwise damaging your vehicle would send small bits of metal and/or glass.

    5: Animations. Such as an airbag going off obstructing your vision or the back of your car lifting off the ground a little. Subtle stuff, nothing huge.

    6: Bigger Animations. Driving across a bridge and going through the railing would make your car tilt downwards and sail off the bridge into the water/road below. The landing would have a chance to break your axles, rendering your car useless. Landing in the water would either kill you right away, or you would have to press the key to leave the car. Instead of opening the door, you would kick out the windshield and swim up. (If your car has no windshield, you would just swim up) (Also, explanation for breaking the windshield instead of exiting has to do with water pressure making you unable to open your doors underwater) If your car catches fire, it will explode after a while unless you put it out, sending pieces everywhere making a lot of noise and leaving a burned out shell of a car. Another could be car rollovers, if you turn to hard in a top heavy car, roll into a ditch, drive sideways on a steep area, or are hit hard enough by another car.

    7: Unconsciousness. Crashing your car at a high enough speed would have a chance to knock you out for an hour or so. On multiplayer, this would be reduced to a half hour ingame (30 seconds) because time doesn't accelerate when you sleep.

    8: Dragging somebody out. I mentioned this earlier, l but didn't explain it. Crashing your car with zombies or bandits around would attract them, and to get you out they would either:
    Drag you out the window (Zombies would always do this, and bandits would if your door is locked)
    Open the door and pull you out: (Teammates would do this to rescue you and bandits to kill you. Players would be able to do this to NPCs and other players.)
    Dragging you out the windshield: (Just another way to get someone out if the doors are blocked) 
    Of course, you can always just point your gun through a window and kill someone without dragging them out. If you are a nice guy, you could save an unconscious player/npc from a burning car.

    PS: ALL of these apply not just to crashed cars. If you park or stop, people or zombies can break your windshield or windows and pull you out regardless to car damage.

    The Chase 
    PLEASE NOTE: This is not the same thing as the fragmentation physics mini heading.
    By this, I mean the military. 
    You are driving down the road, looking for points of interest to loot, when you see something ahead. A large olive truck in the distance, with a few uniformed men walking around it. A barricade sits on the road, and as you get closer you realize...
    The truck you saw earlier is a URAL, and the men are soldiers. You are driving towards a military roadblock! It is too late to turn around. They see your car and start yelling, rushing towards you. You stop at the barricade. A man with an assault rifle opens your door and yells at you to get out. You comply, with your hands up. They surround you and pat you down. Then, one man says, "We're done here. Shoot him." You gasp in shock, and the man points his gun at you. You run back into your car before he can hit you, and drive as fast as you can. Bullets hit all around you as you smash through the barricade, and they pursue you in the URAL.
    The chase is on.

    What I mean by this story is there would be the odd remaining military roadblock or other military occupied space. If you tried to run after they saw you or stopped like they said to, they would kill you. Running or driving away would make them pursue you to try and run you off the road. Meeting roadblocks like this would only happen early on in the game. Later, they would be abandoned or infested.

    -More Clothing: 
    Themed outfits, such as a lab coat, hazmat suit, or fatigues would be cool. Armor, such as military outfits, could protect against small-caliber gunfire to an extent, and helmets would help with glancing headshots. Also, gasmasks should be available for protection against gas grenades (seen above) and smoke (seen below)

    -Fire improvements: If a house catches fire, smoke should fill the home, cutting down your vision and making you cough, attracted zeds. It would also eventually kill you.With the gas mask I mentioned earlier, these effects would not occur (except a slight vision impairment. Also, wine bottles should be readded so you can create molotovs again.

    -More Scenery, structures, and layers: I mentioned this a tad bit in the Downtown section. I'll go over them in order.

    This ties in with the structures thing. Swerve marks, decomposed/eaten corpses, and blood splatters that were there before you ever went into homes. Previously ransacked homes with clothes, drawers, and other miscellaneous stuff strewn around. Stuff that tells a story, makes you think, like these examples:

    Example 1: You are walking down the road when you see brake marks swerving to the left. you follow them and see a car crashed into a large tree with the skeleton of the driver still inside. Closer inspection reveals bullet marks all over the car and the skeleton's skull has a sizable hole in it. What happened here? the trunk was obviously pryed open with a crowbar and it has been visibly picked through.

    Example 2: You enter a house with the door already broken down. There is stuff everywhere, knocked over shelves, the couch moved, etc. Upstairs, you see blood splatters and other evidence of a struggle. A rotting corpse sits inside the bedroom, with visible bullet holes in his chest and head. On the wall, a message written in the man's blood, says:
    (example ^^^)

    Other things would be traffic jams full of zombies on overpasses and highways, people who obviously tried to leave but were caught in the mass retreat effort that clogged the roadways, making them stuck and easy prey to the infected.

    MORE STRUCTURES: Taller office buildings, overpasses and such. I am aware of the height limit.

