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  1. I think the “weight” value currently is more of an “encumbrance” value. Thats why things like plastic outdoor chairs that realistically weigh next to nothing have a higher value than for example an axe. They might be light but they’re awkward to carry around. I don’t love the current system, mostly because of scenarios you described above. A spear should never be able to fit in a glovebox. I should never be able to put a plastic chair or a log in my backpack. Things like that. The system isn’t perfect, but it’d probably be extra tedious to define every item by weight and volume and have different limits on every container type. Not saying it shouldn’t happen though. I do think its more realistic to run out of volume in a bag before you run out of weight. Unless you’re carrying bricks or tons of ammo, you’re not likely going to exceed the weight limits of most backpacks, but you would realistically run out of volume pretty quickly.
  2. I did notice that you can definitely add maple syrup to strawberry pancakes. But weirdly not pancakes without strawberries . Our server is experiencing weird duping bugs with pancakes, maybe this is related to why we can’t add maple syrup to them unless we make strawberry pancakes? Something weird is going on.
  3. I think by doing that you will greatly reduce the likelihood of the water being unsafe to drink. However, after an hour or two you are not going to have a lot of water in that pot. Maybe an inch or so if its a strong downpour. On average it only rains 50 inches a year in Kentucky where the game is located. Since you are not increasing the collection area of the pot you will not have any additional water than what the rainfall rate was. If the rain event dropped an inch of rain over those 1-2 hours then you’ll have an inch or water in your pot. Not a lot. How do you know your pot is clean and sterile though? What did you clean it with? If you used soap then you probably just wasted a lot of water. Did you use bleach? A more efficient use of bleach would be to just put a few drops in the water you collected. If you want to bring that pot in when its full its gonna have to be out there for multiple rain events which could be days, weeks, months. You could bring it in and cover it after the rain stops each time and that would help, but we already established that rain drops themselves cause aerosols which contain bacteria and they can spread this way. Likely you got some in your pot and now you’re letting it sit stagnant between rain events… But back on the situation proposed; you would greatly reduce your risk of getting sick by putting a sterile pot of water out for an hour or two during a rain event. You would not collect much water. Maybe enough for a water bottle if its a strong rain. However if water is in short supply you probably shouldn’t be washing the pot with soap and valuable water. If you used bleach to clean it, its much more efficient just to put a few drops in the water you collect. Rule of thumb is 8 drops per gallon. So maybe just a drop or two in the pot you put outside. This is a game though and coding in all these nuances is tedious and for what gain? To make the game easier? Its far simpler to simply say is the water tainted or not? All water not from the pipes (which since treated should be safe for around 6 months or so) is considered tainted. If yes then it must be boiled (I’d like to see bleach used for disinfecting and charcoal filters added as something we can construct). Is water collected outside perfectly safe? Maybe, maybe not. You might get sick. Just like you might get sick drinking it in PZ. It might not be perfectly accurate, but the developers made this basically correct. Treat your water or roll the dice - which is what happens in PZ.
  4. I am exactly on topic here. It does not matter that a container is specifically built to collect water or not in regards to that water being potable or not once in the barrel. Its function of collecting water does not mean that the container is free of microbes. It is an open air system placed outside and is exposed. The rain barrels in game are not designed for potable water. They are designed to collect water that can be used for irrigation and later treated to make potable. The game has this right. How long has that rain barrel been in the middle of your yard? Do you have a lid/cover for it? How long has the water from the last rain been sitting in it stagnant and exposed to the environment with its wide range of nasties that can get in it? It only rains a few inches at a time at best. It takes multiple rain events to fully fill a rain barrel (in PZ and in real life). Any additional fresh rain that falls into that barrel is now contaminated as well. If you want to suggest that we should have covers for the rain barrels for when its not raining, that we should flush out old stagnant untreated water before each rain event, and that we sterilize the container after draining it to make the water more reliably potable for the next rain event, then I’ll get behind ya. Or if we sterilize the water with some bleach/water purification tablets and then put a lid on it, then I could get behind ya. If having potable water were as simple as putting an uncovered barrel lined with garbage bags in your yard, why doesn’t every house/residence have one for potable water? It would be an extremely cheap and (depending on location) reliable primary/backup potable water source. You could go right out to it and fill yourself a nice fresh glass of water. Ever thought why people don’t do this? Do you know a single person or family that does this? Without treating that water? Also, just because you found an obscure website that tells you something is safe to do, it doesn’t mean that’s entirely true. Not everything on the internet is entirely accurate or true. Kind of ironic here, but don’t trust everything you read on the internet. Stick to peer-reviewed and accountable sources. While I did link some sources such as the CDC and MIT, I am also married to person who has a master's degree in storm water management from a well respected university. They are employed at a major international engineering company to design systems to handle storm water. They are literally an expert in rain water and have professional credible working knowledge on the subject. I have discussed our conversation with them and they have advised with me with their expert advice on how to respond. Yes, tilt your head back and drink rain. Yes to collecting rain in a sterile container and drinking it immediately. No, do not drink water from a stagnant rain barrel that is exposed to the elements (like what is in PZ) without treating that water first. You might get away with it, you might not. Just like in PZ, there is a chance you'll get sick drinking untreated water. If in doubt, there is no doubt; treat the water.
