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  1. Great patch! Though I think the only "complaint" is that I can't bind PTT to my mouse. But it really isn't that big of a deal.
  2. First week, on hardcore - So it turns out there are locked doors, and alarms just very rare now for some reason. Used to be majority of the doors would be locked.
  3. So I went to play this build for the first time and I noticed every single door/window that I came accross is unlocked, also haven't run into any alarm systems either. Was that disabled or did the save get messed up or something?
  4. This seems to be the end of the line for this character, unless you have some way to push through them - I say go out swinging
  5. It's funny, I was literally thinking about an hour or two ago about how someone should mod in silencers. Awesome work, keep it up! Should maybe look into making craftable ones! pop bottle (one time use), flashlight silencers are both a thing.
  6. Was playing survival (with headphones on) and a dog barked, extremely loud compared to the rest of the sounds in game, it actually hurt my ears. After a while some sounds started to just be static. Went out of the house I was held up in and fought a zombie and the game crashed out to main menu with a red rectangle and a 2 in the centre of it. Console output in spoiler.
  7. More than likely it will be posted as a IWBUMS Build first and then once it becomes stable you will be able to auto download it. If you and your friends want to try it out then you will have to go here and read the top post. http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/4183-iwbums-the-i-will-backup-my-save-branch/ It has directions on how to get into the experimental build.
  8. I am sure this has been suggested before... A few friends and I were discussing this yesterday, so thought I would bring it up for discussion . I think it would be a really neat game type to play online (I have played it split screen and it was a ton of fun, so online would be even better) Basic Premise: The same as it is for SP/Split Screen but if people die they don't get auto kicked from the server, they become a spectator, same with people who join late to a match that is already in session. Could have it so that maps are changeable with a voting system (Like on Source engine) they w
  9. I was at work on a slow day and was looking for new games to play when I got home. I googled "isometric zombie game" or "zombie rpg" and PZ was the top of the list and proceeded to download the tech demo went through the tutorial. Proceeded to light the house on fire and went upstairs to grab kate, come back down and the entire thing was filled with fire and zombies. Quit the game, went back to website bought the game. This was back in 2011, and have really enjoyed my purchase. Excited for the future of project zomboid and it's team. I have purchased about 4 or 5 copies since then for frien
  10. Out of curiosity is this server located on the west coast of canada? Trying to find one that is close to me
  11. Someone give me a lesson about the /roll? I've seen one game giving out random numbers when you type it in, but never knew what it's for. /roll can be used for a number of different things, basically when you type it a randomly generated number will pop up on the screen. In the MMO scene it is used for determining who gets the loot that drops. Example, say a pistol is found in a container and two people are looking at it both can type /roll and the person with the highest number gets to keep the pistol. Another thing it could be used for is say you have a group who is in need of supplies
  12. http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/tracker/ - report them here. The link is to the bug tracker, please don't submit bugs that have already been reported. To get here normally (without this link) check out the very top of the forum pages that says "Tracker" click it and BAM, you are at the bug tracker.
  13. I can understand that, no problem! You could disable comments, that way the trolls can't talk . Alternatively do a video without talking, makes it easier. But yes, it takes a lot of effort to do videos.
  14. Are we going to see a cool animation of a corpse being dragged around or it will just disapear and appear in another place? They will probably show a video showcasing the new feature like they have done in the past - But maybe not, they didn't do it for fishing.
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