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  1. awesome work dude. Can you walk up the emergency stairs in the side?
  2. Hi, I don't have too much time to follow the forums but I read the mondoid every week, and now that you implemented the Steam Workshop of Project Zomboid, I'm interested in upload my buildings there and use some of my little free time to make new building and contribute whit the workshop, but sadly, I can't find anything clear in "how to". I don't know how to upload something to the steam workshop. I will appreciate the help, thanks
  3. Yup, I fixed it already, we'll do a quick hotfix really soon On this hotfix depends, absolutely, if I go to france to marry you or not.
  4. I think this has to be in the bug tracker
  5. And now we NEED a Kentucky Simulator... But ok for salmon in soup, bear in mind the system is still in test, so don't hesitate to tell me that kind of thing, as a French i'll NEVER put a salmon in my soup... (neither in my pie... You weird UK people.) or a baguette? French Onion Soup? mmm, now I need to go back to paris. French Onion Soup whit salmon, pancake and a baguette. Devs! take note of this, the community has made a new dish. This has to work well, if not, you always can call Gordon Ramsey. But he will fall in love whit our dishes.
  6. And now we NEED a Kentucky Simulator... But ok for salmon in soup, bear in mind the system is still in test, so don't hesitate to tell me that kind of thing, as a French i'll NEVER put a salmon in my soup... (neither in my pie... You weird UK people.) But... will you put FRENCH FRIES in your soup... or a baguette?... or french toast?... OR PANCAKES? A pancake soup... Sounds good! xDDD
  7. Cookies! Cookies for you! Thanks you for the quick hot fix In another side... Saaalmon in the Soooupp?!?! hahahahhaha what a dilema... It's fish in any way
  8. I think that this game isn't a "Kentucky Simulator" but the world it's BASED on it. Whit the new cooking system I don't see any problem to be able to make fish soup. If the last thing you found to eat it's a fish soup, you would say that you won't eat it because you're from Kentucky and the people there doesn't eat any fish soup? It's a survival game and you have to take max profit possible of every thing that you can eat. If we get in a complex matter about it, you can do a lot of things whit just the head of the fish, a lot of different sauces for rices, salads etc. I want to add that we a
  9. Thanks for use my buildings, I like a lot how the Hotel: The Key, whit the others stores fits in the plaza you made. The only thing I don't like it's not having time for building more, because I like it a lot, and more when someone has a good project in the works and work hard like you... For ever aprecciated. Keep working if you can. <3
  10. No free time... No Building :(

  11. I love the new buildings, really. Please, keep building when you have time. About the pictures, imgur it's working fine for me.
  12. Edit: Updated the download links and all the images, they were broken. Not doing anymore buildings for now. It was an awesome trip with you all, but I'm messing with other stuff . See you around!
  13. Yes, PM me whit the things I have to know for do this and I will help you whit the buildings. Why not, it's for the community! Edit: I will still working for the buildings of the project chernarus. But also, everyone needs to rest a little. I mean, different project. Today a building for someone and tomorrow another for other project etc
  14. Maklane

    Petrol station

    Ok, thanks you Thuztor
  15. Woooooooooooooooaaaaaaahhhhh!!! Nice one but, but but.... Where are the palms trees? XD they are custom tiles right? I don't see them in the program. Nice hotel, yes, really nice. May be you can make something in the roof area? like an staff door for the maintenance of the roof or something? Some people likes to make HELP signals in the roof, you know... xDD
  16. Where can I find this tutorial? It's hard to find tuts around here Nevermind found it. That thing needs to be stickied. I agree whit this xD
  17. Nice, thanks you Ringo! im thinking on various buildings to do. Will post them once finished. Also, tell me if do you need any building to fill something or any building you want. Also, keep up the work and thanks you once again
  18. Didn't saw it before! Thanks Thuztor for the link to this post. Nice project, I like it a lot. See my buildings when you have some time and want to see them. I need some more feedback about the style etc http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/5517-maklanes-buildings/
  19. No, I don't But... the link you made as "Map Mod" redirected me to your post... I'm in a boucle!
  20. Maklane

    Petrol station

    Hi Thuztor. this is the problem... Spoiler I just want to now if the program is missing tiles or that empty spaces whit the black question mark don't do nothing xD. For example, I right-click on one of them as you can see in the image above, then I put it in the furniture layer, for example, but I still see an empty tile, nothing appears
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