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  1. hah )) this is amaizing cooking update,i always grab any rotten food, that other leave, to up my cooking lvl. After 2.6 it will find the new meaning =D RJ, thanks for that introduction for us, you do the great job, and do it well. acclamations, monsieur!
  2. the server is on now? cant connect "delay packet" again =(
  3. think this is the best of represented servers, i play only here, and today i see admin with axe on spawn area, he cleaning the way from spawn point XD great thx man ! it will be easier for you in future with that admin comands =)
  4. i see more animation is confirmed, is it means that you confirm my "moodle animation" suggestion ?
  5. dimQ


    np ,thx for "lovely" from your side
  6. cant join =( it says connecting... in main menu
  7. dimQ


    come oon i no wanna hurt somebody, i just Express my opinion. im a good guy.
  8. "We must kill the outlaws!" I agree, but kill is not kick or ban, no need to make that whitelists etc. in real world no rules. P.S.: im not a bandit
  9. dimQ


    naah...looks like heaven for pussies
  10. if anybody have a "delaying packet" problem (forever loading), just you to know, a SERVER NAME needs to past in IP box. looks like we miss some information ))
  11. i have a same problems - cant join to server, play on him for 1 weak before today
  12. why we shoud kick outlaws? and EVERYBODY killers ? dont do it! let them make our gameplay harder, i dont wanna survive in SMILE LAND i remeber when 4 or 5 bandits trying to kill me and chasing me for so long, but i dissolve in trees, that was nice experiense. lets kick only stupid spawnkillers. thx,guys.
  13. this is real true, a agree . Atleast we need to make something with rotten food stuff.
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