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    EDIT: **Released** --> http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1331826879
    Direct Download: http://undeniable.info/pz/SuperSurvivors.zip
    As some of you know, over the past few weeks I've been working a new version that intends to work on vehicles build and handle many of the reported problems and issues reported over the past while. As well as add some new features and Improved AI!  So whats different? Let's take a look.

    Let's get the Bad News out of the way first

    Problems that still have not been fully resolved, and really cannot be without java side edits which we don't want:
    Pathfinding Freezes/Delay.  If there is a lot of stuff going on in the cell like zombies hording towards a big sound, Survivors can have a lot of delay before they calculate a path to where they are wanting to go and therefore, may appear frozen in place even though they are trying to move or run away but are waiting for the response of the Path-finding algorithm. New issue since vehicle build path-find change is that certain building windows in certain places on the map, seem to have an incorrect property set which causes a survivor to think they are able to walk through it, when obviously they cant.  Calling said survivor to you if they are stuck can get them un stuck MP is still a No
      Problems that have been fixed!:
    Random Survivor Despawn.  No more random disappearances of your loved survivors! Survivors are now saved in a map table which is saved many times per minute, which gets loaded at the start of the game.  There is no way your survivor is going to disappear until he dies and his save file is deleted by the OnDeath event. PVP System improved, No more friendly fire on group members when PVP is on. Survivors can now Sprint! Very noticeable performance / efficiency boost.  The whole mod was totally re-written.  Much more organized and clean, potential for growth is great now. Compared to Normal Survivors mod, FPS is great, no lag or stuttering (caused by this mod) Bleach Suicides. Survivors no longer consider Bleach and other poisonous "foods" as food. Bad Food Choices. Survivors no longer just grab random food but will make a more intelligent choice, choosing cooked and spoil able foods first. Endless Door Open Attempts. Survivors will no longer stand there in an infinite loop trying to open a locked door that's not gonna open. They will try entry through a window or give up trying to get in. Barricade Building Order Fixed.  Didn't work at all before, now it does. Woodbury, Military Blockade, Prison, Hilltop Spawn points fixed.  The option to spawn in these places on a new game was gone, now it is back! Enter Vehicles.  Survivors will now enter the real Vehicles from the vehicles build assuming there is a free seat, they will get in if following you when you are in said vehicle. Note Survivors will not get into vehicles from car mod anymore. Feed me I'm a Baby. Before survivors in an order state like guard or patrol would not feed themselves. Now they will eat or go find the food or water they need no mater what state they were in, as long as they are not ignoring danger to get a snack obviously. The name in the medical check menu now matches the survivors name  
    New Features:
    Survivors Name appears over their head like it does on Multiplayer Barricade Order added/fixed Doctor Order added.  A Doctor will go to and treat anyone near by that is in need of any kind of treatment, bandage changes, splints, stitches, anything!  You can only Order a group member to take the doctor role if they have at least level 3 Doctor Farming Order added. Yes you can have Survivors tend your farm for you.  But not just any survivor can do this. You must find someone with at least level 3 farming. Partial Food Eating. Survivor will only eat w/e % of the food is necessary to return to 0 Hunger rather than just eating the whole thing. A More interactive style of of well... interacting with survivors.  You cannot just shout orders or order all orders and have your orders heeded immediately like before.  These are people not your puppets after all.  To ask a survivor in your group to do something, or any survivor to do anything basically, you need to first engage them in a conversation.  By right clicking on them and "Call"ing them over to you.  Then they will come and have your attention for a short time. During that time you have many options to interact with them like before such as giving orders, giving them items, swapping weapons etc.   Now right clicking can be tedious i know so, there is a hot key "t" which will Call a near by member to you automatically. and hotkey "/" to call a Non party member from near by if any. Improved Random Survivor AI.  Before the randomly spawned survivors would just endlessly fight near by zombies, flee from zombies or try to hide.
    Now they will follow the following logic.  If they don't have weapon they will search for building to loot, going to new building by buildings looting for said weapon. Once weapon is found, they continue going from building to building but this time looking for food.  Once they find food. they will then barricade the windows and lock the doors. And remain in that building as their kind of base.  Eating and drinking what they have inside until they get killed or you come to recruit them. If they run out of food in said base and begin to starve they will set out again for a new base containing food. Recruiting Logic improved. Before a survivor just have a x chance to be willing to join you or not.  Now all survivors have a kind of relationship stat, and asking them to join you will be based on that stat, a quite low chance for successful invite by the starting level, and each time you ask them the relationship stat goes down!.  So asking and asking does not help but lowers chances.  Giving a random survivor a weapon or foods will increase relationship stat and chance of them excepting party invite! Proper Greetings. If a random Survivor sees you for the first time and it is not too dangerous to do so, they will approach you and greet you.  And will continue on their way after you do not interact with them for a short time.  Though you can of course call them back. First Aide! before survivors did not address their injuries at all.  Now they will flee and give them self first aide if required.  They don't do anything more complicated then bandaging.  Unless they are in Doctor mode. If you want to give them first aide treatment without them messing with bandages first order them to "Hold still" Finding their own Water.  Survivors, like when hungry, when thirsty will go find water near by themselves, either from an item containing water like water bottle, or from a water source like sink, tub, well or toilet. Declaring your Base Area and other Base related areas. You can now select areas with your mouse and designate them as areas in your base, like storage areas for certain items, areas to do certain kind of base work in. Options / Settings in Main menu.  Before you had to fish through the mod files and find the settings file open it with notepad editor and change the values yourself. But now you can simple return to the main menu and Super Survivors has a page on the options menu and you can set all settings with drop down boxes. Group / Base Role based AI  Survivors in or around the base, will try to keep themselves busy even if you don't tell them what to do. W/e they choose to do, they will stop and return to base after doing that thing for a reasonable amount of time. Survivors in Base do Work  Survivors in base, who are not currently doing something you the leader ordered them to do, will take up work tasks themselves based on their group role. Gun fire Cover when behind Objects if you are behind a window shooting from out a window. You will have great cover against incoming fire. Approx 75%.  Many other objects just having them between you and the shooter when you are behind them will also give you cover. The average object gives you 50% cover. Good shooting skills can slightly negate the effectiveness of cover. Translation Support  Translation Support has been added. The file to translate is located in the mod files \media\lua\shared\Translate\EN\
    Japanese Translation by TEATIME05
    Brazilian Portuguese Translation by williamfoxrpg
    Stuff that is Gone now or not yet added:
    Controlling Survivors.  No longer an option and will no longer be. As the idea of this mod is for them to be self sufficient enough for you to not need to control them Order All option. (will not re-add for already mentioned above reason. But something similar will be added ) Rules of Engagement. (Something similar will be added)  
    Stuff I plan on adding soon:
    Survivors going on Loot missions themselves (Out of cell) with amount of items they bring back dependant on various things such as time since start of world, kind of weapon / skills. You Joining groups.  You can join groups and not be the leader.  Survivor Group Leader AI will give the orders. a simple story mode with quests involving unique survivors
      Here is a link to the Workshop! : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1331826879

    Here is a demo video showing the Doctor AI:
    Random Survivor AI Demo Video: 
    New order Gather Wood works great together with Chop Wood Order:
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    dnk3912 reacted to nasKo in Flashing in the Dark   
    Hey everyone! I bit of a ’round the table’ what people are up to blog this week, a few little vids and pics to show but generally a ‘we’re working on it!’ blog as we try and push the final mile. We have some plans internally that we’ll share once we get a handle on how long the rotational blending system takes to polish and bugfix.
    Speaking of, Zac and Martin have been hard at work getting the rotational system polished off the last few weeks. We’re still having some persistent issues with the body twisting and various other things with the 180 degree turns looking unnatural, particularly while moving, but feel we’re getting closer every day. Here’s a recent video showing the rotation anims in action but please bear in mind its still very work in progress at the moment.
    Lots of to-ing and fro-ing with animation debugger output and puzzling at why certain anims are blended in, additions to the animation system to filter out transition anims based on conditions, and effort to repair foot sliding issues with the power of maths.

