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  1. Baker

    Lua files do not match

    Has this issue been resolved? I too host a sever via Citadel and as of yesterday am currently getting this exact error. Here are my sever log files. Thank you in advance for any time given to this matter. 02-09-15_05-19_admin.txt 02-09-15_05-05_user.txt
  2. What directory would you place the mod files server side for them to work correctly not sure if this is correct but here is an image of my FTP file tree. Any suggestions?
  3. Baker

    Mods help please

    Glad to have helped
  4. Baker

    Mods help please

    I figured it out, http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/6016-multiplayer-faq/#mods thank you and could a moderator please dispose of this thread.
  5. Baker

    Mods help please

    For starters I'm terribly sorry if this has been addressed on here, if so please point me there. But I could not find it and surely it has been asked before. Any how I have a rented server through Citadel running IWBUMS 32.24 and I would like to run mods on the server for my community. But I don't know the proper file directory to place them in via the FTP. Do I just create a mods folder in the main directory add the mods and then edit the server.ini adding the mods like Hydrocraft, , , ,ect? Thank you for your help in advanced I know you guys are busy.
  6. Gonna be epic, ive been wondering that since day one if you were ever gonna port to c++. It will do loads for the stability. Any how, congrats. Indie projects are were the real game changers come from.
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