  5. You are correct that your immune system may protect you. However, if the water was perfectly safe to drink your immune system wouldn't be needed. Since our immune system is needed, why not make it easier on it and just treat the water? Do not drink from a water source that looks like this without treating the water first. Yes it is a better source of water than some. That does not mean it should be considered potable.
  6. I said I would not continue this argument, but you are spreading disinformation and its important to call it out. ”All the survival books in the world”? Show me one that tells you to drink stagnant water that was collected in a pot or a barrel without treating it. If you read any of these books you would know that they highly encourage you to filter/treat ANY water source you consume. If you can not filter/treat it; you are encouraged to collect your water from a non-stagnant source, such as a moving body of water like a stream, to reduce the likelihood of potentially harmful bacteria and parasites. Thats what the books your referencing actually say. You can make an effective water filter using sand, gravel, and charcoal. Its in those survival books. Your pot on the ground is not clean, or won’t be for long. Neither is the barrel thats been open to the elements for days, weeks, or months. It is an open air container. Did you know that the simple act of raindrops hitting the ground cause bacteria to be ejected into the atmosphere via aerosols? These aerosols will move about with the winds. https://news.mit.edu/2017/light-rain-spread-soil-bacteria-0307 Algae spores are also carried by the wind. Have you ever considered how these things spread? Also it is encouraged that you do not leave stagnant pools of water around your property because these become breeding grounds for insects and parasites. You want to drink that without treatment? Yes, you can tilt your head back and drink straight raindrops safely. For the last time though, do not drink stagnant water that has been sitting exposed to the elements. Don’t trust me? Read some survival books.
  7. I do not know how else to explain this to you. Do not drink stagnant untreated water. First, how sterile is that pot or rain barrel? What did you do to sterilize it? What did you clean it with? The same stagnant untreated water? Second, you want to drink the stagnant water that has been sitting exposed to the elements/environment for days, weeks, months? It will be exposed to bacteria, algae, parasites, insects larvae and animal excretions. Last time I am going to say this; Do not drink stagnant untreated water. I am not going to try to explain this further or continue any additional discourse on this topic. Natural selection trying to do its work here.
  8. I cant think of anything worse to have in zombie apocalypse other than a child, especially a baby. Useless and extremely stressful in the best of times. A good chance they’d be the death of you in a zombie apocalypse. Trying to get a baby to stop crying or a toddler to stop having an epic meltdown while theres zombies around. As a father, its a hard no from me. However, I’m all about options. If someone wants that experience then why not? Just please, please, please do not force us to have to care for kids unless we choose to have kids. I quit Dead Rising 2 immediately upon realizing I had to care for a kid. Never turned it on again.
  9. Natural selection. We don’t really track how many animals die in the wild from dysentery but it happens. The ones that don’t die are the ones left to breed. Their offspring are more likely to have the resistance that their parents had to keep them alive.
  10. https://www.cdc.gov/healthywater/drinking/private/rainwater-collection.html
  11. Not a great idea to drink stagnant water that is exposed to the elements. Yes rain water is mostly pure, but the surfaces it falls on to collect it are not. The open containers in PZ that it is stored in are not a safe source to drink from. Bacteria, parasites, insect larva, and even viruses would thrive in that environment. Animals have access to it and birds could be pooping in it. And in the real world (as noted above) there would be a slew of pollution concerns - but thats not an issue for PZ. If you had a sterilized and sealed water storage system that filters water prior to storing it, then that would likely be safe to drink. An open air barrel of water? No, please don't drink from that without treating it first. This could open the door for different ways to sterilize water. We could have the option to build charcoal filters. Put some sand, rocks, gravel, and charcoal together and put the water through that before it goes into the water storage container. Could also use bleach to sterilize the water. About 8 drops of bleach for each gallon of water should make it sterilized and safe to drink. Could also introduce water purification tablets. Feel free to tilt your head back and drink during a rain storm (good luck quenching your thirst this way - but better than nothing), but you're rolling the dice if you have an open container that you collect rain water with and then drink it.
  12. Our characters move at different speeds depending on the zoom level. I tested this for both running and driving a car. I had a character drive the same distance in the same car repeatedly at the different levels of zoom. I also did tests while running. Our characters move a fixed distance over a longer period of time at further out levels of zoom. The decrease in speed is first measurable after zooming out 3 levels and decreases are linear after that. Fully zoomed out my character drives 3x slower than when zoomed in. Is this intentional? Hosting and Client Specs: Windows 10 i5-9600k 3.7ghz 32gb of RAM Nvidia GTX Titan 12gb Samsung EVO 970 NVMe
  13. 1172. Harvest rotten crops instead of having to destroy them. Harvested rotten crops can go in composters for both compost and worms. Those with higher levels of a cooking can still safely utilize rotted crops. Having to destroy rotten crops in the field is a waste.