    Elsewhere, RJ has been hard at work clearing out a lot of the long standing bugs in the ‘definitely fix before IWBUMs’ bucket, as well as general polish and balancing up around the code base, fixing up crawlers, rebalancing shoe bite protection, rebalancing the bleeding system etc, to eventually get rid of all our big irritants in the internal build before others play.
    Tim, as well as some garbage collection assassination work (which it occurs to me now makes him sound like a hitman offing people in a garbage truck, rather than a coder trying to make java behave, now I read it back), has been working on some cool underlying tech that makes it easier to attach models to other meshes with predefined mesh attachment points since his forays into the vehicle model parts and so on that we’ve reported on previously:

    The upshot of this system is we can do some cool stuff we were not able to previously, including muzzle flashes
    (Note art is not final)
    There are other interesting applications shared, but we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves and promise stuff that may not make it into IWBUMS at this point, so we’ll see where it goes first.
    Turbo has been hard at work with the upgrade to the clothing insulation system, will just leave this (still WIP) UI panel to give an idea of how its going:
        This week’s foggy meeting by Sedna. A general list of stuff added to PZ, and vids of features being worked on, is kept here – so you don’t have to plough through endless dev blogs for info. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too!
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    dnk3912 reacted to nasKo in Waterway to Go   
    Hey all – a few quick things while we continue to tidy up the public Build 40 that was released two weeks ago, and TEA do their animations things backstage for Build 41.
    We currently have the next 40 patch in beta, and we just released 40.35. We think this now covers most of the primary irritations in the current version: muffled local text chat, some run issues, some issues with MP savegame conversion, wonky door construction and indestructible stairs.
    On Tuesday we also released 40.34, which also covered issues with car alarms, building, chatbox integration, errant zombie attractant car honks and forced car-re-entry on MP reloads.
    Once this is released to public we’ll hopefully pretty much there with 40 now, although Turbo is still working on improving his shaders for internal lights, headlights and flashlights – and Bitbaboon Steve is joining us again tomorrow to double-check there aren’t any easy-win performance hang-ups he can resolve.
    General Arcade’s Yuri is currently working on the improved presentation of water for Build 41, and while still experimental it currently looks like this.

    Now, a few things to mention:
    This is still a WIP, and it’s a fair criticism to say it looks ‘too good’ (if such a thing were possible) when compared to the static hand-drawn land tiles. However, from this we intend to tweak the specular, colour and reflection for balance, and indeed perhaps add a subtle effect to the land itself. Yuri still needs to optimize this system, and in the videos the character is invisible due to the ongoing merging of animations into other dev branches. The endpoint of this water presentation revamp will also be to specify water zones through the PZ map tools that specify water flow direction, instead of only taking wind direction into account for the animation. In this way we can have the river in Riverside very clearly being a flowing river, and standing ponds and lakes looking far more settled. GAMEPAD REVAMP TEST BUILD