    MORE LAYERS: Overpasses and office buildings would add higher areas to the game and the downtown would use that a lot. Overpasses would also be fairly high off the ground, too.
    Underground layers may include a sewer if that is ever implemented.
    Some that would be kinda neat but mostly aesthetic would be zombies eating corpses, possibly distracting them or enticing them to leave you alone and continue eating. They might look up at you from their food, following you with their gaze, then turning around and continuing to eat in a crouched position. Another animation could be a sleeping animation, laying on the bed or sitting down in a chair. Depending on how good your sleep is, other players may see you toss and turn.
    Sleeping stuff:
    Something I would find interesting would be more things about sleeping. Occasionally, your character could have nightmares, suddenly waking up in the middle of the night with a panic moodle. Spiffo plushes could lower your chances of having nightmares and so could other perks. More sleeping stuff is your sleep could be effected by what you sleep on. Sleeping on a wooden chair or otherwise hard surface would yield a bad sleep, and beds and such a good one. There could also be a perk that allows you to sleep almost anywhere comfortable and one that makes it hard to sleep without comfort.
    More random events:
    -Survivor Car Crash
    -Bandit Shootout
    -Bandit Chasing another Survivor (car or foot)
    -Bandit versus Military Shootout
    -Horde Attacking Survivor Safehouse/Base
    -Base Raid 
    Most of these would come in later updates, though, because they would require a fair bit of work. These, in my opinion, would improve the game exponentially and I would love to see these come true, if possible.
    They would take quite a bit of time and effort to complete, but I think they would literally blow away everyone if added.
    PS: I am quite aware now that Kentucky is fairly rural and cities like the ones as depicted here are rare, but that suggestion is mostly for the fictional area, Knox County.
    Thank you for reading this, and leave comments if you like it.
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    123Imirish reacted to NeverLost in Released: Build 28.3   
    "3D Sound ! Sound will now go left to right, fade away, etc.."
    Yay, now I can finally know which direction my death will come from.
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    123Imirish got a reaction from Necromatic_Corgi in PZ Suggestion Compilation [Unoffical]   
    1. food smoking.
    I think it would be good to add a few smoke houses at camps in the forest along the river where you could go fishing and smoke the fish to preserve them. you should be able to make a home made smoke house that functions less efficient.
    2. Easier saving.
    It get very annoying having to ex- out to save which I do often in fear of losing data is the game crashes. Maybe saving in the in came option menu (the one where you press ESC.) 
    3. signs of past military intervention.
    Abandoned tanks (unusable) Crashed and abandoned Military vehicles. (your choice if usable). Zombies with Military uniforms. Raiders with Military uniforms. Also helicopters crashes into buildings and streets. Military evacuation orders and directions that can be found in many places like desks, drawers, in cars.
    4. Car crashes and highway pile-ups in countryside stretching for miles.
    I think somewhere you said in a later update you would ad cars. Highway pile-ups would bring zombies, survivors and action into many of the dull roads that head out of town. It would make sense as people would flee in the early days. Also in the towns, cars crashed into poles, walls and other cars. Also  cars pinning Zombies to walls!
    5. saving npcs and making survivor bases.
    You could find a woman trapped in her car surrounded by zombies in the middle of a lonely country road, save an old man from a burning house, Rescue a collage student from a car crash. Then you could have the option to let them join you in your safe house. And maybe as you recruit people you may end up with a fully fledged base with survivors in the double didgits all with their own jobs.
    6. Mountains, hills, hunting camps, campgrounds, improved countryside/nature/forest system. LAKES, RIVERS, BOATS,isolated mountain cabins and lake cabins. 
    Just plain simple. Add more to all that spare counrtyside.
    7. more special buildings.
    Museums, Bunkers, Prison , Golf club, 
    8. Signs of past human activity.
    Maybe a safehouse overrun, Or an abandoned safehouse, barricaded and stockpiles. Post zombie apocalypse graffiti on buildings (By gangs)  Walls full of missing person posters
    You can go insane.
    10.Secret Compartments
    Hidden places to stare items. (In a hollow wall, under a floorboard.)
    11. Slower axe depletion
    The current rate is unrealistic, nuff said
    12.Burgular alarm go when the power goes. Less of them aswell.
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    123Imirish reacted to AlexeiStukov in Reboot Project Apocalypse **Progress was maliciously deleted by my brother**   
    Thank you for your reply sir.
    For the Pop, variety is always of necessity.  In my thinking it would be utterly boring to have all pop have generic boring names "Soda 1, Soda 2", etc.  The different flavors just enhance the realism that we are trying to input.  It goes the same for Chips, me and my brother cannot stand games that have generic names, rather it be ammunition, food, or even firearms.
    Firearms are on the same boat of thinking as chips and pop.  Difficulty to find the correct caliber and the right firearm will always be a challenge in real life apocalyptic situations.  We are working on adding tool-tips for firearms telling their caliber (since almost all firearms have the caliber printed somewhere on the barrel of another place on the firearm).  So it will not 
    We are striving for this MOD to be unique in every way possible.  The more variety the better.
    However, i will take what you said into memory and if it comes up again by several other people, then i will consider changing.
    Thanks again! and God Bless!
    -Vice Admiral of the United Earth Directorate, Alexei Stukov
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    123Imirish reacted to AlexeiStukov in Reboot Project Apocalypse **Progress was maliciously deleted by my brother**   
    **My brother has maliciously deleted all MOD progress... i am going to have to restart the mod and make it myself.  I apologize to the entire community that has followed this MOD for the past few months, thank you all for your support... the MOD will now take even longer to release due to it being a 1 man developer team now.    I am so sorry to inform everyone of this.**
    Please excuse the comments made my brother's account, Billwa, as they are only there to derail from the conversation of the MOD.
    It is never too early for a
    massive game overhaul
    Hello to the community of the popular zombie survival game Project Zomboid.  I am trying to become a productive member for the benefit of everyone.  I have had experience with other games and their communities including Dayz Standalone
    (Community's List of Suggested Weapons)
    and Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne (Eras Zombie Invasion map).
    This mod is a massive overhaul for Project Zomboid as it includes an extremely large amount of new items.  From weapons to food to miscellaneous items, i am trying to include everything that will make sense, as well as promote realism.  Everything i include (rather it be viewed as useless junk) will have a use.  Either it be crafting, building material, or even as a weapon,
    everything will have a use eventually.
    Release Date: Unknown
    Please either post your suggestions here or PM me at following usernames:
    (Username on here) AlexeiStukov
    EMAIL: Noah3017@gmail.com
    *For firearms i have looked off of many sources including gunshops in Kentucky, the gun laws of Kentucky, what citizens are able to own and have owned in Kentucky, and off of Kentucky Police equipment sites.  Do not worry about spawn points either, for i am making sure they are always balanced and will make total sense.
    **All firearms will have their own individual unique sound, there will be absolutely no generic sounds for firearms.**