  14. Use vehicles to tow fallen trees.
  15. Smart. You get a boost to all of your skills for only 2 points.
  16. You can in MP as well. C:>Users>"Username">Zomboid>Server>severtest_SandboxVars Open and you will find this: DayLength = 3, You can change that number to change the length of a day on your server. DayLength = 1, (15 Minutes) DayLength = 2, (30 Minutes) DayLength = 3, (1 Hour) DayLength = 4, (2 Hours) DayLength = 5, (3 Hours) .... on and on until a full 24 real life hours equals a day in game as well. Realtime.
  17. The frustrating part is that when setting up the sandbox for a SP game you can set a number of ranges. In MP you have to set a specific day.
  18. Big fan of having the water and electricity shutoffs being a random day within a range. Right now I just RNG it and put whatever the result is as the setting and I don't tell anyone what the actual day is. Works for them, not for me.
  19. I don’t think this will be the most popular suggestion, but hear me out. We shouldn’t be able to carry 4-5 logs outside of our bags and not in our hands. How exactly are we carrying these? Not like we’re stuffing them in our various pockets or attaching them to our belts. Its a log. Other large objects in the game like generators and corpses are carried in our hands. I suggest a few changes to logs. First, we should have to carry them in our hands. Explain to me how else we’re supposed to carry a log? Even putting one in a bag is a bit of a stretch. This would require us to drop the log before combat. Are you really going to be able to fight carrying any number of logs? Second, a log’s weight encumbrance should be increased to make us heavily encumbered by carrying just one. Two max. Third, to compensate for the disadvantages of having to carry logs in your hands and them weighing much more, when sawed they produce significantly more planks. This means you aren’t burdened with having to make many more runs carrying logs around with the above changes. This would make transporting logs more plausible than sticking them in my pockets.
  20. If we have a window that is only partially barricaded (1 or 2 planks - where we can still see out the window) we could stab zombies banging on the barricades with a spear or maybe a knife. Right now if a zombie is trying to break through the barricades we need to go outside and kill them from the outside. When we try to stab a zombie from the inside we end up hitting the barricades and damaging them further. It would make sense that we couldn't swing a baseball bat or similar blunt weapon at them, but we should be able to stab through the window with a spear. Similar to how we can stab zombies with a spear through metal fences. Are we able to shoot through partially barricaded windows? I have not tried this because generally I avoid guns whenever possible in PZ. I'd rather not have to guns if a pointy object can do the same task.
  21. Keeping items in an insulated container would also help offset any temperature fluctuations during the day.
  22. You can already paint a variety of symbols with a paint can and a brush. But you need something to paint them on other than the road directly. You can paint symbols on walls and wooden signs. Yes it would be ideal to paint directly on the road, but with an easy extra step you can build a wooden sign and paint on that or just use building walls nearby.
  23. Only if the paint job looks like absolute crap . We tried taking parts off one car that is a X color and putting them on a car that was Y color. The X color parts were automatically changed to Y color parts. So its definitely possible that parts can change color. However, my assumption is thats not how it works. Each car has a color code and all parts on that car will have that code. The parts themselves I don't think have any color. But allowing us a to change a car from 0000FF to FF0000 (or whatever they use for coding color) shouldn't be too unreasonable.
  24. This isn't exactly a bug, but it was something I saw that was wrong. In the admin panel for "Climate Control" there are options to choose a "Warm front (volatile weather)" and a "Cold front (calm weather)". This is backwards. Meteorology and understanding weather patterns is vital to the safety of my profession. Warmer are is typically less dense than colder air. The denser air will always want to be on the bottom. Warm fronts do not cause volatile weather. They cause stable weather. Usually a large area of overcast weather with stable precipitation. There is little vertical movement of air associated with a warm front. They are like a warm blanket dropped on top of a colder air mass. Warm air does not displace cold air and so there is little to no volatility to the air. The warm front slowly transfers its heat into the colder air mass. So they appear to move slowly, but are really just transferring their heat into the colder air mass until it matches the temperature of the warmer air mass. Eventually their temperature differential becomes equal and the front "dies". Weather associated with warm fronts can last days. Cold fronts on the other hand are like a broom coming through. They do cause volatile and violent weather. This is because a colder air mass is coming in and displacing the relatively warmer air mass. This causes the warmer air mass to rise. When that warmer air mass rises (along with its moisture) it causes severe storms. They cause unstable air and brief but intense storms. Weather associated with cold fronts rarely last more than half a day and often only for a few hours.
  25. We were listening to the automated weather station in game and it told us to expect a storm in X number of days. Cool its gonna rain, but other than that do we really need to care? I thought it would be cool if we actually had to take that into consideration. Do we have loose, light items laying around the yard that we don't want blown away? What about the crops? Should the cars be parked in the garage to avoid hail and debris damage? What if trees were knocked down here and there? At the least some tree branches and twigs should be strewn about. Give storms a little more bite and something for us to worry about.
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