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  1. so one thing today, i load up zomboid server. i deleted all old files in 'c:/users/zomboid/multiplayer' my password though was still the same for admin account, not sure.. but when i was playing, my friend could not see my model, and zombies would not attack me (they would walk up, attack once or twice, and then just stand near me) this was the newest IWBUMS build
  2. maybe in the future we can have wounds being infected naturally (like today) and if you find isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol you could cleanse your wounds in the evening when you get home to prevent anything like that... if you get cut from a zombie hand, some dudes blade, or a gunshot.
  3. SOOO EXCITED FOR ZOMBOID!! hahahaha can't get enough of this game lately. so happy to hear about the success of mp!!! (definitely resulted in at least 5 copies bought extra in my circle of friends. Good move game devs, good move) anyways. i'm really hoping player movement and zombie movement is cleaned up a bit soon (in multiplayer) (no more zombies changing character, synced zombie skull-smash-death sounds , player de-sync) oh, also in single player, seems that everytime i fill a garden spray canister from a water source, it is glitching the water source (can't access it anymore, have to close down and re-enter) this is so trivial, but nonetheless annoying. hope these small things and the campfire sync and stuff all make it into this new build!!!
  4. I had a similar style of issue as the server host, seemed to create a new character each time, but only happened to myself as the host machine, not the players. I think it was because the game would just create a new character each time i joined my server.
  5. crazyeyes, i bet that you are giving the developers a lot a great ideas to improve the game, and i bet it's much appreciated
  6. mikrometer


    hey! would love to join! Steam Name : _mike pofile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/underscoremike/
  7. yes a very awesome and stable build. i love it! can't wait for multiplayer. you guy's have my coming back on this site every day hoping it's mondoiday!
  8. such great optimization in the build 23. so happy i found this this monday! cannot wait for multiplayer!!! please please please just have multiplayer even local coop with the game as it is would be so epic!!! <3
  9. it's your fault, project zomboid team! you made such a highly anticipated game! we need PZ like a zombie needs brains, and now the gamers are banging down your doors & windows!
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