    For those that are worried that this MOD is going make Project Zomboid another shoot em up zombie game, please read the comments that i made below:
    Billwa (Former developer of this mod): 


    Machete Lockblade Knife Pocket Knife Sickle Fire Axe Pushing Baseball Bat ​Aluminum Baseball Bat Steel Baseball Bat Nailed Baseball Bat (Crafted) Kitchen Knife Billy Club Fillet Knife Fubar Nightstick Tire Iron Hammer Hedge Clippers Hedge Clipper Piece (result of disassembling a hedge clipper) Frying Pan Bowie Knife Kukri Sledgehammer Ka-bar Knife Screwdriver (Improvised) Pen (Improvised) Pencil (Improvised) Nailed Plank (Crafted) Plank (Improvised) Polecue (Improvised) Butter Knife (improvised) Pistols:
    S&W MP-22 (.22 LR) AWC Amphibian S Ruger MKII (.22 LR) Ruger MKII (.22 LR) Walther P22 (.22 LR) Glock G19 (9mm) Beretta M92FS (9mm) HK P2000 Compact (9mm) Ruger LC9 (9mm) Beretta PX4 Storm (9mm) Glock G17 (9mm) Ruger SR9 (9mm) S&W Model 39-2 (9mm) Browning Hi-Power (9mm) Walther PPK (9mm) Beretta 93 Raffica (9mm and Automatic) FP-45 Liberator (.45 ACP) Colt Model 1911 (.45 ACP) Remington 1911 R1 (.45 ACP) S&W 1911 Pro (.45 ACP) Hi-Point JHP (.45 ACP) Kimber 1911 (.45 ACP) FNP-45 (.45 ACP) HK-45 (.45 ACP) Colt Model 1911 Pearl Handle(.45 ACP) Bersa Thunder (.380 ACP) Ruger LCP (.380 ACP) Sig Sauer Model P238 (.380 ACP) Glock 31 (.357 Sig) Glock 22 (.40 S&W) Glock 40 (.40 S&W) Sig Sauer P226 (.40 S&W) Hi-Point Model 40 (.40 S&W) Wildey Magnum Hunter (.475 Magnum) Thompson G2 Contender  (.30-30) Thompson G2 Contender Silver (.30-30) Mossberg 715P Duck Commander (.223) Draco AK Pistol (7.62x39mm) Nailgun (Uses nails and is considered makeshift) Revolvers:
    H&R Model 999 (.22 LR) Taurus Tracker (.357 Magnum) Colt Python (.357 Magnum) Taurus Model 608 (.357 Magnum) Ruger Bisley Vaquero (.357 Magnum) Taurus Model 82 (.38 Special) S&W Model 637 (.38 Special) S&W Model 29 (.44 Magnum) Taurus Model 444 Raging Bull (.44 Magnum) Ruger Blackhawk (.30 Carbine) S&W Model 500 (.500 S&W Magnum) Sub Machine Guns:
    HK MP5A4 (9mm) IMI Uzi (9mm) HK USC Carbine (.45 ACP) Ump-45 (.45 ACP) Shotguns:
    Mossberg Model 500 JIC Cruiser (12 Gauge, Pump) Serbu Super-Shorty (12 Gauge, Pump) Stevens Model 320 (12 Gauge, Pump) Remington 870 and Sawed off variant (12 Gauge, Pump) Remington 870 MCS and Sawed off variant (12 Gauge, Pump) Ithaca Model 37 and Sawed off variant (12 Gauge, Pump) Mossberg Model 535 Tactical (12 Gauge, Pump) Browning BPS and Sawed off variant (12 Gauge, Pump) Benelli Legacy and Sawed off variant (12 Gauge, Pump) Beretta SV10 and Sawed off variant (12 Gauge, Over and Under) Browning Maxus Hunter and Sawed off variant (12 Gauge, Semi) Winchester Super X3 and Sawed off variant (12 Gauge, Semi) Saiga-12 (12 Gauge, Semi) Mossberg Model 505 Bantam and Sawed off variant (20 Gauge,Pump) H&R Tracker II and Sawed off variant (20 Gauge, Single shot) Stevens Model 512 and Sawed off variant (.410 Gauge, Single shot) Rifles and Crossbows:
    Chiappa Little Badger (.22 LR, Single shot) Ruger 10/22 and Sawed off variant (.22 LR, Semi) Marlin Model 795 (.22 LR, Semi) Savage Mark II (.22 LR, Bolt) WASR 1063 AKM (7.62x39mm, Semi) Norinco SKS and Sawed off variant (7.62x39mm, Semi) Yugolavian Model 59/66 SKS and Sawed off variant (7.62x39mm, Semi) Kalashnikov AKM (7.62x39mm, Automatic) M4 Carbine (5.56x45mm NATO, Automatic) HK 416 (5.56x45mm NATO, Automatic) Bushmaster Carbon 15 (.223, Semi)  Sig Sauer M400 (.223, Semi) Colt AR-15A3 (.223, Semi) Ruger Mini-14 and Sawed off variant (.223, Semi) Springfield M1A (7.62x51mm, Semi) Remington M24 (7.62x51mm, Bolt) Marlin Model 336W (.30-30, Lever) Mosin Nagant and Sawed off Obrez variant (7.62x54mm, Bolt) Weatherby Vanguard (.30-06, Bolt) Winchester Model 70 (.30-06, Bolt) M1 Carbine (.30 Carbine, Semi) Crossbow Pistol (Crossbow Bolts) Wooden Crossbow (Crossbow Bolts) Compound Crossbow (Crossbow Bolts) TAC-15 Crossbow (Crossbow Bolts) LAR Grizzly Big Boar (.50 BMG, Single shot bolt) New Food (these are the ones we only added, we have other mods that already add about 50 new food recipes and items and they will be included in our mod too):
    Doritos Nacho Cheese Ruffles Pork Rhinds Cheez-its Lays Potato Chips Funyuns Pretzel Sticks Cold Oatmeal (recipe) Hot Oatmeal (recipe) Dry Oats Fiber One Bar Trail Mix Bag Mountain Dew Mountain Dew Code Red Mountain Dew Whiteout Mountain Dew Voltage Sprite Pepsi Coca-Cola Coca-Cola Vanilla Dr. Pepper Royal Crown Cola A&W Root Beer Cherry 7UP Canada Dry Ginger Ale  
    Misc Items:
    No new items currently
    Medical Items:
    No new medical items currently