    We currently have General Arcade’s Stas working on a new controllers build, and we’re now at a point at which we need to hear feedback from PZ survivors who like to play with a pad, and/or in split-screen, about how it’s playing.
    If this is you (and you’d like to be rewarded with an extra freshly minted PZ Steam code for a friend, enemy or loved one) then we have a new test beta for you to try out – and ten questions to answer from your experience of a few hours of play on the build.
    To learn more about the Controllers test build, the free PZ Steam codes for active participants, and to find out how to access the beta then click here.
    Please note however that currently only PC players can run the build, and also that the joypad back-end system, configuration and bindings have been completely rewritten from the ground up. In the process some aspects of the controls and default bindings have been changed in the rewriting process – if you have any issues with the default bindings and behaviours of the controls we’d like to hear about it.
    This week’s emergency service from kortes. A general list of stuff added to PZ, and vids of features being worked on, is kept here – so you don’t have to plough through endless dev blogs for info. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too.
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    dnk3912 reacted to Batsphinx in RELEASED: Build 40   
    Simulated weather and climate system - recreating true-to-life weather patterns through 365 days of the year New shaders for times of day and seasonal effects Storms that move over the map Fog and mist that clears during the day Rain and snow now look like they hit the ground. Rain then disappears, and snow fades out. Improved snow and snow effects. New isoRegions system to detect an enclosed area - player-made or dev-created - to keep weather effects on the outside New player character temperature system New Chatbox. Primary features include separate chat streams (safehouse, local, global, etc), customizable chat and more intuitive usage and commands. It's hopefully a lot more convenient now. New system to convert objects placed by mappers so they can be used as functional game objects. This covers items like barricades, campfires, rain barrels, traps, composters, crops etc. New functionalities for the PZ sound system. Formerly modders couldn't override sounds in PZ FMOD soundbanks, so when players find certain sounds are too loud or annoying (heartbeat, zombie alert, flies, level up noise etc) it was hard to raise/lower them independently. Details about all the game sounds now go into media/scripts/sounds.txt. A new in-game UI allows users change the volume of any sound they feel is too oppressive. Winter is Coming game mode now works with new climate system. Seasons still impact on this mode - 'Summer' highest temperature is 0 degrees centigrade, and winters may drop to -30. After 3 full days a powerful weather period is generated, that will always feature a blizzard. New MP Admin UI added: an Items list viewer in the admin panel. It can be used to quickly search through, and spawn, items. New C++ version of ZombiePopulationManager. This system is what governs the placement and movement of zombies when they’re not directly on your screen, and this updated version should be an optimization for SP and MP – hopefully helping out lower spec machines and busy servers. Reflective windows on vehicles Skybox generation for vehicle reflective windows. This takes into account: the time of day, the Global illumination color, fog, cloudiness, precipitation intensity, wind direction, wind speed and the temperature of the ambient air (as in winter the clouds are lower than the ground) Added 'sway' wind sprite effects for trees and vegetation that increases/decreases with wind speeds(default on, can be toggled off in options)  Added 'shake' sprite effects for hits on doors, chops on trees and zeds/players walking through vegetation. Added new Spiffo survival guide entries about weather. Added new clothes: Long shorts, Jacket, Padded Pants, Padded Jacket Thunder sound now plays to all players when an admin bans a player banned, a thunder rumble is heard when one is kicked. Game now saves the last five console logs in a /logs/ zip so users can easily upload errors even after they've restarted a game Added more checks to online usernames. They now must be three characters long, and not contain any of the following character: ; . ' ? \ Added new server option AllowNonAsciiUsername (default false). This can be set to true to allow the use of non-ascii characters in the username, such as the Cyrillic alphabet etc..) Game now checks username in lowercase when accessing the database. So if your name is BLARG, but you type BLaRG you will still join. Commands can now be temporaly disabled with DisabledCommand annotation. Disabled connections, grantadmin, removeadmin, servermessage and thunder commands. Help also disabled for these commands by annotation Added climate and weather MP admin panels. Many climate values can be now be ticked to override what's happening on the map. Values set by admin will override any values set by climate system, weather and mods. System also shows current weather information, and gives options to stop it. Added BloodSplatLifespanDays server option to remove old blood-splats. Added a 'Revert screen settings' feature after 20 seconds for when newly selected resolution settings are incompatible. Added a way to edit admin powers (invisible, godmod, no clip, unlimited carry, various cheat...) in the MP admin panel. Added in-game Sandbox options editor for server admins - this will allow server admins to change in-game settings that do not require a restart. Updated community translations. Also updated translations with the display names to aid the process. Added a way for outside signs to have light (check room under it if they have electricity). Added lights to neon signs. Added buttons to server-disconnect screen to return to Main Menu or Quit to Desktop. Added separate Shadow extents from vehicle extents to allow for better shadows Updated fonts to bold to aid readability. Added a way to edit Admin powers (invisible, godmode, no clip, unlimited carry etc) in the in-game admin panel Added back the Lowest lighting-quality display option. [Lowest lighting quality now doesn't use the circle-stencil and doesn't draw a second pass of floor shading, so it is a help to low-spec users.] Added Display option to disable the new roof-hiding feature for low-spec users. Shaders now used to draw wall + stencil + lighting in a single pass. Difficult to tell how much FPS boost this results in, but could help. Client now displays the first lua or script file that does not match one on the server to aid user diagnosis of things going wrong with MP Updated menu screen with vertical rather than horizontal options - due to problems with taskbar in latest Windows Updates. Added a UI to display status and error messages when attempting to connect to a server. Vehicle dashboard now displays headlight icon in red if headlights are switched on but aren't working. Added tooltip for Light Fire when Notched Plank is in inventory but not the other item required for lighting a fire. Added Loot All and Transfer All commands to the inventory context menu when using a controller.  
    Reduced the the impact of loot modifier sandbox option on easier difficulty. Increased the height of tooltip progressbars. Added being able to rest/sleep on picnic table (considered as a bad bed.) Added missing Raspberry Shortbread, CookieChocolateChip" & Candycane items to the loot table. Added a way to dismantle car wrecks (burnt car) with a propane torch & a welding mask. Gathered metal material will depend on your metalwork skill. Added missing nutrition values to medicinal herbs and condiments. Disabled zombies sprinters in MP (if speed is set to Sprinter, it'll be set back to Fast Shamblers) Lowered the alarm clocks a and digital watch wake up distance. Added "Very Low" choice to CarSpawnRate Sandbox option. Increased VOIP range  (fade and falloff) Bowls of soup now affect thirst. Wood barricades require two nails. Previously in SP 2 nails would be used, while in MP only 1 would be used. Changed in-vehicle visibility cone for when player drives through weather effects. Cone now extends based on darkness value. Player can now sleep in a car that has its engine running. Added Packaged=TRUE to Remoulade so nutrition info is visible. Renamed Disinfect Bandage recipes to Dinsinfect Rag for Ripped Sheets. Increased the distance zombies spawn in newly-seen rooms when the player is in the same building. This is to fix zombies spawning right in front of (or sometimes around) the player in the large open rooms in the Mall. Renamed Metal Tube into Metal Pipe. Removed Pipe (plastic one) from recipes/dropping table, and now use Metal Pipe instead. Improved the appearance of crafting tooltips. Frozen food no longer allowed as the primary ingredient in evolved recipes. Can no longer use rotten bread slices when cooking level is less than 7. Added several missing vehicles zones (McCoy, Fossoil) & improved gas station vehicles spawning. Car-battery charger is now placed on the ground and interacted with using a context menu. Transferring water from an object to an inventory item now requires equipping that item. The amount of water to transfer is calculated in start() instead of when the action is queued.  Repair Engine and Take Engine Parts now show progress bars and flash Success/Failure. Drunk moodle now has an impact on driver steering input Updated map to improve zombie density in some farmland and rural areas.  Changed First Week in One Week Later and adjusted settings to make sure that new players aren't given too easy a ride. You can now improve wooden door frames as you would walls. (This won't work on previously built frames though). Players can now be harmed when hit by a car. DamageToPlayerFromHitByACar sandbox option added Added chevrons on character screen next to the weight to indicate if weight is increasing or decreasing. All vehicle doors may be locked/unlocked from inside without requiring a key. Single tile doors can now be blocked from opening/closing by obstacles - as it is with double doors. Piped items (sinks, toilets, baths..) now require a wrench to be moved. A moveable item requiring no skill now have a 25% chance of breaking instead of 75%. After placing a water piped item you now need to plumb it back before being able to use it (require a wrench & a building or fully enclosed player built house). Weather now impacts on chances of starting the car (specially on low quality engine, the colder, the harder is to start).  
