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  1. That reminds me of this: Please don't judge me... But I think it would be a nice touch to the game.
  2. In movies people can stay unconscious for hours. However staying in that condition for longer the a few minutes can result in a serious brain damage. Either you "wake up" quickly or you'll never. But, hey, I do agree that it could be a nice addition to singleplayer.
  3. I agree with that. Please don't turn PZ into Minecraft. Also, after thinking about it I can't find many ways for using it. The examples above (doors, pillars, walls) don't really require welding tools, or you can't create them by welding. For relyable constructs you'll need frames or pillars in one piece. I doubt that a makeshift metal door will hold zombies back better than a sturdy one made of wood. Wood is flexible and it doesn't have weldseams that are prone to breaking. Instead the existing carpentry system could be upgraded be including a new tool, the drill. If you have thin metal sheets you can put holes through them (citation needed) and place these sheets over the windows/walls/doors and fasten it with nails/screws. This way we get: -a way to improve all protective carpentry constructs, -new possible constructions (rolling gate, new traps, fixing/armoring vehicles), -and a more complex carpentry system. Imho the current one is too easy. For example you should need a drill and screws to build wall and floors on a higher storey.
  4. Hi there, I'm sorry if that has been suggested before. In several topics it was mentioned that NPCs will act like a real player. But will they act like a PZ-pro or will they start out as noobs? I mean, yeah, they have different behaviours, but maybe they could get negative invisible traits, that make them careless (running instead of sneaking, being loud, scavenging money). If something bad happens a few times, like having attracted a horde, the NPCs loses these traits over the time, the same way you can loose the overweight trait. Thus the longer an NPCs survives the more he will act like a pro player.
  5. The more skills there are the harder it is to master them all, so it becomes necessary for the player and NPCs to divide work depending on their strenghts. I really would like to see welding opposed to carpentry in the game. But the electricity skills looks to powerful. I would make it a "building" skill like carpentry and welding, and you can build electrical traps, alarms, lights, powered fences etc, instead of making it a way to gain power. However setting up a generator or solar panels should still require a certain skill level. The thermal mini plant - You have to drill hole deep down into the earth for using the earth's heat to warm water or oil in pipes that you send down the hole. There's no way you can do that with a showel and pickaxe in your backyard or generate electricity directly with it. I doubt that even, if you're an excellent pharmacists, that you can produce helpful amounts of medicine. I've no idea, but surely you need very special ingredients that aren't around Muldraught.
  6. Jago


    That's a very nice idea! I hope it will be Part of the upcoming additions to the current map.
  7. This is such an awesome idea. And seeing other survivors as zombies might be another completely different one. That way you can kill people by "accident" and only when they're dead would their body show up as normal. You'd have to look at their behaviour a little before making a decision to attack. Though I hope there would be a way to cure this, as doing this all of the time, would result in you not being able to trust the game, having no idea what to do and if what you see is real. That's okay for a short amount of time, but there should be some kind of pills you can get at pharmacies or hospitals to go with these traits, or moodles, if they become that. Or at least you could bring the insanity down with nice things, like books and magazines. Maybe there would be a trait called Sadist, where your happiness goes up while killing zombies and NPCs, and so would your sanity. (Or maybe insanity?) If you get infected, you could bring the insanity to a whole new level. What I mean is, if you get infected and start showing the first symptoms, you could start giving a little bit more insanity as time goes on. Slowly getting more insane as you get more infected. It should go somewhat in this order: 1: You occasionally feel dizzy with blurry vision. 2: When you look at zombies, some of them look like an undead version of your character. 3: You start seeing dead zombies or NPCs as delicious, and want to eat them. 4: The moans of zombies start to sound like speech to your character. (Speech text will appear over their head saying things like: "Join us.", "Don't be afraid.", and "Come here.") Of course these things would only be hallucinations, because zombies can't REALLY talk.Idk, those are some ideas. While there're no clear indicators for insanity, maybe the player could notice that there is something odd happening. For example, imaginary zombies disappear after a while you've "killed" them or they appear inside a "save" location, but no door or window is broken down. Or if you're attack by an imaginary zed and get hurt, your pain'll disappear once the illusion is gone. Or your moodles could go change and twist without reason. Or if you kill an NPC (thinking it was a zombie) the corpse of the zombie turns into the corpse of an NPC and you'll see what you've done.
  8. I am not sure how you think that's keeping up with the lore I think he means it happens in every single zombie movie, book or game that zombies appear to move faster if you're cornered or not noticing them, to make the scenes more dramatic. There're already zombies moving at different paces. Also I don't think a "moving faster when you're not looking"-mechanism is fair for the player. It would cause a lot of wtf-moments.
  9. Chainsaws become blunt very fast if you try to use them on anything that isn't wood (like zombie brains). I don't know if a blunt chainsaw could still cut a zombie's head, but it's for sure not as powerful as many movies or games portray. Also using a chainsaw is dangerous and if you use it in close combat you can easily hurt yourself. You're not aiming for a log on the ground but for a moving target on the height of your eye. Furthermore it's would be very difficult to keep the chainsaw running properly while fighting because there are several safety measures to keep you from doing that. You wouldn't be able to fight more than one zombie at once. Let's not forget about the splatter (not the blood, but the brain) that'll fly around uncontrollable and infect you. Imho chainsaws should only be used as an easy way to cut lots of trees or tearing down barricades. Fighting only if you have no other weapon. Same for the weed whacker. It's a tool, not a weapon, and will become useless very fast if not used properly.
  10. Organic Manipulation covers many powers listed here, including regeneration, agelessness, shapeshifting and more cool physical ablilities. Ckeck out: http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Organic_Manipulation
  11. Agree. Also there could be more zombies inside buildings as well, in the hallways, not hidden in storage or bathrooms.
  12. As long as zombies don't have any kind of head protection, I don't think they should be harder to kill. A kevlar west isn't protecting the brain, so... Same for the headless zombie. Even if we would go strictly against the zombie lore (which says that the head must be attached to the body), how could he find you? All senses are removed. "A headless zed, is no threat." However, I agree with you that a bigger diversity under the zombies would improve the gameplay. There could be the big zombie (former jock, bodybuilder, etc...) you mentioned, zombies with lost limbs, or with armoured heads. Another possibility is to create different zombie behaviors. We already have zeds that are looking down while standing, so they won't notice you unless you're very close. What about: -sitting zombies. They can be hidden behind fence-high obstacles, so you might miss them out. They don't migrate unless agitated. -seeking zombies. Try to break down doors or windows without provocation. Maybe they've some kind of sixth sense, but they just "somehow" always manage to find you. -noisy zombies. Are much louder and will alarm more zombies. -disembowelled zombies. Much higher chance to get infected in melee, through contact. Could froce the player to use guns. What about zombies using psychological warfare? Like the clown-zombie? Your character would freak out and s**t his pants, for example. EDIT: Also the weather and the seasons could affect the zombie behavior as well. In summer zombies are more active (dunno why) and in winter, they sometimes freeze and are slower in general.
  13. Jago


    So many people would love to wield a sword in PZ. Why not make a mod with some non-decorative katanas? It's unrealistic, but as long it doesn't end up in the vanilla game it doesn't matter, right? Everyone is free to play PZ the way he wants. Oh, please make it a mod!
  14. Jago


    Snow should be added, just so people can make their custom maps of places in colder regions. I never bought that as an argument. I don't live too far away from Fort Knox and the snow storms here can get up to eight or nine inches. In fact it's actually pretty bad at times. We usually get at least one huge snow storm or series of snow storms every year that makes things a frigid hell for a week or two. I would love to see that in PZ!
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