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  1. DuB

    When did you join pz

  2. DuB

    Re-Animator Mondoid discussion thread

    omg cant wait, for me best mondoid this year, thank u indie stone, you guys are amazing<3
  3. in the mondoid post lemmy explained there are some things holding the animation system back, I wonder what it is, technically?
  4. sounds like we will not see new animations/models in build 32 :/ hmm maybe some examples could lower my pain of waiting c'mon lemmy please edit: try hard to write good english
  5. DuB

    zombie erosion

    hey community, i realised zeds are pretty colourful in a horde, thats ok for the start of the apocalypse but what about a simple addition where the colours and skin grey out with time, skin gets more pale etc. maybe even a speed decrease? what do you think?
  6. DuB

    The Upcoming Erosion Feature

    yeah i know no etas but i wonder if it comes in the next update or is it reworked before integrated? like new tiles from mash and so on, that would have course take some time... btw this look so much last of us, i love it, especially multiplayer when a world already exists for years, imagine this greatness, only possible in pz<3
  7. DuB

    Released: Build 28.3

    A big yay for letters in multiplayer, great job with everything RJ!
  8. DuB

    RELEASED Build 26

    yay new cooking system, call me death chef now
  9. no more need for compatibility mode! everythings smooth, though i wonder why zoom doesnt work, it is activated! anyway really nice work, have a clyde
  10. DuB

    RELEASED (IWillBackupSaveBranch: Build 25 (SP / MP)

    oki doki, thx nasko
  11. DuB

    RELEASED (IWillBackupSaveBranch: Build 25 (SP / MP)

    hey i got thin fingers, i just hate typing on smartphones at all and now im forced to use my left hand
  12. DuB

    RELEASED (IWillBackupSaveBranch: Build 25 (SP / MP)

    sry modified first post, first time posting with my smartphone:/
  13. DuB

    RELEASED (IWillBackupSaveBranch: Build 25 (SP / MP)

    can we have a changelog about the changes mentioned on mondoid, need info cause i cant play for some time, one handed in bed at the hospital:(
  14. DuB

    Black screen but UI visible bug

    something new? any info on solution?
  15. DuB

    RELEASED (IWillBackupSaveBranch: Build 25 (SP / MP)

    to reduce world resets maybe an option to disable durability to serval items? like saw /axe and an option to enable slighty item respawn?