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  1. Multiplayer, when driving a car the zombies ignore you, not only that they go where the car used to be and give damage to you or scratch you. Looks like horrible dsync is going on in this latest version.
  2. I might have the solution for you, try what I did here: Post on the Help Forum
  3. Yeah of course, hopefully that will be the case in the next update.
  4. So when the vehicle update is coming, the new lib's will be required? Better prepare...
  5. Thanks, I mean I could probably try to make a guide thats working but I'm not sure where to start when it comes to fixing the usual problems one has like for example the one I had here... Is it a good idea suggesting to use older library etc? I don't think so.
  6. I know, I understand it can also be a pain in the ass keeping all the versions of PZ in tact but honestly what we really need is ONE guide that works. Even most of the guides in this very forum that are sticky (!) are horrible outdated. and someone should look into that.
  7. Fixed it by using the files from the older version. Now I do have to say I have not tested this completely yet but so far it seems to work fine. I seriously doubt that they need to update that stuff to the latest of the latest every time, I think this is just something that is done automatically. Anyways, if anyone happens to run into the same problem, here you go, put the files I uploaded into the /natives folder replacing the new ones, Should do the trick until the next update... what a mess. oldifles.zip
  8. I hope the devs themself got a better way, if not I will just use wine to run the windows version.
  9. Can't do that, a lot of programs and games run on this server so I rather not upgrade. I'm sorry to say but this ain't gonna help and I doubt I'm the only one running Ubuntu 14.04 (which is still supported by everyone else).
  10. makes no difference. In case you mean 108600 which is the ID from the Game.
  11. I'm not sure whats wrong, but I have been trying to fix this problem for 6 hours now, reinstalling and installing packages etc etc. I'm kinda tired so I will just ask on the forum now. I also don't understand the errors it throws, its random bullshit and honestly I think the whole server package is a mess anyways but I guess you guys know more, here is the log from last startup. Things I know: No other PZ is running on the same port, so that cant be it I reinstalled PZ from the normal release AND also IWBUMS and both have the same error. The error at the end about the map is confusing, I dont even know if thats the cause I doubt it is, I think some library is missing, but It worked before I updated. The user I am running the server with has all the permissions needed to access the folder and also /zomboid Update/Install script looks like this: ./steamcmd.sh +login #### #### +force_install_dir /home/gameserver/PZ/ +app_update 380870 validate +exit I did also try to use the normal game app ID, but same problems there, even worse cause shit's missing. Any help is greatly appreciated! pzlogs.txt TEMPORARY SOLUTION:
  12. nexitem

    Large Asylum Complex

    DIE! lol That Said, I like yours so far keep it up
  13. nexitem

    Large Asylum Complex

    After I am done with my apartment I will try make the asylum from "AHS" (American Horror Story Season 2).
  14. nexitem

    Apartment Building

    Your building was my main inspiration for a apartment building, I added grimes to walls already, other details like blood etc will be added when the main features are done. Really like your work. When I had the raw layout of the first floor, All I did was duplicated it up. These mapping tools are very powerful in the right hands. Some things still annoy me a little bit, I have some suggestions for the PZ dev team... I write them down.
  15. nexitem

    Apartment Building

    Yea, I am currently going after a realistic feeling of the building, after all this is one of the buildings that would be used in the dayz map. I Have some plans to make the hallways feel less repetitive Also a lot of outside work still to be done.
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