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  1. We cant spawn stuff though... http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/5813-how-to-administrate-a-server/
  2. That sounds like some serious mod abuse according to wsensor. As an admin you can just spawn everything you need so there's absolutely no need for running around clearing the map of loot, ruining things for players. On a side note, if you're looking for a replacement admin who actually knows what he's doing, I'd like to apply. I'm an admin on JonSyn's server and I've been looking to expand my horizons since his server has been rather slow lately.
  3. That's weird it works just fine for me
  4. Thats because currently I bet a lot of people did not bother to update to the iwbums build... The thread title still saying build 27 might also have something to do with it
  5. A test spawn location which spawns you in Twiggy's of West Point http://pzmap.crash-override.net/#0.6712232376066974,0.11565458914598986,110.41228778248721 Soft reset at Midnight CST guys
  6. It is indeed down. I've already contacted him via Steam so it should be back up as soon as he wakes his lazy ass up.
  7. I love servers with mods but I hate the kind of players that just snatch the IP and join then game without actually reading anything. I guess the good thing about the checksum is that it stops that from happening.
  8. The default port is 16261.
  9. It doesn't. The vanilla server doesn't have any mods what so ever. Well my character was in bedford last and loads up there when I join. Do I have to start a new character or something? because that would suck because I have like 30 boxes of shells and a bunch of supplies. Well if the mod server was on you could just jump on there and move out of Bedford and then go back to the vanilla server, but it's not up. So you could wait until he starts the mod server up again or just start a new character.
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