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  1. Name: kyle malcamore Age:19 Gender: that proper british male Role:tactics/handyman Background: from the wonderfull world of briton he started his life the son of a war loving family and grew up learning the tactics and history of war. After a peculiar bar incedent involving his .22 rifle killing the person insulting him he decided to go into hideing and fled to knox county looking for solitude. He bought a small house in the woods and rarely ventured into the towns apart from the odd visit to twiggys. He is a strong alcoholic with a good ability to lead others and control others but with a short temper with him you either agree or die. He found the group whilst on a trip to raid twiggys and was reluctant to help them on there mission to fetch medical supplies. He is fine bieng in the group but only if he can also have solitude and whiskey (the only way us brits can)
  2. Name: the_spiffing_brit Age:14 (I can deal with it) Timezone: well im a brit so GMT how active: well most days not sunday mornings as i have to attend fell races but yer most of the time Reason: im all in for organised millita and I am a good millatry leader i am extremly into all of the total war games and other survival games so stratagy and planning is a good strong point. I would also like to add that if this is a large group we should fortifi somewhere big but not to open for enemys on multiplayer in future updates cities will be impossible to stay in for to long so mulltiple small supply lines might be the answer to a eventual decontamination. Also if im not accepted feel free to ask for advice i have alot to spare Also if im not accepted feel free to ask for advice i have alot to spare
  3. Hey thanks man for being so awsome can i enter this month the game is so cool on steam my name is The_Spiffing_Brit
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