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  1. Bartender

    Steam Release - 16th Feb 2014 - Build 23

    Having tons of fun with the new patch, really stable no crashes or anything. Wish they'd fix the carpentry walls being wierd and invisible.
  2. Bartender

    Constant pain

    Happened to me aswell, got scratched always in agony. Sickness loop every day but wouldn't heal, had to abandon the save.
  3. Bartender

    Project Zomboid No Hope Challenge!

    2 days 5 hours first try. Got bored so I sacrificed the character.
  4. That was probably some gunshots you heard. And that's creepy as hell.
  5. Bartender

    Heartbeat Sound

    Thanks, the first time was bad but I'm getting used to it over time.
  6. Bartender

    Longest you have ever survived?

    1 month 28 days, was surprised by a crawler who bit me. It's cool that you get attatched to your character because you don't want them to die, and when you get bit you're like NOOO!
  7. Bartender

    The MP3 Player Item!

    "Tonight, I'm gonna have myself a real good time." The song that's playing when I'm fighting a horde.
  8. Bartender

    book writing

    There's no point in copying books if you could just read them and you would have to read it anyways when copying.
  9. Bartender

    Heartbeat Sound

    As a cardiophobic hypochondriac in real life this makes me nauseous as it feels like my own heart.