    I hope you all support the mod in the upcoming days, everything i can get (rather it be a suggested item or feedback on what i have listed so far is appreciated).  Questions are welcome so ask anything that comes to your mind that is relevant to this topic.
    This MOD could not of been started if it were not for Pravus's Realistic Kentucky Firearms (RKF) mod.  We used it as a base and he gave us permission to set a release date of the mod (eventually).  Many thanks to him for allowing us.
    Check out his MOD.
    - Alexei Mod Studios -
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    123Imirish reacted to Shagyee in Better Forests   
    The forests right now are alright, but they look nothing like any woods I've ever been to. Big trees, tall grass? Stinging nettles, sticker bushes? In real life you can't just sprint through the woods unless there is trails. It would be cool to have to spend time using a machete to make clearings in the thick parts. Not sure how the forest looks where the game takes place, but I'm sure there should also at least be some ponds (pretty sure that's being worked on, though). 
    And when you are living in the woods, you shouldn't just have to build an entire cabin to live in. What about shelters from tipped trees and tarps, or just simple stick tepees? Maybe even just some big leaves to make cover in the rain.
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    123Imirish reacted to RobertJohnson in Released: Build 28.3   
    Hey survivor !
    RELEASED Hotfix #1

    Spoiler [NEW STUFF]
    Added a mouseover tooltip for the plants to quickly check the water lvl of your plants, need at least farming lvl 2, picture You can now close kill jaw stab the zombies with a screwdriver (act like a kitchen)  
    [bUG FIX]
    Fixed save compatibility problem (when loading a build 27 saved game). Fixed the marksman trait (police officer) not taking in calcul. Fixed crafting bug : when you have only 1 bowl you had the option to split the soup into X bowls, making the bowls disapear. Fire can start from stove again. No more automatical fire start when puting a campfire inside a house (but a lit campfire will burn the house down). Remove the world filler when burning the item. Fire lighting are back. Fixed the "spill gravel/sand/dirt" on ground not working when not having a hammer in your inventory.  
    Slight decrease of the time needed to aim with every guns. Slight increase of the pistol base hit chance.
    RELEASED Hotfix #2

    Spoiler Various bug fixes/code improvement.