    LoadVehicleModel lua function and re-calc spawn chance added to aid players who want to mod in new/individual cars. Mapper-placed generators are now functional objects when first loaded. Changed spawnchance for vehicle type definition from an Int to a Float. Added mod options for climatemanager  
    Fixed character info UI exception when admin assigns a profession to a formerly profession-less player. Fixed mousewheel not scrolling the ServerWelcomeMessage textbox in the server-settings editor. Fixed ancient font kerning bug. Fixed "Loading..." message appearing briefly when continuing an existing save. Fixed resize bug with the server browser that made the tabs unclickable. Fixed missing scrollbar in the New Game screen. Fixed duplicate scrollbars in some server-settings editor lists. Fixed "Lage Metal Shelves" typo. Fixed house with missing walls near 14070,5200. Fixed rendering hidden moodles every frame. Fixed unused duplicate ISInventoryPage.refreshBackpacks() Fixed UIElement.DrawText(x,y,alpha) not using FBO_ALPHA_MULT. Fixed bug that could result in invisible 3D corpses. Fixed invalid RGB values used in TextManager.DrawString(x,y,str) Fixed GC created while loading files and some related to textures loading. Fixed unoptimized TextManager.getFontFromEnum() Fixed splitscreen players not being able to wake themselves up with less than two controllers active. Fixed exception playing zombie sounds when a zombie's current square is null. Fixed server sending smash-window packets to distant clients. Fixed outright carmageddon when vehicle ids become negative after a long time running. Fixed "Drop" option appearing for non-droppable moveable objects in inventory. Fixed not being able to pick up corpses behind tall windows. Fixed previously-clicked buttons sometimes remaining highlighted when redisplayed. Fixed "Peanut Butter and  Sandwich". Fixed the info button in the character-info screen titlebar not displaying the help text for the current tab. Fixed calculation of the amount of condition restored when fixing things. Fixed syncing of the remaining uses of ingredients with CanBeDoneFromFloor recipes. Fixed syncing items in vehicles or containers with CanBeDoneFromFloor recipes. Fixed sledgehammer being primary weapon over axe or baseballbat when pressing the "equip handweapon" hotkey (default 1). Fixed being able to equip weapon while running. Fixed lack of ability to plaster and paint a wooden pillar. Fixed campfire spawning items. Fixed painting a wall not removing a blood splat on it. Fixed progress bar not showing when adding an ingredient in an evolved recipe. Fixed not being to craft battery connector for some movable items. Fixed GameClient.receiveItemListNet() using short instead of int ids. Fixed "Level Up" button in Player Stats admin UI not updating target player. Fixed IsoObject.save() handling of Attached sprites. Fixed exception reading a map chunk when an object without a sprite was saved. Fixed client exception taking a bag off the ground shortly after transferring items to/from it. Fixed being able to dig graves from a vehicle. Fixed wrong nutrition value for PanFish. Fixed various wrong container items spawning. Fixed not being allowed to take more dirt from the same spot. Fixed appropriate tiles not being seen as "Gravel". Fixed carpentry/metalwork/walkto context option being available while inside a vehicle. Fixed being able to dig with hands and shovel from a car. Fixed a bug when trying to eat an item that was no longer there. Fixed carpentry door option not being disabled if nothing could be built. Fixed typo "You killed 0 zombie" into "You killed 0 zombies". Fixed server sending (most but not all) vehicle packets to distant clients. Fixed server sending multiple packets when brake lights turn on/off. Fixed deaf players being able to hear car radios, players with deaf trait can still read/hear TVs if facing them due to closed captions. In splitscreen, text displayed above a non-deaf player is visible to a deaf player. Fixed "buffer overrun" error after sitting on the server-disconnect screen for a while. Fixed players becoming trapped upstairs by forbidding building floors (and metal roofs) above/over stairs. Fixed being able to move the health body status everywhere. Fixed some wrong/missing parking lot zones. Fixed campfire container icon not being displayed. Fixed speed controls clock button being too fast. Fixed client sending 20KB checksum string to the server. Fixed the the first spawned vehicle not having a schematic in Vehicle Mechanics and having a very basic "switch seat" image Fixed zone mask textures for all vehicles - ensuring correct doors, rear view mirrors and hoods. Fixed wrong calculation of WaterShutModifier & ElecShutModifier sandbox options. Fixed SystemDisabler.doAllowDebugConnections being set to true Fixed headlights on Sportscar being incorrectly positioned Fixed bounding rectangle for character collisions being smaller than physics collisions for vehicles. Also Remade transfer areas vertically, and not parallel to the vehicle. Also also Changed the shift of areas. Now the hood and trunk area is shifted in parallel of vehicle. The areas of doors and tires shift vertical. Fixed physicsDelay and physicsDelayServer transmitting incorrectly Fixed Function UpdateLimit.Check incorrectly calculating delay time. Fixed the game client periodically requesting a full update of the car for which the coordinates are transmitted from the server. This caused the car to twitch. Fixed Van sliding around map even without brakes and tires Fixed debug log message "VID=__ force=__" on server Fixed vehicles that can be rammed to turn over and float above zombies Fixed shell texture being set to null for special vehicles Fixed vehicles missing uninstalled Trunk lid / Hood textures; when uninstalled, these parts look visually repaired Fixed 'Cone of light' from vehicle headlights being too narrow Fixed not being able to get into cars that are tightly packed in parking lots Fixed getting in a car door on the southern side causing the car to overlap the player entirely for a brief second Fixed the game becoming unresponsive when standing next to a vehicle that is turned on its side Fixed Van/VanSeats missing textures for uninstalled rear doors Fixed Van/VanSeats missing textures for uninstalled middle doors Fixed stationary cars getting hit by another car in MP rubber-banding back to their old position This involved Yuri changing the algorithm for synchronizing cars on the network. Fixed NullPointerException in zombie.iso.objects.IsoWaveSignal.AddDeviceText(IsoWaveSignal.java:152) Fixed plants clipping through the car Fixed trash sprite being rendered above the car Fixed visual anomaly after re-loading a Host server and driving Fixed passengers sometimes not being able to exit from vehicle after travel. Fixed the wrong render of "Random" - Button In "Customise Character" menu Fixed colliding with a zombie head on, while they're in their walking state, letting you push them indefinitely Fixed zombies hit by a turning car snapping to a different position Fixed how, on a dedicated server hosted remotely, zombies take a very long time to react to vehicle sounds and movement Fixed issues with how Zombies walk between several sources of sounds. Fixed incorrectly displayed position of vehicle after collision with another car. Fixed cars floating to the ground when spawned Fixed some car texture issues Fixed the game sometimes not reacting to some keys (V and Esc) Fixed horn (Q or V menu) causing popping sound, as if several were being played at once Fixed clicking repeatedly while the game is saving can causing it to lock up Fixed the missing hood and rear view mirror being incorrectly displayed on PickUp vehicle. Fixed cars showing damage texture on parts but not in Mechanics menu Fixed some standing zombies not reacting to collisions with vehicle in MP. Fixed the 'Hours until death from zombie infection' not starting at the exact moment infection occurs. Fixed ambient sound emitters being played every frame and clogging the FMOD command queue. Fixed sound file name instead of GameSound name in AttackVehicleState. Fixed UIElements not getting onMouseMoveOutside callbacks sometimes. Fixed selecting text in UITextBox2 with the mouse. Fixed BaseVehicle.emitter not being removed from SoundManager.emitters. Fixed "0-12 hours" Sandbox setting killing instantly. Fixed server database editor not handling special characters in strings. Fixed some vehicle sounds not being sent to remote clients when the local player has the Deaf trait. Fixed vehicle exit positions not being blocked by obstacles properly. Fixed various door and window sounds not playing for remote clients. Fixed metalwork crafting sounds not using GameSound name. Fixed players with Deaf trait sending repeated sounds to other clients for some actions and creating HORRIBLE NOISE. Fixed mechanics UI delay in showing textures when opened for the first time. Fixed UIElement.DrawTextScaledUniform when textures are in a .pack file. Fixed multithreading bug with animation loading. Fixed missing RotateObject GameSound. Fixed inventory tooltips overlapping the mouse pointer near the bottom-right corner of the screen. Fixed street signs not showing the collided-with sprites Fixed NullPointerException in WorldSoundManager.getBiggestSoundZomb() Fixed usernames being case-sensitive, leading to duplicates (Hicks, hicks, hICKs . . . ) in the database Fixed game characters with names in different registers being loaded as one and the same character Fixed position of Toggle Stove button in loot window titlebar with larger fonts. Fixed the new GameSounds UI not working with the controller. Fixed the lack of SFX when attempting to push a stationary vehicle out of the way. Fixed getting out of the van ejecting you a tile or two away Fixed admin commands not working with ' " '.  Fixed setaccesslevel not working anymore.  Fixed not being able to modify steamid column in whitelist viewer.  