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  1. Xajinit

    Apartment Building

    I'm quite impressed, though like others have already mentioned--it does feel a bit too repeditive. Though perfectly realistic, most structures of today which exhibit the same architechtural style would attempt diversity in the floor-by-floor design, if not on the whole of the building.
  2. Cool idea. +1 In fact, I'd kinda like this to be a feature with the panic moodle. If you get all the way to maximum panic, you start dropping inventory involuntarily.
  3. I think this is a fairly cool idea, but should be very dangerous, IE the zombies can break out of their restraints and start wandering around again, things like that. Overall, I think there's easier and more practical ways to genereate green energy in the zed apoc.
  4. Rotten food wouldn't make very good charcoal, but any burnt wood certainly does, and artists tend to use this a lot. As for the food, compost, definitely. I'd love to see some home-made fertilizer.
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