    RELEASED Hotfix #3

    Spoiler [bUGFIX]
    Issue #000716 Fixed Issue #000115 Fixed Issue #000702 Fixed Issue #000700 Fixed Issue #000704 Fixed Issue #000735 Fixed Issue #000690 Fixed Issue #000736 Fixed Issue #000668 Fixed Some network packet improvement. Can't type '' as name. Client can't send commands before full authentication. Fixed some multiplayer chat abuse. Fixed climb over player made fence/windows. Framerate fix for blood splatter. Stopped zombies thumping crafted wooden fences. Fixed 3D Aim_Rifle reverse animations not playing. Cowardly/Brave traits had no effect on the increase in panic when seeing new zombies, unless the player had already taken Beta Blockers. Panic increase due to Agoraphobic/Claustrophobic traits wasn't affected by framerate or game speed. Panic reduction wasn't affected by framerate or game speed. Pain reduction wasn't affected by framerate or game speed. The effects of Antidepressents, Beta Blockers, Painkillers, and Sleeping Tablets wasn't affected by framerate or game speed. Various other fix (wrong name, missing icons..) Fixed hunger increasing too quickly in "real time" when sleeping.
      [NEW STUFF]
    Smooth the camera transition when climbing through windows or over fences.
    Video explaining some of the upcoming features :

