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  1. I am NOT a modder and i don't know too much about scripting but I can see how insanely useful this will be so thanks! here too future PZ mods!
  2. this is all getting to be a little out of my general UI concept XD surely the things I said it'd be able to do in my original post will be possible anyway but my idea was to have a much faster, easier, and lore friendly way to do this especially for large groups while adding in greater potential for scouting I hope they take the idea im not sure how often they even check this if at all? but it'd be useful
  3. basically my idea is that it'd have a grid based plan of your safehouse and you'd place walls and such on that and then whoever has the highest building level will grab all the available necessary resources in the safehouse and get to work
  4. actually had a similar idea to this but to expand on it a little? I was thinking maybe there should be small military groups/research teams in the game? these would be very well equiped and highly skilled soldiers that only operate within a very small specific and fortified area while in and around that area are where you ideas come in they would when spawn come with MRE's and a good stock of equipment but airdrops would regularly drop in supplies in an area around the soldiers faction bases and you could, possibly, reach the supplies before the soldiers and the drops would contain weapon part
  5. ooooooooooooooooo I like that idea! and you could have a notice on the board that shows your supplies and you updated it by telling someone to go check your stocks? also it could, on the map, have a boarder showing exactly whats part of your safehouse and possibly allow you to redefine the borders but have penalties if there are zombies or other factions inside your safehouse? maybe it'd cause everyone to panic?
  6. glad you agree, seems like the biggest problem zomboid has at the moment is staying immersive and true to lore (which seems to be quite important to the developers) while giving the player more useful and detailed information and I think third party maps and sources of information aren't going to cut it when the player really progresses especially since I imagine survival times are going to increase considerable with the addition of player factions. I hope they take my idea they'd implement it far better than I could with a mod
  7. After reading the future plans for NPCs I had an idea for a way to manage the players faction as a whole more easily without it breaking the immersion. A notice board that could be crafted or found then moved to the players safe house. Alone the board would contain a map (or maybe one could be added when found) and on that map the location of the players safe house.Not only that but the player could post orders for his faction on the board to manage the group as a whole more efficiently than talking to them one by one and when those NPC's return they could post notes on the map detailing anyth
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