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  1. 1092 Let us snooze the watch alarm by just clicking on the display, in the top right corner of the screen, instead of having to select the watch from the inventory, right click on it and select "turn off alarm" after all, it's a wrist watch, it's right there on my wrist, why should i open my inventory to snooze the alarm? edit* : and let it be possible to snooze off the alarm while moving(walking) . my character can eat a whole meal of stir-fry bird's meat and mushrooms from a pan while walking, but cannot snooze the alarm of a wrist-watch?
  2. Car are grossly overpowered, there's no other way to describe them. 1993 IRL cars could not withstand such harassment you see in the game, the engine would incurr in failure almost immediatly, navigation and steering aswell, immediate failure on impact, extremely hindered visual, almost to a complete blindness; if a windshield cracks it shatters in way that's almost impenetrable to see through. or if you are "lucky" then the windshield simply disintegrates on impact with the first zombie, leaving a door size opening right into your passenger seat, for you to accomodate the very next zombie that rolls over the hood flopping right into the cockpit, the very place where your tender flesh is, ready to be snacked on Same goes for door's windshields, maybe a tiny bit more resilient than the windshield, since the force imprinted by the zombies themselves would be much less than a car crash impact, but still, glass is not the most resilient material, 3or 4 zombies banging their heads against it, it wouldn't take long for it to explode in your face another point is the amount of splatter and mushed zombies that would accumulate on the terrain. we can see 20, 30 zombies corpses being run over and kept being run over. the grip of the tires would eventually become to a near zero, making it impossible for the car to push against 4-5 zombies in the front and in the back, resulting in a full stop, leaving the car at complete disposal of the horde ammassed around, to bepicked and opened like a can of sardines with that being said, the natural outcome would be a survivor that would modify his/her car to make it more durable and resilient to impact, as πšŽπš’πšπšŽπš—πšπš›πšŠπšž mentioned, modified vehicles are very likely to appear in a world populated by zombies
  3. in custom mode there's an option in the zombie lore tab which allows zombies to open doors
  4. thank you for the headsup i hope wont take too much time to see the new UI , also better optimized and functional i would say that to implement the easy scrolling mentioned above couldnt take much effort . probably a couple of code line and few hours of handwork see u in the apocalipse sir (you or your walking corpse)
  5. hi survivors ! i attached an image which is self explanatory i found particulary frustrating having to select every time the right slot/corpse/(bag) every time so why not implement this easy way to scroll through the inventory menΓΉ ?
  6. well my count was rough and based only on active metabolism , not counting basal which would be overkilling the subject since in that count u cant use the word "average" since every single person has his own basal metabolism , thus you should check so many varies that would make you crazy (or qualify yourself as a professional dietitian anyway you got my point , a true survival game should count in the metabolism along with diseases and injuries
  7. just to point it out , wouldn't be cool if food in game would be actually accurate with calories , portions and weight ? i also noticed that in the new build the flour last only 2 uses . its weight is 1 (1 what ? kg? pound? ) and even if there is only half of it left , it still weight 1 . wait there before u think i am crazy and pedant , cause i can be worse the version before (23) the flour lasted a lot more (6-7 usages?) and that made sense to me (roughly) tasty soup = steak (300 cal) + 100g flour ( 360 cal) + 100g sugar (380 cal) = a meal of roughly 1000 cal , eating twice in a day would cover the average daily requirements
  8. i like you discussion cause it seems that the center of it is realism for as much as i know , by any stretch of imagination , in real life , "stress" does NOT impair the regeneration process (maybe it slow down the regeneration by a fraction , mbe something that look like this 0,001% but i think that is too much) What it actually does impair regeneration is fatigue , and calories in/out balance (also hydric balance affect fluids , so healing process as well) Also i'd like to point it out that a scratch from infected (with lethal virus and other organic material not properly aseptic provenance) nails is something a little bit serious than a scratch from the fields i'd like to post a suggestion where the health system would be based on realistic medical parameters (not every parameter jeez ) like hydratation , nutrition , cleanliness (maybe decontamination and sterilization? oh that would be so cool!) etc but i think t will be a bit overkilling , and also of course most of the time where it resides realism fun doesnt , but with some tweaks everything could works excellent
  9. I'm reading some of the threads linked . There is plenty of stuff , but i guess you are right , i should post a suggestion . I'm working on it
  10. Hello That twist would defintly be nice ! Adding more strategic and relevant outcomes to your choices . Very cool ,i like that! On the other side I'd also like to see an implementation about starvation , malnutrition , water poisining effects and so on in a wasteland i would be the hell scared out of what i'd touch also , a big also , we are talking about viral infection spread by blood . that's the worst when talking about rabid crazy humanoid monsters so what would be an huge twist would be using bleach to clean off area from blood ! the body replacement is already almost done so that complete the scenario
  11. Hello Yes , as someone stated actually the CPR procedure doesn't really work like that . If you got shot and bled out , there are 0% chance you get revived But anyway i like the approach of getting deeply and "next gen" with health system
  12. Thanks a lot I'll dig into it =)
  13. Hello Everyone Let me begin with an HUGE thank to you guys Developers , you are doing an amazing job ! The 3D sprites looks amazing ,it looks and feels great and very realistic , everything is improving and going great , keep up the gj =) ! I would like to ask you a thing about health system , since in a survival game simulator is pretty the core of the game : - is it the actual health system going to be revisited along the cooking system ? I don't want to write too much about for now , because 2 reasons : first i am interested and curious about other points of views and idea second i would bother you so bad , that you cannot even imagine . health it is my job so i could easily overkill the topic . which wouldnt be harmful to discuss just for fun of course I know probably there are thenth of topics about health , so if you preferr me to be more specific , i'll gladly more clear in deatails Greeting to the Devs
  14. crisius


    so here's another suggestion i try to suggest things that uses items or stuff actually already presents in the game , so it wont be very difficult to implement that , also adding features to existing items will add depth to gameplay here we go : resin from trees as you know trees are everywhere , but except for wood there is no other use for them , so i thought why not using resin to craft torches ? how does it work ? with an axe you hit few time the tree , without chopping it down of course , and after a day or two visiting again the same tree it will hold in the "tree's inventory" some resin with a spoon and a bowl you can store resin for later usage or with a sturdy stick and bandages you can craft a torch (resin+bandages+sturdy stick=torch) you can use a lit up torch (simply with a lighter or fire matches) to light up the campfire , or also another way to craft light poles (sorry don't remember the actual name ) hope you like the idea
  15. yes probably is just silly idea , a sturdystick left on fire would do the job as well , and compost is defintly more important than pencils how do you make fertilizer tho ?
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