    [NEW STUFF]Weapon overhaull (more things in the info post will come). Multiple text lines editor. You can now write a note and read them (more of a multiplayer thing), you can lock them so they'll be editable only by you. Semi-3D Sound ! Sound will now go left to right, fade away, etc.. Burn zombie corpses ! It'll need some petrol and a lighter/matches. Windows can now perma lock if you try to open them for too long. Bandages will now be removed after a certain amount of time. Disabled the corpse decay. Added experimental population management: after an area is abandoned by the player, new zombies will migraite slowly from this point. I'll need feedback on it. [MP] Added experimental loot respawn, you have to setup the serverOption "HoursForLootRespawn", if you set it as 48, it mean the zone will have to be unseen for 48 in game hour before loot respawning, same as zombies respawn, I'd LOVE to have feedback on it I'm also working on (idk if it'll be done for this build tho..) the ability to paint letters/text on wall. New crafting : Bookcase, shelves, bed... Map fixes (no more falling through Mall stairs, etc...). Weapon upgrades (fully moddable), they'll come alone at the gunstore, or directly mounted on some weapons, you need a screwdriver to put them in/out. Firearm need to be held with 2 hands (except pistol). [MP] You will be now instant disconnect if trying to join a server with a different build version than yours. Added paintable signs (skull, arrows..) over wall or post sign (new crafting) for every in game painting color (you need a paint brushe and the color you want). Zombeis who die by fire will now continue to burn/spread fire after their death. [MP] If you have a dice you can now do /roll 6 (number up to 100) to roll a random number, this will be shown to every near players. Picture [MP] If you have a card deck you can now do /card to draw a random card, this will be shown to every near players. Picture The zombie migration have also a server option : HoursForZombiesRespawn, same as the one for loot respawn. [MP] Chat is now locally logged : you can press up or down while in the chat text entry to review your last entered message (saving the 20 last messages), then you can enter them again or modify them. Some new items :Thread Needle Tarp ... Tent will now require a tarp (instead of the sheets) to be crafted. You can now craft a mattress with some sheet, pillow, thread and a needle. Another server option for the loot respawn : MaxItemsForLootRespawn = 4 // For the loot respawn, if a container have more items than this number, it won't respawn loot (use it to limit respawn in safe house for example..) You can now type admin commands directly in the console, no need to log as admin, for example do a : additem "rj" "Base.Axe" directly in the console to add this user an Axe, more admin commands are coming (probably for this build, will do it while testing), like broadcasting message and.. Well.. Idk yet (I'll update the "how to administrate your server" post today) You can now add game meat (I mean rabbit, birds, squirrel.. from trapping) inside soup and stew. Loot respawn can't happen in a zone where the player have built (or barricaded) stuff (to avoid spawning in/near safe house). This is for Serrate Bloodrage (aka combat-medic badass ) : You can now make your own bread ! Make a bread dough from flour, yeast, salt and a bit of water, cook it : become a true French today. Cleaned the server console a bit (less messages). [bUGFIX]
    Fixed some incorrect map zone. Fixed some incorrect loot distribution. Fixed tent/campfire couldn't be build on tall grass. Fixed some world filler. Map exported with multiple fixes from Mash. Zombies can't jump over closed/barricaded windows anymore. Hammer will now correctly be equipped (if required) before crafting something. [bALANCE]
    Increased the difficulty to open windows when you're not strong. Increase a bit the spawn of twine (specially inside the sewing shop). Bait for trapping will now use only 5 hunger reduction from the food you use as bait, also fixed minors things on trapping. Lowered a lot the time required to cook bacons.
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    123Imirish reacted to EmptyH in NPC kids   
    I can understand the devs won't tackle such a thing, but i also think it's pretty sad they literally can't do it without consequences for them.
    I feel like games were allowed to do more and more authentic things back in the days.
    Fallout 1 for example allowed you to kill a child. The game wouldn't just make it impossible but it instead reacted to your evil doing by giving you the trait "childkiller" which meant also that many of the Npcs would now despise you.
    On the other hand Fallout 1 was strictly 18+ if i remember correct.
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    123Imirish reacted to Rathlord in Transgender/Non binary genders   
    Honestly, they're right. This game isn't a platform for touting any particular agenda. Consider the character creator as choosing a sex rather than a gender if you must. Realistically speaking, aside from birth defects, there are only two sexes. Pick the sex that you'd like your character to be, and roleplay the rest.
    I get annoyed with this kind of stuff (in before being called a bigot) because it adds nothing to gameplay. It can be roleplayed, modded, or simply ignored. Spending dev time to try to emulate reality exactly just as some exercise in enforcing "equality" or "rights" is not what video games are for. I also don't appreciate games that overtly push political, religious, or moral agendas, either.
    Video games are not here to prove a point, make a stand, or show up bigots. They aren't here to teach a lesson or improve the moral fiber of the world. Video games are to have fun, relax, tell a story, challenge us physically or mentally. You may feel like you want your particular agenda pushed everywhere it can be- and it's good to feel that way; however, this is not the place for it.
    Before I'm accused of just being against this because I'm religious/bigot/ignorant/insertinsulthere, I want it made clear that I know more non-straight people than I do straight people in real life. I'm all for equality and freedom for everyone to do and be what they want, but there's a time and a place for making points and pushing agends, and video games are not that.
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    123Imirish reacted to ToastedFishSandwich in Transgender/Non binary genders   
    Just choose the gender that you identify with. If you don't think you have a gender then pick the gender which has the same genitals as you (or the other one, whatever).
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    123Imirish reacted to Neltarin in Champagne, trains and automobiles   
    Ooohh, if the train needed at least 4 full cans of gas (20 lbs of gas) and your character had to find a very rare, only spawns at one random point in the map, manual or something... I could see this being a very rare nearly endgame thing which you could use as a portable safehouse almost... 
    This could be a huge thing, if the inside of the train was a mini house with a tent and stuff... 
    +1 for this idea, has just about endless possibilities if it's done right! 
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    123Imirish reacted to Xydonus in They call it art...   
    Had a moment of inspiration...
    An empty packet of King's Cheese & Onion, inside a empty packet of Tayto, which is inside a packet of Walker's Crisps, which is inside a packet of Monster Munch, which is inside a packet of Waffles... I'll call it, "Inception"
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    123Imirish reacted to Xydonus in They call it art...   
    Going to mess up my bed real proper. I'll put it on ebay, I'll call it 'Paddy's Pad' and put a reserve 600k tag on it. I'd imagine there's a lot of demand to see how an Irishman sleeps, make's his bed and the real purpose of those empty Guinness cans laying about...
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    123Imirish reacted to LeoIvanov in [MOD SUPPORT 32.17+] The Walking Dead Prison v3.3 (TV Show)   
    Nah, you didn't get me - 3rd season has this prison "less civilized", as in, it wasn't lived in for half a year yet. I might actually make 3 versions of prison : The "3rd season" version, the "We lived here for 8 months" version and "wrecked by a tank" version. We'll see if I have enough patience and interest after I'm done with the first one
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    123Imirish reacted to Marcelmarceau in Onze, Paris district   
    hello everyone!
    the map has been updated and is available using the same link than before.
    i've also expanded the map further towards place de la Nation and place de la Bastille:
    general situation:

    colonne de juillet 1790:

    coulée verte, garden placed on old elevated railways:

    colonnes de Ledoux (Nation):

    i have also worked on extra shading of existing buildings:


    also i've added a middleclass block:

    enjoy and please comment! criticism is always welcome.
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    123Imirish reacted to Phuket in Forest Map   
    As far as I know there is not. However unless you managed to make it where you spawned in with gear. You would need to have items you can only obtain through homes. Like a saw, Axe, Nails, Hammer. If you wanna live off the land I suggest spending a few days running around town collecting all the items you need to do it. Then head on out into the deep wilderness and enjoy! 
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    123Imirish reacted to harakka in The Forest - Survival Horror Simulator   
    What makes you think it's specifically in Canada? There's plenty of similar woodland in northern Europe and Russia.
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    123Imirish reacted to Rathlord in Commonly Suggested Suggestions   
    Heya guys, I'm going to throw together a quick list of things that are commonly suggested and whether they've been mentioned by devs as tentative or no's. I'm going to be basing this off of a few threads in the old forum and the top of my head. If I miss any please mention it in the thread and I'll add it to the list.
    [n] - This is a confirmed 'No' from the development team. Please don't waste your time or ours reposting unless there's something relevant and new about it
    [y] - This is confirmed 'Yes' from the development team. This is something the definitely want to see in the game, but this does not constitute a guarantee. Please don't post about it unless you have something new or relevant to add.
    [m] - This is a 'maybe' from the dev team. It's something they've mentioned that they were interested in but we still don't know if it's a confirmed feature. Please don't post about it unless you have something new or relevant to add.
    Everything else - everything not marked would be something overwhelmingly decided by the community or that's self-evident. If you feel it needs discussion bring it up here or in a thread if there's not already one out there.
    The Big No's!
    These are a list of things that are either vehemently opposed by the majority of the community, confirmed "no's" by the dev team, or impossible within the game as it is. I'm going to try to make this completely unbiased, but if you disagree with anything posted feel free to mention it. The most important ones are highlighted in red. If you take nothing else from this thread, please pay attention to these.
             Aerosol Can + Lighter = Flamethrower
    [n]    Beginning the game before the infection
    [n]    Children or babies
    [n]    An ending or any game over other than death
    [n]    First Person or other viewpoint changes including camera rotation
    [n]    Immunity/Cure
    [n]    Military Aid
            Mini Maps
    [n]    Morality or Karma meter
    [n]    Overpowered weapons/specific firearms
              Overpowered Vehicles/Tanks
    [n]    Personal Hygiene (going to the bathroom, etc.)
              Playing as a zombie
    [n]    Random generated maps
    [n]    Rape
    [n]    Respawning/Quicksaving
    [n]    Sex
    [n]    "Special" Infected or any type of superhuman zombies
              Specific named weapons (such as AK47, M14, etc.)
    [n]    Unlimited/large amounts of ammo and weapons
    [n]    Voiceover
    [n]    Zombie Beasts or Infected Animals
    [n]    Zombie Camo, or Using Zombie Guts as a Disguise
    Tentative Yes's
    These things are things that either the devs have expressed interest in adding. Please note that this list does not mean these will be in the game at release, nor does it mean the devs will ever add them. It's solely a list of features that at some point they expressed interest in. These things do not need further threads, so please refrain.
    [Added]     Ability to lock doors
    [m]  Amputation
    [Soon]   Animals
    [Soon]   Hunting
    [m]    Porting/Console Version (Depending on Things)
    [m]   Armor
    [y]    Barricading with furniture
    [Added]   Bodies of water 
    [y]    Bows and Crossbows
    [y]    Cauterizing wounds
    [y]    Car Batteries
    [y]    Chainsaw
    [Added]    Cleaning up corpses/blood
    [Added]    Crawling Zombies
    [y]    Dogs
    [Added]   Electronics
    [Soon]   Feral Animals
    [Added]    Generators
    [y]    Walkmans
    [Added]    Malnutrition
    [Added]    Area Maps (no location marker)
    [In Progress]    More animations
    [In Progress]    More map content
    [In Progress]    More weapons
    [Added]    More jobs
    [Added]    More sprites
    [Soon] More Baldspot and Kate
    [Added]    More/Different sneaking animations
    [Added]    Movable items (such as wheelie bins)
    [Soon] NPC's (of all types, good and bad)
    [Soon] NPC relationships
    [Soon] NPC companions
    [Soon] NPC infection
    [Soon] NPC management
    [Added]    Online Multiplayer
    [y]    Passing out
    [y]    Profanity Filter
    [Added]    Rain Barrels
    [Added]    Suicide
    [y]    Sadist Movie Director (in progress) aka The Governor
    [Added]   Sleep quality
    [Added]    Sleep in Multiplayer
    [m]    Sewers and basements
    [Added]    Traps
    [Added]    Unarmed combat
    [Added]    Vehicles
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    123Imirish reacted to RobertJohnson in RELEASED: Build 27   


    Get notified when a new stable or experimental build are out!
     Released IWBUMS Hotfix #2 :