Fixed not being able to see some columns (including steamid) in the admin's whitelist viewer. Fixed setaccesslevel not being usable on a non connected player who's present in the whitelist. Fixed it not being possible to enter vans through rear doors. Fixed issues with adding/removing gas from a vehicle. Previously the time wasn't proportional to the amount of gas being transferred and Gas Can didn't need to be equipped first. Fixed equipped empty Gas Can was remaining equipped as an empty gas can after siphoning. Fixed the Server Workshop Items connect-to-server UI having issues when the scrollbar is visible. Fixed farming tooltip rendering with different font sizes. Fixed ac/heater draining the battery when the engine isn't running. Fixed LayoutManager making a window visible without adding it to the list of windows. Fixed host losing admin accessLevel in splitscreen. Fixed swinging a weapon at a broken window granting the player XP. Fixed ac/heater draining the battery when the engine isn't running. Fixed Stick Trap using the wrong "closed" sprite. Fixed bad things happening when using the "Level Up" button in the player-stats admin panel. Fixed player not facing campfires when performing various actions on them. Fixed player animation not playing when opening a barricaded window from the non-barricaded side. Fixed missing context-menu option to remove metal-bar barricades. Fixed second farm-plant sprites not being used. Fixed not being able to place medicine cabinets over low objects like toilets. Fixed exception with sprites that have one of lightR/lightG/lightB properties equal to zero. Fixed many duplicate invisible sprites being created for unspawned erosion objects. Fixed erroneous "user XXX will be kicked because Lua/script checksums do not match" message. Fixed not being able to set access level on yourself Fixed the Admin cannot not being able to edit item and containers on players in admin inventory view screen. Fixed game crashing in FMOD_Studio_EventDescription_GetPath function with exception: getPath() != FMOD_OK Fixed Admin can removing an item from a player's hand, but it not removing the item from the game character. Fixed an Admin not being able to open bags in the players inventory from the admin inventory view screen Fixed the character's appearance not updating when the admin removes clothing from the inventory. Fixed IsoGridSquare.haveElectricity() sometimes returning true when it shouldn't. Previously the IsoGridSquare.haveElectricity variable didn't work correctly when two or more generators touched the same square. Fixed calculation of food age/freezing/thawing when the player turns a generator on/off. Fixed exception when zombie climbs through a window or over a fence and the chunk on the other side is unloaded. Fixed Survival sandbox presets having car locked & car alarm to "Never". Fixed "Base" module not being selected by default when using the items list UI. Fixed wrong calculation of unlimited capacity. Fixed BodyDamage.RestoreToFullHealth() not setting temperature to 37.0 degrees. - Fixed old lighting bug that caused flickering in some situations. Fixed evolved recipes using WaterPot as base item - they now require the WaterPot to be at least 3/4 full Fixed not being able to place or build things through an open doorway. Fixed creating ".project_zomboid_2.9.9.17" hidden folder on Linux Fixed target-picking cursors (such as the moveable-tools cursor) getting in the way when the player attacks. … Fixed SGlobalObjectSystem error when a thumpable is destroyed. Fixed name of sound that plays when a carpentry objects break. Fixed barricaded doors being disassembled and leaving the barricade behind. … Fixed Multiplayer Players UI and invite-friends UI being too transparent Fixed lighting not updating after teleporting in multiplayer. Fixed vehicles texture names in scripts being lowercase and uppercase in file system Fixed LoadGameScreen exception with the demo. Fixed bug with lightR/lightG/lightB sprite property value "0". Fixed update() getting called for MainScreen (and all its descendant UIElements) while in-game. Fixed FMOD Occlusion parameter not being set to zero when starting sounds. Fixed engine speed not setting to the engineIdleSpeed value when player press the brake button. Fixed vehicle turning radius when accelerating is very large Fixed not being able to add players to Factions when they were connected before you on the server. Fixed the /createhorde function crashing servers by limiting zed spawn to 500 Fixed AddItem command needing username to generate an item. Username and count no longer required. It's optional now. Fixed small car idling at 2000 RPM Fixed profession change by Admin transmitting to all players in MP. Fixed addvehicle "Base.SportsCar" "EnigmaGrey" command not working without quotes Fixed player not needing an account password when connecting to a server. Fixed not having the "edit admin power" button in the admin panel. Fixed some spawned tiles by Erosion not being able to be removed. Fixed commands that have no parameters send 'wrong arguments' message Fixed Items List Viewer layout with larger fonts. Fixed profession icon overlapping trait icons in the Info panel. Fixed missingpzexe.jar and sqlite-jdbc- Fixed presence of old unused java libs Fixed co-op host being allowed to enter commands in the Lua debug console when not admin. Fixed car/tire_explode -> VehicleTireExplode. Fixed headlights providing a cone of lights even if they're off / broken. Fixed empty wine bottles not being refillable with water. Fixed sound delays and volume issues by rebuilding .bank files. Changed short sounds from Streaming to Compressed and longer sounds to Streaming. Fixed Server Toolbox appearing underneath the top-left icons. Fixed resetting fatigue, endurance, and body temperature to default unless in God Mode. Fixed connect-to-server ui not resetting the game to singleplayer in case of error. Fixed connect-to-server and xp-bonus arrows animating at high speeds at different framerates. Fixed obsolete items showing in the Items List Viewer. Fixed nutrition info in Food tooltips in debug mode showing when the Tooltip.Info debug option is checked. Fixed potentially having more water than was available at the start when cancelling the pour-on-ground action. Fixed water bottles not filling to capacity when less than 1 unit could be added. Fixed vehicle brake-light texture indicating working brake lights when the battery is dead/uninstalled. Fixed vehicle radial menu allowing headlights to be switched on/off when the battery is dead or missing. Fixed the game unpausing after hiding the changelog UI. Fixed missing vehicles_pickupvanlightsburnt.png Fixed issues with vehicle horn, lights, alarm and siren when the battery is dead or uninstalled. Fixed "ERROR: model texture "f_hair_White" wasn't found" on Linux and Mac. Fixed NullPointerException in IsoWindow.handleAlarm(). Fixed player equipping an already-equipped water bottle when filling it. Fixed Stone hammer not being usable when upgrading wooden walls. Fixed sheet rope typo. Fixed garbage-creating debug code in ZombieUpdatePacker. Fixed player not being able to see nearby zombies when very tired and/or panicked. Fixed frozen food spawning in freezers long after the power goes out. Fixed Invisible checkbox in Admin Powers ui not setting GhostMode on the server and several other places set GhostMode=invisible. Fixed gc with WorldSoundManager.getBiggestSoundZomb() Fixed zombies hearing players from far away. Fixed upgraded door frames blocking player movement. Fixed the delay before right-clicking starts aiming being shorter at higher framerates. (At 120fps, right-clicking to bring up the context menu could often initiate aiming.) Fixed player entering attack stance when pressing the Control key while the mouse is over the inventory window. Fixed the player aiming when the mouse is over the inventory tooltip Fixed fire and smoke sprites being drawn as part of the floor - being covered by snow etc Fixed items that should spawn in bags sometimes spawning in the container the bag is inside. Fixed adding bait to traps not working. Fixed 'Plays Baseball' trait not working properly. Fixed not being able to make a pot of soup with a canned mushroom soup. Fixed not being able to refill an empty Propane Torch Fixed 'GameServer.hitZombie() doesn't handle vehicles being hit by players' issue Fixed BodyDamage.FoodSicknessLevel going below zero. Fixed slices of Cake and Pie not inheriting stats from the original item. Fixed sound-related exception when smoking cigarettes or drinking from a bottle. Fixed a second-story room in the Mall that wasn't considered a room for plumbing/electricity purposes. Fixed zombies being immune to attacks while staggering backwards. (This is an OLD much-complained about issue in MP, so yay.) Fixed zombies with 3D models not facing the player when shoved. Fixed News.txt not being read from mods. Fixed passengers being able to fall out of a moving car in MP and be run over if they disconnect briefly Fixed a bug in SetPlayerLocation() which caused unnecessary work to be done. Fixed some tile properties in newtiledefinitions.tiles. Window frames with HoppableW/HoppableN. Wooden Bench -> Sturdy Bench. White Simple Chair -> Grey Plastic Chair Fixed seahorse cafe windows with invalid smashed / glass-removed offsets Fixed being able to display duplicates of some admin panels. Fixed gun sounds not being heard far enough away in multiplayer. (The radius is only set to 20 in FMOD.  Setting 'distanceMax' in sounds.txt. Overrides the value in the .bank file. Mods will need to set this value as well.) Fixed barricades not being removed when a window is destroyed by a sledgehammer. Fixed players with Deaf trait hearing house alarms. Fixed position of speed-controls in debug mode (which forces the clock to be visilble). Fixed player not facing microwave or stove when checking its settings. Fixed two bugs with spawning a random zombie in a barricaded bathroom. Fixed clean/disinfect crafting tooltips saying "Destroy" rather than "Use" for bandages/rags. Fixed two exceptions when pressing keys while the game is loading. Fixed speed controls briefly appearing in the wrong position when starting a game. Fixed not being able to sleep when not tired or recently slept when the server option SleepNeeded is false. Fixed being able to place multi-tile furniture where walls intersect the furniture. Fixed being able to place tents on squares that are blocked by vehicles. Fixed failing to check for trees when building some carpentry objects. Fixed learning from TV/radio when asleep Fixed not being able to create new username. Fixed unnecessary 'ban steam id' when banuser is preferable Fixed Coordinates parameter being used with 'add vehicle' command Fixed wrong calcul in Nutrition values (it'll be now easier to gain more weight if eating high carbs or lipids food) Fixed "Survived For" showing on the character screen if the player doesn't have a watch. Fixed weight display from being a float to being an int (no more 80.14 but only 80.) Fixed 'add vehicle' command not giving a vehicle to a player who hadn't included their name. Fixed wrong calcul in startEngine process. Fixed multiple VehicleFailingToStart sounds playing. Fixed scaling of lines when