    Spoiler [bUGFIX]
    Fixed #00586 (You can now walk between theatre chairs and climb them) Fixed #00547 Fixed #00569 Fixed #00575 Fixed #00178 Fixed #00560 Fixed some bugs in zombies respawn, but please note this system may bug on previous saved game (specially from build 26). Fixed some bugs in the item distributions. Fixed Jewelry store world filler not working. [MP] Fixed bait not being removed when catching an animal with a trap. Fixed some weird "walking to" issue with trapping (#00579). Fixed some painting walls issues. Fixed some right click on farming plot issues. [MP] Fixed crafted lamppost sync issues. Fixed the version number. Fixed bug when there are more than 10 game controllers. Fixed Last Stand zombies no reset when launching a new game. Fixed some tiles definitions. Fixed a bug in some timed actions where the needed tool was re-equipped (meaning more time to do the action than necessary). Fixed some items distribution bugs (nails in fridge, REALLY ?). [NEW STUFF]
    [MP] Admin now see their names on top of their heads (so they know they're admin.. ) [MP] Admin now see player's username even if the DisplayUserName server option is false. [MP] Added a Ping system :A server option "PingFrequency" (in second, default 10), use it to define how much ping per second a client will do. A server option "PingLimit" (in ms, default 300), use it to define when a player will be disconnected if his ping is too high (not instant, he'll need to be higher than the limit for 5 ping) You can now see your ping (in ms) in top left corner, with color display : Green for ping < 150ms, orange for ping < 300ms and red for ping > 300ms Was already there in build 27 but forgot to say it : Blood and corpse now decay after some time (only in SP for now). Added tooltip over "Join Server" and "Quick Join" button when they're not available to explain why. Allow choosing a spawn region when starting a new character from an existing savegame. You now won't see the server with a different build number than you in the public server list.  
    Reduced the numbers of zombies in the Mall, plus I tweaked the system a bit to be more realistic (no more 30 zombies spawning on top of the stairs, etc.). Changed a bit the PublicServerList UI to be more user friendly. Lowered the difficulty of trapping (less likely loose your bait, no more trap break for now, bit more easier to catch animals)
    NEW MAP WARNING : Your build 26 saves will be compatible with this new build 27, unfortunatly to see the mall and the new awesome cells, you'll need to do a new game, sorry for the inconvenience !
    New world filler for Gun store and Trash can. [TRANSLATIONS]
    Updated translations : Polish, Czech, Spanish, European Portuguese, Russian, Italian. Added Spanish-Argentina translation. [NEW STUFF]
    Trapping ! Yay ! Info here : http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/8800-the-trapping-system/ Public server list, info here : http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/8768-how-to-public-server/ Lot of new cells (> 10) in West Point ! Including a theater, and AN AWESOME HUGE MALL ! [Multiplayer] IMPORTANT : New MD5 Checksum for Multiplayer, everytime a client will connect to any server, all his lua file (including loaded mods) will be compared to the server ones, if ANYTHING is modified, the connection will be refused, I'll add a serverOption to configure this, but it should mean : no more hacking, yeah ! World filler : https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BnlmjE9IUAA-IRf.jpg:large World zones (could be usefull for modding, we'll use them for trapping, NPC, farming...) : https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Bnrlp8HIIAAe4vc.jpg:large Lot of new items :Dead animals Earplugs Rings Various toys ... Propane tank for BBQ ! Ability to grab and move corpse ! A corpse will only have 8 in capacity (instead of 50) Some new container icons (microwave, vending machine). If you don't have the required mod to login a server, the name and url (if present) of the mods will be displayed. Little UI Change on Mods Selector (easier to use, added a "Get mods !" button that link to the modding sub forum). Added a check box for the Survival Guide "show on startup" default is true. Added a new .bat : ProjectZomboid64 - Launcher, if you can try it (specifically on Linux/Mac) and tell me if everything's good, that would be AWESOME ! [bUG FIXES]
    Building a "roof" (understand floor on 2nd level) will protect you from rain when below. Fixed a bug with the safety system not allowing PVP if disabled. Some fix in the items distributions (spawning shoes in vending machine of the laundry.. ). Fixed sometimes trees didn't drop logs. No longer instant plaster/paint. Plastering a wall will now use the plaster bucket, and fill it at a water source won't fill the plaster again. To plaster you know need to have a wall at least lvl 4 and be at least lvl 2 in woodwork. Can now craft the Sticks Trap. Microwave act as stove again. Fixed a weird world filler shelving (the white shelve in kitchen). Added timed actions for every trap actions (no more abuse). Minor fixes on trapping. It's not possible anymore to break the window of the gun store without a sledgehammer. Can't climb through broken window on gunstore if the fence is still here. No more kitchen knives spawn in gun store. Update PZServerSettings.exe : the file will be saved directly in the right folder with the right name (users/YOU/Zomboid/Server/servertest_SanboxVars.lua). Fixed the public server list being sorted by name and not players number. Fixed the server sometimes pinging way too much PZ.com (may have cause some lags). [bALANCE]
    Fishing timed action will add a random part (so every try you fish, the time to got something/nothing will be different), also up a tad the time needed. Slight up of the spawn rate of the trowel. [MODDING]
    Added a "SkillRequired" in recipes, for example : SkillRequired=Woodwork:1;Trapping:2; Added RainManager.getRainIntensity() function Added "OnServerStarted" event. Added "OnThunderStart"/"OnThunderStop" event. [TRANSLATION]
    Added new stuff to translate : http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/2103-official-translation-files/page-4#entry110264
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    123Imirish reacted to Tomwa in So, my 18 year old brother just called Battlefield 3 a "gay rip off" of CoD   
    Anyone here remember when Call of Duty was a really great game? I remember playing it way back when and loving it, now I literally wouldn't play it for free.
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    123Imirish reacted to k12314 in Watch_Dogs anyone?   
    I dunno about all of you, but I'm super hyped for it. It's one of the few games I've ever preordered, and from the videos I've watched, the gameplay and story are fairly interesting, with the gameplay actually utilizing the hacking instead of it just being a thing you can do like some "innovative" games tend to do. Who else is on this hype train with me?
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    123Imirish got a reaction from Zimbie in So, my 18 year old brother just called Battlefield 3 a "gay rip off" of CoD   
    get him to play the fallout games,all true gamers hold them as the highest
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