zooming indoors. Fixed some map issues: A house had a grass floor, a trailer had a TV on the same square as a kitchen counter, a building had no light switches in two upper floor rooms. Fixed doors/radios/tvs/windows sometimes having different states on clients and the server. Fixed ReleaseSafehouse command Fixed and refactored Grant Admin and Remove Admin commands  Fixed incorrect trunk size of vans with seats. Fixed wrong calcul in chance of uninstalling part resulting in sometimes damaging the part where it should be impossible. Fixed some ingredients left at -1 hunger reduction when adding them to a recipe. Fixed exception when a vehicle crashes near a fire. Fixed loot sometimes respawning too soon. Fixed "map_zone.bin could not be saved" multiplayer error. Fixed weight-gain and weight-loss indicators appearing at the same time. Also fixed increased weight-gain. Fixed McCoy vehicles not spawning. Fixed red font for system messages and shout being hard to read Fixed exception when plastering walls. Fixed wrong calcul in failure of damaging part when installing it. Fixed missing some vehicles definitions (Fossoil wasn't spawning + a few variant of existing models) Fixed wrong distributions table for some vehicles (postal vans weren't spawning anything) Fixed positions zombies stand at when surrounding a vehicle. Fixed some soap items not being able to clean clothing. Fixed crowds of zombies launching vehicles like bottle rockets. Vehicles can still be jostled around by large hordes, but shouldn't go flyingoff at high speed anymore. Fixed errors loading vehicles whose script is no longer defined by picking a random script. Fixed coop server not starting if -cachedir= didn't end in "/Zomboid" Fixed ISEquippedItem exception when not in debug mode. Fixed not being able to open a vehicle's trunk at certain angles. Fixed exception when a zombie's square is null. Fixed an old SpriteRenderer bug, not sure if it hurt anything. Fixed appearance of selected hot/cold items in the inventory/loot windows. Fixed food temperature possibly going above/below container temperature. Fixed some UI layout issues with jumbo fonts. Fixed long strings overlowing comboboxes. Fixed some minor map bugs - light switches, doubled-up TVs, a building with no wall on second floor Fixed using string.match (string contains) instead of stringStart for the item list. Fixed some map bugs: missing walls, missing lightswitches, duplicate TVs. Fixed covered gas station that was considered interior. Fixed unnecessary old chat-transparency display option. Fixed issues with on-screen server messages (using /servermsg command) - horizontal position was relative to the chat window, display time was depended on framerate, font now larger. Fixed missing "Ticking clock" animation while the char sleeps is missing Fixed some debug code running that is disabled in multiplayer. Fixed vehicle skid sound not playing in multiplayer. It only plays for the driver currently; remote clients won't hear it. Fixed vehicle damage to prone zombies being too low in multiplayer. Fixed broken vehicle door locks being lockable/unlockable using the dashboard icon (and vehicle menu). Fixed car collision box blocking a door even if a char can come up to it Fixed wash clothing recipe not working. Fixed file encodings in translation files. Fixed dropped items are drawn above the car Fixed empty water container staying equipped when pouring water from one item to another. Fixed propane tank remaining equipped after inserting into a bbq Fixed rendering issue with Physics.Render debug option as other things such as vehicle areas wouldn't render. Fixed vehicle y-coordinates when spawning in long horizontal zones. (The long horizontal zones at gas-stations were spawning vehicles at the wrong y-coordinate) Fixed unused vehicle code. Fixed issues with adding/removing gas using gas cans. Fixed unnecessary allocations and file access related to non-existent textures. Fixed zones overlapping any cells in a map directory not being removed before loading that map's objects.lua file. Fixed speech from second player in splitscreen being displayed over first player. Fixed small trees causing crashes but not being removable Fixed car engine turning off as soon as battery is removed Fixed crafting recipes losing their favourite status when game language is changed Fixed police sign showing higher on tile when placed Fixed radio saving last lines of broadcast so broadcasts didn't replay in full upon load Fixed bushes only draw with floor when in a car. Fixed too few vehicles spawning in some places. Fixed vehicles being usable through closed doors, fences and walls. Fixed removing a metal-bar barricade giving a metal pipe. Fixed metal-bar barricades requiring three bars but only using one. Fixed error message when having no perks to move an item in tiledef. Fixed collapsed stacks of food not splitting into separate stacks when freshness changes. Fixed berry/mushrooms not being sorted into separate stacks by freshness. Fixed Delete key not working in the load-game screen.  Fixed problem with a DuffelBag items distribution.
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    This should fix up any issues our Linux testers were having, but please let us know if anything else has flared up
    Added 'sway' wind sprite effects for trees and vegetation that increases/decreases with wind speeds(default on, can be toggled off in options) As seen in high wind. Added 'shake' sprite effects for hits on doors, chops on trees and zeds/players walking through vegetation. General video of this seen below.  Added a rain effect that now render precipitation according to wind angle Implemented new Welcome message for MP Chatbox Added server options for kick/ban thunderclap noises  
    Fixed small trees causing crashes but not being removable Fixed car engine turning off as soon as battery is removed Fixed crafting recipes losing their favourite status when game language is changed Fixed police sign showing higher on tile when placed Fixed radio saving last lines of broadcast so broadcasts didn't replay in full upon load
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    its on the list for build 41
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    Hey all, here’s a quick run-down on where we’re at with Build 40 and beyond.
    BUILD 41+
    With the final touches being made to build 40, we’re now at the point of making a decision on what to do for the next build.
    The issue with huge features like our new animation and clothing system, and everything that comes with it, living on another code branch is you tend to have to play catch-up a lot. The developers on the base game add or fix things on the non-animation branch, those changes need merging in – and due to the vast differences in the underlying code due to the animations this tends to add in extra work for the four guys over at TEA working on the new systems.
    There comes a point you’ve just got to go all in and commit, or you’ll be playing catch-up forever. So (even though we have a few non-anim things ready to roll for Build 41 – like improved MP admin and gamepad functionality) as soon as build 40 is live and patched, we will be making the leap and merging in both the work we originally did, and all the extra animation tech that’s been worked on by TEA into the main development branch
    This will mean that every developer at Indie Stone, including the chaps at TEA and at General Arcade, will all be working directly on the same version, and the focus of the entire team will be shifted onto making sure the entire game functions with the new animation system.
    There is still a lot to do, there’s a lot of game there and things like cars and multiplayer will need some work to get functional, but this move will commit us and the next non-hotfix and non-patch build after 40 goes live will be the animations build.
    It also means that blog updates about it all (once the dust has settled from the big switch-over) will hopefully become a bit clearer and less dry and technical. As well as, say, this week’s news that ‘Zac has made improvements to the BlendField renderer to help visualise how the anims blend together’ we can increasingly show how the PZ gameplay we all know and love/hate is coming together with the new visuals etc. Which will hopefully prove less frustrating.
    Before this happens, though, TEA need to bed down a few things and prepare some documentation –and we need to get Build 40 out of the door and patched. So….
    We just released version 40.17 to the IWBUMS beta, patchnotes for which are available here. We’re pretty much done with Build 40 at this point, but do need to smuggle in some more temperature balance and seasonal SFX.
    We’re going to do a new internal test build for 40.18 tomorrow with some required fixes for admin commands and the chatbox, with the intention of then releasing it to IWBUMS early next week so we can have one final Community Megatest to shake out any remaining cobwebs.
    There will, as always, be free PZ codes for people who help out – and due to the additions to the game mentioned below it should be a lot of fun. Please keep an eye on the forums for details.
    Turbo has added climate and weather MP admin panels that should make for some really interesting roleplay and gameplay opportunities on PZ servers. Storms, snow and fog can be triggered at will to cover the entirety of the map – as well as overall climate values can be now be ticked to override what the game has conjured itself depending on what time of year it is. Server admins can also play around with how night appears, whether the game appears in monochrome etc We’re hoping that it’ll be a lot of fun.
    Rain and snow now look like they hit the ground, which makes for a huge visual improvement. Rain then disappears, and snow fades out. Likewise, Turbo has also fixed how precipitation wasn’t clearly visible when zoomed in.
    There’s also a bunch of fixes including: issues with various in-game tiles, gun sounds not being heard far enough away in multiplayer, two bugs that spawned a random zombie in a barricaded bathroom and the ability to learning from the TV and radio when asleep. Full list here! This week’s van diagram from La_Chaise™. A general list of stuff added to PZ, and vids of features being worked on, is kept here – so you don’t have to plough through endless dev blogs for info. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too. 
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    Hi All!
    Here an full overview of current temperature effect on player as a whole including recent weatherbuild changes/additions.

    The player body tries to maintain an optimal temperature of about 37 Celsius. The average favorable surrounding air temperature for the body is set at 22 Celsius.

    The more the air around the player drops below 22 degrees the stronger the cold strength will become, and if above 22 degrees the heat strength will increase.

    To make sure the cold and heat don’t affect the body temperature body stats must be kept optimal and correct clothing worn.
    To resist cold:

    ·         Make sure to have a high clothing value (currently sweater, pants, shoes is optimal).
    ·         Hunger and tiredness affect body cold resistance negatively.
    ·         Sickness will lower your body resistance to cold.
    ·         Make sure you don’t get wet from rain, it will lower your body and clothing resistance to cold.
    ·         When outside, strong wind can lower the cold resistance but strong clothing will be able to counter this effect.
    ·         A good body fitness will have slight positive effect on cold resistance, bad fitness a small negative effect.
    ·         Drunkenness negatively affects the cold resistance, furthermore the more drunk you get you may not notice the first and possibly also not the second hypothermia Moodle giving you no early warnings to the negative impact.
    ·         When endurance lowers the body cold resistance increases a bit.
    When the outside gets colder the indoors of buildings will be a bit warmer and even more so during day. For the upstairs levels however this effect is halved.

    Car heaters, fireplaces and campfires that can be used to warm up have been altered a bit.
    Campfires can now be build inside houses without spreading fire if the following is true:

    ·         Tiles surrounding the campfire are not wood or carpet.
    ·         Tiles surrounding the campfire have no objects.
    ·         To be safe make sure there are no walls within a 2 tile radius of campfire.
    When outside heat sources have their radius halved and the colder it gets the smaller their area with a favorable temperature becomes.

    When severely undercooled note that car heaters and bbq’s and outside campfires help can staying warm with moderate cold, however when it’s really cold they’ll only warm up slowly. Heat sources inside buildings will be able to become much warmer and thus warm up at a higher rate.

    Also note that with optimal clothing and body resistance you can successfully resist cold surrounding air temperatures down to about 0 Celsius. If the air around you drops below zero you will always start to lose temperature, albeit more slowly, so you must warm up from time to time. And since the night tends to become much colder sleeping near a fire is recommended as well as stacking up a good amount of logs to prepare for winter.

    To resist heat:

    ·         Light or no clothing will help combatting heat.
    ·         Thirst negatively impacts heat resistance quite strongly.
    ·         Sickness will lower your body resistance to heat.
    ·         A good body fitness will have slight positive effect on heat resistance, bad fitness a small negative effect.
    ·         When endurance lowers the heat resistance lowers a bit as well.
    ·         When outside, wind can increase heat resistance a bit but this effect is cancelled out by strong clothing.
    ·         Wetness due to rain increases heat resistance for both body and clothing.
    ·         Drunkenness does not lower your heat resistance, but may cause the first 2 levels of hyperthermia to go unnoticed/ignored due to intoxication.
    When the outside gets hotter, the ground floor levels remain a little colder and can be used to cool off a bit. Higher levels tend to get hotter and remain fairly warm during the night.
    Insides of a car can get quite hot during the day as well (unless the cooler is on).

    When severely overheated drink water and stay inside on the ground floor with light or no clothing, or use a car air cooler to cool down more effectively.

    Hypothermia and Hyperthermia

    When level 3 is reached the body sporadically takes minor damage on random body parts.
    When level 4 is reached the body receives constant and greater damage on body parts.
    If the conditions are not improved you will slowly die.

    When level 3 or 4 of either is hit when asleep you will wake up from it.

    Other noteworthy mentions.

    Umbrellas now reduce the rate at which you get wet, and you’ll be able to get up to 50% wet.
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    Although this is my first post, I've been a lurker following PZ news for... heh, well, too many years now. Despite the rest of this post I honestly appreciate the huge amount of work everyone at TIS, and now also TEA, is putting in to create something special. From the number of hours that many people have already spent in your game, it's clear the work is paying dividends for at least for a portion of the fans.
    That said, I can't hold back any longer from saying how disappointed I am to see animations shoved yet further into the dev cycle again. I'd been waiting patiently throughout the development of MP, then vehicles, with fingers crossed that finally - surely - there wouldn't be anything to prevent anims from coming next. Here we are, though. The wording of "Zedlights" says they won't be in B40, so that's maybe another 2 months or more until we get an idea of what'll be in B41. At this point my patience as a lurker has worn thin enough to say something.
    I know you as a dev team are following the best path you can see, but you've been talking about the new animation / clothing system regularly for 3 years, often in a way that suggested it'll be the next thing added. Come on, guys; from any viewpoint you have to see this is ridiculous. Please show some sanity and don't continue to do this. Respectfully, "put up or shut up."
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    Evening all! Last week’s vehicles release felt like it went well. The release version was fairly stable, people are enjoying having transport in the game and we’ve seen a huge boost in player numbers – which has in-turn revealed plenty of bugs for us to squash over the next few weeks in patches. Many thanks for all your reports, and please keep them coming!
    There are clearly a lot of people returning to the game and wanting to get their friends involved on co-op, so we’ve also decided to put the game on sale from tomorrow for a few days with 40% off. (If people find this helpful we’ll probably do so again whenever bigger features get into the main game.)
    We’ve been running an IWBUMS patching some of the more serious issues – but due to the expanded number of people currently playing MP we don’t want to mix it into the fairly stable release build without giving it its due testing.
    As such, if you fancy grabbing some free PZ codes for participation, then keep your eyes on the forum over the next few days / week and we will likely be running some impromptu community IWBUMS megatests for those on the beta channel.
    UPDATE: In addition we have just updated 39.67.2. In amongst many and varied other things, currently in the patch we have:
    A fix for the disabled VOIP bug, double doors imbued with physics and fixes to zombie positions on the client. Fixes for players riding shotgun in MP being teleported to elsewhere on the map by preventing drivers from entering areas of the map that haven’t been loaded in their passengers’ game. An increased the spawn rate of mechanic tools in car trunks, lowered player panic when inside vehicles and increased knockback when you’re ramming zeds. A new Car Battery Charger item. This can be used to charge your car battery if you have electricity around you (generator included). Fixes we are still working on include disappearing keys in MP when someone else removes the key from the ignition, occasional vertical parking splurges (!) and a few cases of MP invisible zombies. If people notice any particular replication steps for any of the above then we’d love to hear them in our bug report section on the forum.
    We’ve got a few complete, and almost complete, things that were a bit logjammed while we polished vehicles that we’re hoping to drop into testing over the coming weeks, mainly the new MP chatbox and Turbo’s ‘virtual climate’ weather and seasons upgrade.
    In the past week Turbo’s worked out ways to show fog/precipitation from inside buildings, but our larger and taller buildings (mall, prison etc) need some extra thought, as do outside balconies – although this does look pleasingly Exorcist-y even with the visual bug. Here’s a quick video of the fog system as nature intended it though…

    Meanwhile, over with our friends at T.E.A. the animation build push continues. One aspect of this is that Zac, who is working on the new dev and modding tool AnimZed, has built a nifty clothing and outfit editor into it – from which both ourselves and modders will be able to easily hook up new models and textures to items, and create new looks for zeds and survivors alike.
    If you didn’t see some of these looks in our vid the other week you can check it out here. The updated tool within AnimZed looks a bit like this currently, although the bottom of the left hand column did raise some eyebrows…
    This tool work is probably going to be followed up with another utility that shows in-game items vs the visual items. At the moment we/TEA/modders have to check an item’s name, then lookup how it appears in-game separately and it would be very handy to have it done in an automated fashion.
    Elsewhere Gareth has been tweaking/polishing shaders for body masks, and Bitbaboon Mark has been blending, simplifying and ironing out kinks so that our animator Martin can jump in and get used to the new suite of tools available to him and polish up his work in-game. So hopefully we’ll have a bit more to show/discuss next week.
    Thanks so much for all your continuing feedback and bug reports on the vehicles everyone. Please keep it coming!
    This week’s station wagon from Julio. A general list of stuff added to PZ, and vids of features being worked on, is kept here – so you don’t have to plough through endless dev blogs for info. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too.
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    Zeds don't try to attack me if I'm inside a vehicle, they just gather around it in a perfect circle and stare at me. In the moment I took the pic I was just waiting there with the engine on, I had a chopper above me and I was also honking for even more attention.  
    edit: it seems is just the chopper that causes this, I tried making some noise after it left and zeds attacked normally.

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    I hardly ever use the online map, certainly never whilst I'm playing at least. Don't have dual screens and I can't tab out whilst playing PZ. If I wanted to look at the online map, I'd have to close PZ down, look at the map and load up again. Plus, I like to mark off buildings that I've looted on the in-game map.
    Enigma mentioned those who don't want ruin their experience by using outside resources. I don't use any mods for this reason. Call me crazy if you'd like but doesn't change the fact people have different play styles to you, neither being more or less valid.
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    People who don't want to ruin their experience by using outside resources.
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    dnk3912 reacted to arkahys in RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41   
    in this version, seeding carrots are the only things where i got something when harvested (tested with matures tomatoes,  matures strawberries, matures potatoes) crepes store is the only place where can find milk (with good chances) out of houses. but no one in westpoint, so I have many difficulty , even with using  at max respawn, pass some day with many generators around in a neighborhood. May "the drake and chrystal pie place" could have the same chance as crepes s store ? ( because making cake use milk !)  frame doors, doors (without more hinge need), fences and floor should be upgradable as WoodenWall and WoodenWindowWall. instead of destruct them to rebuild at lvl3. But woodenWall and WoodenWindowWall should propose only "build wall" and "build windows" as frame doors, doors, fences and floor (and build the higher level automatically) add the health points in the info build window (icon and requested items) of buidable objects ? the metal counter at 11898x6878 is straight, should be corner (hidden behind a wall)  
    Compost :
    can cross compost as a tree ( very slowly, but can walk on it) if i add something to the compost every 2 days, never give compost... Wait from 1 month on spiffospace . (IRL you put rotten above, and take fresh compost above) so may should transform old rotten in fresh compost close to fresh added rotten food. on spiffo space (don't know in SP) if i put food no rotten (but no fresh), they "become rotten" only when i watch in composter (i see all the "rotten" refresh) I put  pickles (wasn't on purpose), 1week after, when i see it, i can take and eat the pickles or put in in fridge. it's detail, but non-perishable food may be rotten with that ?  
    on the transfert problem (prefere to say what wasn't say before, in case) :
    50 stack transfert doesn't work with "transfert all" button, if use this method, the transfert is done 1 by 1 as before update pot (and other) filled with soiled water and pur water are concidered same in inventory (same stack). it's the case for me where i lost items almost times, when transfert just purified water or purified water close to soiled water. fourniture objects (shelves, curtains,  carpets) are concidered as same object during transfert.  
    car should "dance" as drive off-road when pass on zombies
    Barrels + sink trick (try just now on spiffospace):
    so if i place a sink, and floor above a barrel (or 8) on one of 8 tiles close to where i place the sink, the sink give water after cutoff. cool but :
    water is purified, not soiled (if changed, drink should advertise that we drink soiled water) the visual empting of barrel work but neither info buble nor capacity. have to reconnect to refresh barrels status (so with a barrel who have 3%, can fill many times the same pot to fill entire). 8 barrels empty one by one starting by them behind, but if i place a barrels directly above the sink, this one isn't emtpied.
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    dnk3912 reacted to Thebig44 in Older versions...   
    Hello there survivors.
    I've been wonderin' if it was possible to POST any older versions of the game.
    I have attempted to contact lemmy and others - No responses, thats why i setup a thread for this.
    Just to make it clear - I do not want to create some kind of market of older versions, without the permission of the actual creators :I
    This' maybe be a request to the creators setup a thread of links of older versions too.
    As this has been already responded i decided to add the links:
    Version 1.5d https://www.dropbox.com/s/lgrfdy3ugaxt45u/Project%20Zomboid%201.5d.rar
    Version 0.2Q  https://www.dropbox....a/pz_0_2_0q.zip Credit to Enigma
    Version 2.0R 2.5  https://www.dropbox....Zomboid_RC2.exe Credit to Enigma
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    dnk3912 reacted to Kurogo in Project Farmoid v0.75c   
    Hey everyone, it's getting close to time for my next update. One of the things I'm planning on adding to the game is a potting system so you all can have your lovely gardens indoors. There's about 5 more items on my to-do list with them, but so far they work like this: you can place empty pots anywhere, outside or indoors; you can fill pots with potting mix up to 50; you have to have at least some potting mix in the pot to plant seeds; you can only have as much water as you do potting mix (e.g. 35 potting mix = 35 water max); seed, water, harvest, and fertilizer amounts are reduced to reflect that the pot is smaller than a normal farming plot; harvesting will reduce the potting mix level dependent on your farming skill; potting mix recipe can be learned, and requires compost + moss to make; moss is a new forage item, you can find it starting at Forage lvl 2.
    Once I've finished my to-do list for pots, I'm going to start work on raised garden beds.
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    dnk3912 reacted to Kurogo in Project Farmoid v0.75c   
    Down the road more plants will get added, from grains to more fruits and veggies, trees and bushes, and others. Now that it seems I've got the workshop release all sorted out, I'll make a more tangible post with information on where I'm going with this.
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    dnk3912 reacted to Blake81 in RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41   
    So I just found a bug that I.... really shouldn't be reporting as it is soooo awesome but....
    When you leave a car's trunk empty and go to sleep, the contents of the trunk will re-spawn, and while the contents are random, it ALWAYS happens. For most cars, it ain't really a problem as getting some plastic bags or an umbrella, but for unique ones like Ranger Pickups or Spiffo Vans, free ammo and food, ahoy!...
    Please don't fix this 
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    dnk3912 reacted to GoodOldLeon in RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41   
    Picking up furniture sometimes stops working. Placing sheet ropes too. Reloading the save fixes it.
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    dnk3912 reacted to RobertJohnson in RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41   
    Build Vehicle 28:
    Improved performance. Reduced garbage collection pauses. Added intial recommended Mechanic skill levels to different repair and maintenance. Also added skill books and recipes. (Mechanic Profession starts with all repair/maintenance recipes. More will follow - mainly engine-based repairs.)  
    [Bug Fix]
    Fixed sleep resulting in game crash. Fied quitting the game resulting in game crash. Fixed game crashing when resizing the window size. Fixed few bugs in vehicle scripts (trunk/glove box able to be removed, wrong suspension on certain cars etc)  
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    dnk3912 reacted to Shinjitsu noDeshi in RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41   
    I didn't get a chance to test this, but I did experience the same lockup when I was killed, and clicked on "Exit Game". The game just hangs and I have to kill the process.
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    dnk3912 got a reaction from Shinjitsu noDeshi in RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41   
    I started a new game a few minutes ago, survival mode, vehicles enabled, turned mods off.
    Took some sleeping pills and went to sleep when moderately tired, game crashed like Shinjitsu's.
    I'll attach my console.
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    dnk3912 got a reaction from Kuren in RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41   
    I started a new game a few minutes ago, survival mode, vehicles enabled, turned mods off.
    Took some sleeping pills and went to sleep when moderately tired, game crashed like Shinjitsu's.
    I'll attach my console.
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